Maybe someone knows, but I saw for the first time.

Lazy Poached Frozen Eggs

- Freeze raw eggs.
- To boil water.
- Send peeled frozen eggs into boiling water.

The author recommends boiling the eggs for 4-5 minutes. Frozen eggs will produce more foam than traditional poached eggs.

Zebra, Tatyana, thanks, I have not seen this option either, we will try.
My aunt, who worked as a cook for 10 years, taught me how to cook lazy poached eggs from frozen eggs. The recipe I have not met
Zebra, recently in some program showed the chef of the restaurant. Their lafhak is an egg in the freezer for 30 minutes. Peel the raw, more precisely the piece of ice, then cut it, the yolk will be stringy - spread it on the bread. Where the squirrel did not say.
M @ rtochka
And how to clean frozen
I'm going to read
Quote: M @ rtochka

And how to clean frozen
I'm going to read

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