Stuffed meatloaf

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Stuffed meatloaf


Minced meat (pork + veal) 500 g
Baton 70 g
Medium onions 1 PC
Garlic 2 tooth.
Salt taste
Black pepper taste
Nutmeg pinch
Caraway pinch
For the filling: Smoked ham 40 g
Philadelphia type cream cheese 100 g
Swiss cheese 75 g
Bulgarian pepper 40 g
Chicken egg 2 pcs
Dill 1 tsp

Cooking method

Stuffed meatloaf
Prepare minced meat from these ingredients. Send it to the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
Stuffed meatloaf
Cover the 10x19x7 cm form with baking paper.
Stuffed meatloaf
Place the minced meat in a mold. Form a recess and even sides inside.
Stuffed meatloaf
Line the ham with the bottom layer.
Stuffed meatloaf
Then cream cheese with dill added. Top with sliced ​​peppers.
Stuffed meatloaf
Cover with cheese and press down lightly to make a notch.
Stuffed meatloaf
Beat eggs on top and place in an oven heated to 180 "C for 50-60 minutes.
Stuffed meatloaf
Tip: As soon as the eggs set, cover them with baking paper. I didn’t do it and they were covered with an ugly crust.
Stuffed meatloaf
Free the loaf from the mold. Serve with lettuce and tomatoes.
Stuffed meatloaf
The bread is very tasty, juicy and aromatic. The husband was delighted!

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I love minced meat dishes - fast, tasty and plenty of room for imagination!

Stuffed meatloaf

Stuffed meatloaf

Stuffed meatloaf

Quote: natapit
The bread is very tasty, juicy and aromatic. The husband was delighted!
And I would be delighted with such a loaf !!!
Looks great!
Beautiful, mysterious - what's inside?
So I would only pour eggs with an omelet instead of fried eggs, it bakes more tenderly.
Svetlana, thank you very much!
Irina, thank you very much for the idea, next time I will cook it!
Natalia, it is a pity that yesterday there was no this recipe, 3700g of minced meat was spent on cutlets. I have three oblong silicone molds. The same can be immediately prepared with a different filling of a loaf.
Probably there is no need to lay these forms
Alla, Thank you! Yes. sorry, but everything is ahead! We do not lay silicone with anything. And the cutlets are sooooooo delicious!
Natalia, Natasha, fantastically beautiful, affordable range of products and, most importantly, not difficult
Tatyana, thank you, my dear!
Thanks for the recipe, it looks charming and tasty Baked in a ceramic dish with a lid
Stuffed meatloaf
Zoya, I'm glad I liked the loaf! thanks for the great report!

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