Shins with potatoes in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f

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Shins with potatoes in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f


Chicken drumstick 5-6 pcs (depending on the size, to fit into the bowl)
Seasoning for chicken
Sunflower oil

Cooking method

  • What a simple and very tasty dish, I used to make it in the element, and now I tried it in a cuckoo, it turns out great! Unfortunately, I don’t know the author of the recipe, so long ago the recipe was written down
  • Wash the shins, dry them with paper towels. I leave the skin. I put it in a separate bowl (so as not to scratch the bowl while I interfere) and there I sprinkle it with seasoning for the chicken, squeeze out the garlic, salt, mix well, rub and rub. Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes. A little sunflower oil on the bottom of the bowl, put the drumsticks, chopped potatoes on top, a little chicken seasoning and salt on it (you can also grate potatoes in a bowl, and then into a bowl). Close the lid, set the program oven level 2, 25 min. After finishing, stir gently so that the potatoes go down, only carefully, do not scratch the bowl and again level 2 of the oven 15 minutes

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Oven level 2

Recently, when I cook chicken drumsticks, I remove the bone. I just peel the meat from top to bottom with a knife along the bone without cutting the skin. It turns out such a little bag of meat. I beat off the meat, turning the bun inside out, salt, pepper, sprinkle with garlic and turn it out again with the skin on top. In such a pocket, you can also put any filling like meat, vegetable or mushroom. I fry and put potatoes in large strips to the legs, then Stew for 20 minutes. Everything is simple and tasty, no bones scratching Elik's precious cup. I collect the bones in a bag and put them in the freezer, add them when cooking broths, jellies.
velli, it seems to me that this is a whole art, to remove bones, I have never tried
And in Element, on which program to cook and how much?
Here it is very well shown how to remove bones from the legs. Even I got it

Chicken roses (Vinochek)

Shins with potatoes in a multicooker Cuckoo 1004f
Antonovka, Lena, thanks, I'll definitely try it somehow!

Olya_, Ol, I cooked on a multi-cooker, 120 degrees, 20 minutes each, also with stirring
Olga, thanks. I will definitely try, otherwise I fry separately all the time, and it’s delicious and time is saved)))
Olya_, girls and thank you, very glad if it comes in handy

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