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I decided to post it here. When I collected posts about storage of attachments, I came across witty tricks when working with Kenwood and attachments.

When the dough sheeter is working; placing a board if the nozzle protrudes over the edge of the table
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 4309

How to coil a product larger than a hole
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5025

How to coil a product larger than a hole
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5040

Disc modification for potato pancakes
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5731
Continuation. Disk modification
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5785

Roll out dumplings dough into circles. Using a tray as a protection against falling flour
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5958

Moving Kenwood on the table on a napkin.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 1826
Valeria, Thank you!!!!
I thought that the moderators would put in order everything that I typed on different topics.
But I'd rather publish everything in bulk, so that it won't get lost and forgotten.
Unfortunately, the order of posts in the topics has been changed, but, it seems, while all the links are working.


Breakage of a potato peeler
Kitchen machine Kenwood (1) # 503

Cracked processor
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3710
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3725

The processor is cracked. Repairs
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3805

Broken processor stem
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5108
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5495

An important note about using the ice cream maker. How it can be broken.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 3020
OlgaV boiled condensed milk. There is another recipe in the recipes
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 296

Cherry mousse. Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 2775

Mascarpone recipe
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 675

Olga has a link to mashed potatoes
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 2946

Link to English recipes for the spiralizer
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 4119

Eggplant Caviar
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5267

Dough under the spoiler
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 3992

Dough recipe
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4016

Links to recipes for Kenwood on another site (this link appears periodically in the topic) and video of béchamel sauce
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4694

Link to stew recipe in Kenwood. It's not in the recipe topic
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4707

Olga gives links to recipes for Kenwood. The book by reference is different from the book referenced in later topics.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4746

Egg-free pasta.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4768

Link to a recipe from another site. Pink pasta with bolognese sauce.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 5442

Dancing recommendations for preparing Italian meringue with syrup infusion
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 5903

Choux pastry recipes
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6141
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6145
3. Link to the original. The recipe was discussed above
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6357

Pancake dough
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6283

Pretzel recipe. Photo just above
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6338

Kefir jelly with cream
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6446

Dough for dumplings dumplings chebureks
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6446

Mashed potatoes
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7150

Bread kneading and baking technology
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7607
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7615

Pounding flexi curd
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4451
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7583
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4466

Churning butter (from cream) master class with photo
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7797

Bechamel sauce.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7999

Cheese. Seems to be posted with recipes topic
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8049

Baileys. Is there a recipe topic?
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8063

Technology of making buns and pretzels from yeast dough using dough rollers. Photo
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8095
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9474
The same thing, but with a separate recipe. Not subject to Kenwood recipes

Recipes for 3 sauces under the spoiler
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8196

Beating eggs. It does not recommend hitting the bowl with a whisk, as the mass may settle ()
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8374

Cooking n / a biscuit
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8378

Strawberry ice cream at Kenwood. Link
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8687

Ice cream in Kenwood without ice cream maker
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8752

Rice porrige
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9013

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9034

Napoleon on the dough roll
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9089

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9104

Lemon pie filling
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9105

Whole wheat bread
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9134

Yeast dough
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9227

Meringue in Kenwood
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9333

Marshmallow using two bowls
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9343

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9482

Manty with meat and pumpkin
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9603
It turns out there is a Kenwood toy for children. Periodically mentioned in topics. It is still on sale in Ozone for 2600 something. The link from the post is working
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8183
Valeria, what kind of Olga are you writing about ?!
Maybe we are preparing this with Kenwood in the subject, but not here ?! It's just a Shout here .. Although, as for me, it just doesn't get lost ...
There are no moderators in this thread yet .. All questions to the Chief! At the bottom there is a button .. use it .. Why hammer all topics with reasoning like it or not
Quote: zvezda
What kind of Olga are you writing about ?!
Maybe we are preparing this with Kenwood in the subject, but not here ?! It's just a Chatter here ..
Ol, I'm very rarely on the forum now. Therefore, I decided to just post it in the most general topic, so as not to get lost. Let the person who is now tailoring our theme post it himself wherever he sees fit.
There are not only recipes, but also breakdowns.
What Olga I wrote about, I don't even remember. Long ago I collected all this and sent it to our moderators.
I also have a selection of videos from all the topics and various little things that seemed interesting to me (:
But all this is in working form. Uncombed.
Quote: VRad
But all this is in working form. Uncombed.
Oh, the video is generally cool! Come on here, comb it yourself somehow .. And then I muck everywhere in search of recipes ... I can't shoot the video myself, and if I didn't write it down right away, I forgot everything .. So carry it, especially if you rarely go .. And then look for your fistula with dogs
1. Video. Working with attachments from page 134

About nozzles and machines

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 2689

Repeat. It is written that Miranda gave before
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 2839

About a separate spiralizer
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3253

Vegetable cutter for high speed socket
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3919

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 4078

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 4876

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5037

Smoothie juicer and others
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5185

Two videos about a sieve
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5313

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5542

2 videos Smoothie maker and new screw juicer
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5943

Grits mill
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5984

Doctor's sausage
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 2308

Nuts in a multi-chopper
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3051

Salad and pilaf
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 3913

Potatoes in the oven. Spiralizer
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 4857

Custard Shu and Chocolate Tempering
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5128

Egg-free mayonnaise
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5459

Smoothie maker, pancakes
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5501

Zucchini spaghetti
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 6000

2. Video.
Kenwood Kitchen Machine (2)

Km 070. At the beginning of the video of the retro model. In English
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 383

Km070 is a very detailed review. Repeat of the previous one (# 383), but in Russian.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8738

User Kolich filmed a video of two juicers working
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 1062

Completion, unpacking. Amateur video. There are old nozzles (flexi) for the planetary socket.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 1328

Dough kneading
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 3961

Kneading the dough. At the end of the video, you can see how the head twitches.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 3975

Prospero. The head "jumps" during kneading
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4487

The entire range of Kenwood nozzles. Published on December 13th, 2013. Overview. Shown are 3 different blenders including glass, plastic and metal.
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 5585

Blender with stick review
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 6548

Repeat.The entire range of attachments. See above
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7102

Link to video. Soufleika
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8574

636 overview
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 8656

kMix review
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9881

Titanium review
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9947
chocolate truffles
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 395

Starring Richard Bertinet and KM 070. Choux pastry
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 1064

Hand made noodles in China. Interesting, but not related to Kenwood
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 1320

Link. full description 010. In Russian with the history of the company
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 2141

Olga gives links to video recipes
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 2142

Butter dough with potatoes. In bulgarian
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 3941

GOST loaf
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4001

Kneading the dough for braiding
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4008

2 videos. Sponge cake, whipped K-shape and butter, whipped flexi
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4169

Dumplings according to GOST
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4194

Kneading the dough. Repeat?
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4239

Biscuit roll using a whisk and soufflake. Recipe and preparation shown in full
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4247

Plaisir cream
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 4493

Links to video recipes in Russian
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 5779
Chocolate fudge
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9984
Fresco has a lot of recipes with Kenwood 020 in Culinary Propaganda. I don't know, you should - don't)
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 7692

Chocolate fudge
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2) # 9984

And more about Kenwood and tension. Little is written about this, but for some it is very important.

Voltage surges and stabilizers.
Kenwood Kitchen Machine (1)

Kitchen machine Kenwood (1) # 478

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 4820

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 4828

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 4830

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 4833

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 5650
Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 5651
Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 5645
Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 5646

Kenwood kitchen machines (part 3) # 4923
The discussion continues on this page

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments # 5499
What a smart girl you are !! Thank you!!
Please do not remove these videos and links, well, if possible, then at least 2 weeks !!
VRad, Valeria, thank you so much !!!!
Prus - 2
VRad, Valeria, super! Unfortunately, there is not very much time now to sit on the forum ((. Olya, well done for sending me here! It is even a pity to talk about the topic here)). So many useful things! And why did they bring everything to the table of contents? Now, due to the abundance of minor (useful, of course) topics, you won't find anything at all! Well done in this thread - all useful links at once! Why duplicate them on the 1st page of the table of contents? Add "useful links" to the title of this topic and that's it! zvezda, Olya, did you do that to Temka? Clever girl! I love you! I bake cakes - yesterday we tried them just warm - 2 ate)). Today I will decorate and make minced meat for sausage, tomorrow - the next baking)) and stuff the sausage - Kesha is not idle))). Then I'll bring my cake arts here.
Quote: Prus - 2
did you do this?
No, my dear, not me, it’s just like Cinderella itself, and it turned out at the beginning ..
Who and how divided, this is not a question for me, but I suspect that it's just for completely newbies, so as not to search and not get lost their question, it was their questions that were singled out from the topic ,,, we don't need it, but who is just starting, write that it's good so ...
Peki ,,, I also bake my Rum today, if I have time, but no, so on Saturday morning ,,,
It's a great theme. And to you, Olya-Zvezdochka, from me a huge bow. With your light hand, I bought the first cuckoo, and then Kenwood, with almost all the nozzles. Which year the technique pleases
Quote: VitaVM
with your light hand, I bought the first cuckoo, and then Kenwood,
THAT there is still a lot of things I can advise ... I'm glad that you also have such fabulous assistants
Now I was kneading the dough for Easter cakes. The dough is soft, but kneaded for a long time. When she finished, she raised her head, she was hot, and the dark oil began to leak from the seam.
Prus - 2
Yesterday I was kneading the dough for Easter cakes - the main batch was 20 minutes. The flight is normal! Today I kneaded minced meat for sausage, so lovely, I will tell you! 3 kg 5 min before good threads! I have done it before, but not in that amount.Kesha kneads lightly! And with Easter cakes - my recipe is long, from dough to baking it takes 6 hours - I didn't notice with Keshenka! He works for himself, and during this time I prepared dinner, and rested, and was going for a walk))). My job was just tossing ingredients and turning them on / off. And spread out in forms. As I recall manual kneading or even in Boshik dances with tambourines (when I divided the dough and kneaded in parts, and even feared that Boshik would burn) - goosebumps (((.
Quote: Prus - 2
even in Boshik dances with tambourines
Here, Lyubasha, everything is learned in comparison, I remember how you gently praised Boshik, and we are all about Kesha, very glad that he has taken root with you
Quote: NatalyTeo
pretty long
how much is this?
In general, it's better to knock on Vlad, only he will tell you what and how ,,,
Quote: Prus - 2
in Boshik, dances with tambourines (when she divided the dough and kneaded in parts, and she was also afraid that Boshik would burn)
Lyuba, exactly! But the cakes were excellent, and manual kneading was not at all for me (I lacked patience).
Prus - 2
Christ is risen! Happy Easter! And in this temkupritashila my (and Keshin's) Easter cakes))! This is a fabulous mix and a great result! Kenwoodflood: a chatterbox for Kenwood housewives and owners of kitchen machines :)
Prus - 2
Something in the themes of our lull ... no one buys anything? It just scares me)).
Lyubasha, everyone's summer cottages have begun
Lyubasha! Let's chat here, I'm going to cook custard cream on the machine right now (in the evening), should I take it off ??
Write right away what you want, what cream? Can you throw some muffins on the idea ??
Prus - 2
Olchik, here I am a crow)), you wrote to me yesterday, and I just saw! Take it all off! And custard, and eclair dough. And most importantly - meringues! I won't tell you about cupcakes - I haven't baked for 100 years, they don't eat them now in our house)). My son bought me a uniform for 12 pieces, a new one has been lying for a year. Look in the recipes for the cupcake - Veski, the girls wrote a lot of good recipes there. And not only cupcakes, in my opinion there were cupcakes. There are a lot on page 1, but there are many in more recent posts. And my progress - I lost 2 kg since spring - they started counting calories)). We are struggling in every way with this disgusting weight)), but the process seems to have started. The belly has almost disappeared, according to my estimates, it is necessary to lose another 6 kg. And then it will be possible to bake something and sometimes (so as not to collect again). It remains to defend in September for another daughter's birthday - there you can grab the weight, and then there are no more holidays before the New Year))!
Quote: Prus - 2
here I am a crow)
Yes, yes ,,, I can not decide on the recipe ,, I went and bought capsules large and ,,, knock knock, who's there .. stopper !! Can't decide what to do
I'll also write here what would be placed in the right place, if it is impossible here, I will erase
Girls, I am now packed with mayonnaise to the eyeballs, although the experiments continue ... the goal is to use only yolks (as in the traditional version) - until it worked out ... why only yolks, I need to dispose of them somewhere after whipped meringues, size cartoon is suitable for me and washing is not enough.
To date, I have only got this one mayonnaise in a multi-chopper - I have to ask Olga to insert a photo, I just can't do it.
The order of loading into the multi-shredder:
1 egg (room temperature, lay on the table overnight)
Sugar-1/2 teaspoon, there will also be wine vinegar, it is also sweetish)
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon, you can add a little, a little bit completely
Wine vinegar - 1 full teaspoon
Measured with a teaspoon of HP
Vegetable oil-filled up to the "max" mark
She put the glass down, beat on the pulse for 8-10 seconds 3 or 4 times
The mayonnaise thickened almost immediately, the third and fourth times I whipped it just like that, I could have done without it.
The result is that you can adjust the spices (+ -), to taste, I thought to try with the addition of herbs and garlic, but - probably it will work out.
Before that I tried the same recipe, it didn’t work, I interrupted it with my foot, it worked, maybe it’s the same temperature of the ingredients?
I plan to make the same recipe, but from cold products, then I will unsubscribe if other types are obtained
But I will not try now - mayonnaise at home while - I started
Ps I have a jar that stood tonight (I tried not a whole egg, but with only one yolk, it didn't thicken, I'll try again later, maybe it cooled a little?
Marina, let it be here. here, look ..
Recipes using Kitchen Machine # 55
zvezda, and then clean up? There then I'll see, although what to watch, since you posted
Quote: kartinka
and then clean up?
What for?? Let it stay, but clean it up in other topics!
I will answer the girls about grapes, in the Kenwood topic they gave a link to jelly, this is the case, our children have no grapes, but their own, it grows by itself. Summer this year is not so hot, but now it's cold, but it hangs and even became sweeter, the leaves flew around, it is convenient to cut it off, I decided to freeze the puree, rubbed it with a sieve and put it in the freezer
Here the question for me is fundamental - I make only completely tested and simple blanks in banks. I DO NOT do any mishmash for freezing (lecho, for borscht, for something else, like store-bought ready-made bags-mixes). Why? Because I have the opportunity to open the packages and take what I need and how much I need. Therefore, all the blanks, basically, I have, SOLO - if I need more carrots (well, this is how I decided today, and what, to derban the packages or to do them separately - mixes and solo? I don't bother. I just have carrots / raw-boiled beets / sun-dried tomatoes / other cheese-sausage / whole // cubes / grater- it's so convenient for me
Although anyone like
But .... rubbed the grapes / currants / cherries, mashed potatoes, and what's next?
1 sugar - no need
2 processing the entire batch - no need
3 and most important - takes up less space
It took something or stumbled upon a recipe and got hooked - pulled out a bottle / bag / container - make one bottle quickly
From mashed potatoes you can - juice / jelly / jam / sauce / ice cream
It is easier for me personally to do parts by part (again, devices, mainly
* put sugar and mashed potatoes into the soup cooker - pressed the button and after 30 minutes - 2 jars of jam *
are designed for small portions) and easier and you can see how much was and whether it was enough for the season.
If any recipe is hooked, it's another matter, but ... if there is no time in the fall, everything is in the freezer and ..... the water cycle in nature ...
I do this and it is convenient for me
In general, I love - what has grown itself - collect / process / put in the freezer
Gayane Atabekova
If I can write here what to do with grape juice. Pour into a heavy-bottomed saucepan and cook, stirring often, by half. Pour hot into sterile jars. This is called badagi. Churchkhels or pelamushi are made from this. For 1 liter of boiled juice, 200 g of flour (preferably corn and wheat, 100 g each) Badagi slightly warm up. Mix the flour well with half of the warm juice so that there are no lumps and pour into a saucepan with the rest of the juice. Sugar can be added if necessary. Constantly stirring to cook for ten minutes, until the smell of flour disappears. The mass should thicken. Very tasty if you add sliced ​​walnuts or hazelnuts. Pour hot into any shape. Top can be decorated with nuts. The cooled mass is easily cut into pieces.
Quote: Gayane Atabekova
If I can write here,
Need to! Thank you girls!
Gayane Atabekova, Gayane! How delicious your food is! And with sour (wild, or how to call it correctly - the one that grows by itself + has not yet been summer) - will it work? And how the correct grape juice is considered - drive it through a juicer (I have a centrifugal crane) or else I do it - I put it in a multicooker, add a little water and heat it up under pressure - it also turns out juice, now I can make grated puree - how to make it badagi? And what is pelamushi? You should definitely try! Can I add more sugar? Churchkhella was eaten real once, even my dad brought it from Tskhaltubo - he first sent the whole parcel home, and upon arrival, another huge bag, with dry and fruit - how delicious it was, I still remember
Gayane Atabekova
kartinka, Marina, if the grapes are sour, just add sugar. And if you have a thick puree, add water. Pelamushi is almost like churchkhela, if you add nuts there.The consistency is like frozen thick semolina porridge. We often serve as a dessert. I have a churchkhela recipe
I also did an old centrifugal juicer. She was suffocated. It was necessary to rub it through a sieve. If you have a kenwood sieve, boil it a little and then it will easily wipe through the sieve. I even wipe boiled tkemali like that.
Stusha Kutusha
kartinka, I also prefer to freeze everything. Another question - do you only freeze the grated pulp? Do you throw out the cake?
Gayane Atabekova
Stusha Kutusha, Anya, pour sugar on the cake and fill it with water. Let him wander for a few days. You will get a young wine (a little careless) And if the cake and natural juice ferment together, then in 5 days there will be a very tasty young wine. It is called machari.
Stusha Kutusha
Gayane AtabekovaUnfortunately or fortunately we do not drink wine. But thanks for the recipes.
Girls, maybe I don't understand something ... In my mind, the "chatterbox" is about everything near-Kenwood (about nature, about the weather, about how beautiful the combine looks in the new interior, about some recipes " at all"...)
But why are recipes for Kenwood and recommendations for using the machine and nozzles in the chatterbox?
So only more confusion! ..
A reference to Marina's mayonnaise is good, but where will the recipe / technology discussions appear?
Ludmila, So it will be here! Shoutbox !!!!! It seems to me a super idea, it was just quiet in this Temko. It's good that the animator went! On kraynyak you can ask Olya to add the word recipes to the name. Although besides the recipes in the cap there are still a lot of useful things, is there anything to list in the title?
Ludmila, and where to chat? In the subject of recipes, only recipes without discussion! Look, there is no need for discussion !! So it was initially, but here is a great option ,,, a chatter is about everything.
kartinka, the Germans make a gorgeous wine from frozen grapes, icewein.
Mush always dreams of planting a vineyard in the country. I kick out with all my might. We do not drink, but where else to attach grapes
Irlarsen, Irina, zvezda, Olya, not all chatters go at all. A chatterbox "for life" is not like discussing a recipe, specifically Kenwood's ... But this is how I see it.
I will get used to innovations.
Maybe the same mayonnaise should be taken out with a recipe in order to discuss the nuances in it, so that it is not scattered around the topic? I didn't succeed in it today! Goo, stratified in the refrigerator. I did everything in a tunic ... I apply for the title of champion in curvature! ..
Then she began to correct it, already with a stick-emulsifier from the Element, it seemed to thicken, not much, but it would do for a fur coat.
Quote: LudMila
I apply for the title of champion in curvature
I'm nearby ... my homemade eggs are not whipped onto a biscuit, so move over, we'll sit on a pedestal together ..
Quote: zvezda

Ludmila, and where to chat? In the subject of recipes, only recipes without discussion! Look, there is no need for discussion !! So it was initially, but here is a great option ,,, a chatter is about everything.
A pesonal chatter is not enough for you? Is it still abafsem here?
Prus - 2
Well, abafsem / nonabafsem, but it's better to write in the themes of the car and nozzles. So we started talking about wine - my father made excellent wine, then (when I lived in my house and there were a lot of grapes) I made it for 10 years. Here's where to write about it? To issue a recipe - so 20 years have passed, you can't take a photo))). And the wine is excellent! Should I write here? Or not relevant?
Lyubaof course write!
Gayane Atabekova
Girls, if you leave the wine warm, you get a wonderful wine vinegar. You can add wine to this vinegar and you will always have vinegar. We do not make wine ourselves, but patients often give home wine to my husband. If he doesn't like wine very much, let it go for vinegar.
I remember that the question was raised, but then I did not have Kesha yet. I will ask! Question about dumplings dough, hook. The last time it was after the test, I started having problems with the bowl. Today I poured a glass of liquid and, just in case, 2.5 glasses of flour.It is clear that the dough is not right, I added half a glass more. The dough gathered into a lump, moved away from the walls, but Kesha began to jump suspiciously and wheeze strained. I turned it off immediately. Is that how it should be? Although the dough, well, it turned out not at all cool. We'll have to add a bunch of flour for rolling dough. And flour is 500 grams, a maximum of 600 in total. And they say he makes a kilo.
Masha Ivanova
LudMila, Lyudmila! I agree with you with my hands and feet !!! No chatters should be mixed with recipes! It's just absolutely impossible!
In any recipe that is not designed as a recipe, there will certainly be chatters. But it is necessary to place these even any hints of making something in the Kenwood machine in the themes of Kenwood. Which one, let's agree. But not here!
And in the topic of chatterboxes by Kenwood, if someone wants to preserve and increase it without fail, I would suggest bragging. For example, I'll write: "Twig, Lyudmila, Olga! I'm lucky! I bought a new Kenwood for 3 rubles."
And the girls write to me in response: "You just run slowly. We ran faster and that's why we got it for two rubles." That's what I understand! Chatters are so chatters!
Prus - 2, Lyubochka! I beg of you! Lay out your wine in a separate recipe! After all, you can! You have wonderful recipes! And if you need a photo there, take a picture of some currant juice in a 3-liter jar. After all, no one will try it. And in this so-called chatterbox it will definitely get lost. No wonder, despite the popularization of the topic, it contains only two pages and is written.
Prus - 2
Irochka, try to do it in a food processor with knives. Great dough turns out! And quickly, although they write “in 21 seconds,” I get it in about 15 seconds. And Kesha, in this version of the batch, does not strain at all)). I never even thought to do dumplings in a bowl - wash more, do longer))). I'll write a recipe for wine in the evening. I'll try to issue it with a recipe (here's a problem with a photo))), I don't even have a fruit drink, but I'll think of something). And I'll throw the link here.

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