London Fog tea

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London Fog tea


black tea with bergamot 1 sachet
hot boiled water 100 ml
vanilla syrup taste
hot milk 100-120 ml
ground cinnamon taste

Cooking method

  • Pour hot boiled water into a cup and brew tea. Remove the tea bag.
  • Add vanilla syrup, stir.
  • Add hot milk to a cup, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.
  • A warming drink made from a luxurious combination of Earl Gray tea, hot milk and vanilla is ready.
  • Milk can be almond or coconut, vanilla syrup can be replaced with honey in combination with vanilla extract (amount according to package recommendations) or vanilla sugar as a substitute for cinnamon. You can make tea with milk foam, for whipping you need milk of at least 3.2% fat. You can also vary the proportions of the ratio of tea and milk in accordance with your taste.

The dish is designed for

1 serving.

Ilona, thanks for the recipe! Vkusnooo !!!
NataliaThanks for your interest in the recipe! Yes, a good pairing for this bergamot tea.
And how gorgeous the tea looks in the photo! The hand itself reaches for the cup
Ilona, I can imagine what a scent! We need to get some vanilla syrup ...
Natalia, Thank you! I will think that I managed to convey the mood of the recipe.
Leah, Thank you! the aroma is subtle and florid, surprisingly enough harmonious combination of all ingredients.
Ilona, yes, and the foam, however, can be prepared! Before the New Year, I bought a small "little thing" - a spiral with batteries, it perfectly whips milk. Must-must try with tea! And then the cappuccino quickly bothers me (I prefer espresso).

Galina, You worked quickly!
Quote: liyashik
You worked quickly!
It all worked out. The body has requested tea, all the ingredients are at home. Very tasty, fragrant ..
Galina, thanks for the tip! Excellent "foggy" foam.
Quote: liyashik
she perfectly whips milk.
Leah, yes, a good option, if there is no such thing, then the French press copes with this task just as well.
Quote: gawala
Galyahow fast you are. Looks very tempting, especially with whipped foam!
Quote: Corsica
"foggy" foam.
Milk 1.8% lactose-free. Whipped 100ml in a cappuccinatore jug.
Vanilla syrup? Where is it taken or made by yourself?
thanks for the idea! I'll cook it in the evening. have vanilla essence
Quote: Corsica

the French press also copes with this task quite well.
Not an option. In my French press, the piston does not reach the bottom. Beat it does not work.
tati-ana, aprelinka, iris. kaThanks for your interest in the recipe!
Quote: tati-ana
Vanilla syrup? Where is it taken or made by yourself?
Tatyana, if vanilla syrup is not on sale, you can prepare it yourself, for example, an option in the "School of pastry chefs" topic: Syrup options for soaking cakes using the basic recipe... In general, vanilla can be added in any option convenient for you, for example, in the form of vanilla sugar or vanilla pods (added to hot milk), adjust the amount yourself to taste.

Quote: aprelinka
I'll cook it in the evening.
Elena, it is believed that, among other things, cinnamon has a slight tonic effect, can relieve fatigue and soothe, which is generally quite good at the end of the working day. I hope you enjoy the tea.

Quote: iris. ka
Not an option.In my French press, the piston does not reach the bottom. Beat it does not work.
Irina, yes, the usual design of a French press, it is more important that the volume is suitable and a sufficient amount of milk is above the piston, see time from 0:58 in the video clip:

, the optimal milk temperature is about 60-70aboutC at 3.2% (and above) fat content.

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