"Hegine" Armenian birthday cake

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Armenian birthday cake Aegine


For the test:
Cottage cheese 200 gr.
Soda 1h l.
Eggs 3 pcs.
Sugar 200 gr.
Wheat flour, premium grade. 345-350 gr.
Baking powder 1h l.
Vanilla sugar / vanilla optional
For the cream:
Milk 500 ml
Sugar 200 gr.
Eggs 2 pcs.
Flour 2 tbsp. l.
Butter, soft 200 gr.
Vanilla / rum / cognac optional
For decoration:
Black chocolate 50 gr.
Scrap sprinkling.

Cooking method

  • I offer a delicious and homely cozy cake.
  • Cooking is not difficult, but with a new assistant, like mine (I'm talking about the mixer dough mixer First FA 5259-2), I affectionately call her Frosey, and in general for two times.
  • So let's get started.
  • First you need to cook the custard base for the cream, since it cools for a long time, and while everything else is being prepared, it will just cool down.
  • My cream is the most common, custard.
  • Stir sugar in half (250 ml) milk and put on fire.
  • While stirring, bring to a boil.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Add eggs and flour to the second half (250 ml), mix everything until smooth.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Pour milk with flour and eggs into the boiled milk with sugar in a thin stream and brew the cream.
  • Cover with cling film in contact, and refrigerate.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Now let's do the test.
  • I will knead it with Frosechka ...
  • Before kneading, you need to mix cottage cheese and soda, leave for 10 minutes.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Add eggs and sugar to the mixer bowl, beat with whisk in a light froth, then gradually add cottage cheese with soda, when the whisk becomes "hard" to mix, change them to a dough hook.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Sift the flour and mix with baking powder.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • In the mixer bowl, without stopping stirring, gradually add flour and knead the dough. Frosya, my deUshka is quick, everything happens quickly ... write longer :)))
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Divide the finished dough into 6 parts (I got about 175-180 grams each), cover with foil and let rest for 30 minutes.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • *** At the author: she divided the dough into 4 parts and baked it on a baking sheet in the oven.
  • I baked the cakes in a Gfochka pizza maker, in two pans at once, very quickly and conveniently.
  • While the dough is resting, you can finish the cream if the custard base is cold.
  • In a mixer bowl, whisk, beat the butter, add the tea leaves by spoon, beat everything well together, add rum / cognac / vanilla if desired.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Roll out the rested dough 0.5 cm thick, I rolled it out to the size of a pizza maker, maybe a little less, bake at T 180 * until golden brown, I did it with a flip, like "pancakes".
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Cut the finished warm cakes on a plate, chop the cuttings with a blender / rolling pin for decoration.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Cool the cakes, coat with cream. Leave warm for 4 hours, then refrigerate, preferably overnight.
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • In the morning, take out a cake and decorate with sprinkles or melted chocolate in the form of a "spider web"
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine
  • Have a nice tea, help yourself!
  • Armenian birthday cake Aegine


Many thanks to the author of the recipe MILA BARSY, from the site recipe cube!

I would be glad if you like the cake!

Armenian birthday cake Aegine

What a cake! Too late I saw, I was just looking for something to bake with cottage cheese, I didn't find anything and put my sour cream with berries. I would have seen it 15 minutes earlier, I would have tried a new cake. For now, bookmark
nila, Nelya, well, I hope this was not the last disposal of cottage cheese, maybe it will come to the cake!
Thanks for stopping by, help yourself!
Trishka, Ksyusha, thank you! While bookmarking, we love cottage cheese cakes, I will definitely try!
Jouravl, Nadia, you are always welcome, I will be glad if you like it!
Ksyusha, can you use any cottage cheese? if I make curd cheese (myself from milk and lemon) is such curd suitable or is it better to buy?
Yes, I think anyone is possible, only if it is liquid, like in the "Ostankinsky" tube, you know that?, Then you probably need more flour, the author generally wrote 4 glasses, it didn't take so much from me, it turned out less ...
Thanks for stopping by!
Ksyushathat I didn't find your Frosya under that number - maybe you were wrong
I mean, we have a temka, here it is
Mixer-kneader First FA-5259-2

Sorry, I screwed it up, wait
🌼Ksyusha🌻, well done !!! Took away both the cake and the recipe
SoNika, Nikusha, to your health, help yourself!
Ksyusha, wonderful cake!
Amazing! So many layers!
The beauty is simple!
My husband's relatives are from Armenia, so I will cook for them BAM. I will surprise you!
Thank you, Ksyushenka!
Rituslya, Ritulik, I am glad that I dropped by, thank you, I will hold my fists for you, so that my relatives, and you too, like it!
🌼Ksyusha🌻, thanks for the recipe I took it in the tabs, I will bake
🌼Ksyusha🌻, Tell me please, but this cake has cakes closer to thin biscuit or shortbread, I just have a recipe for an Armenian cake, having tried it once, I probably fell in love with it forever, for several years I cook only it for the New Year, and so there are shortbread cakes, and your cake?
Trishka, I almost passed such a wonderful cake. While I took it to the bookmarks, I'm going to ripen by evening.
Ksyusha, are the cakes not brittle? Will they not receive cantusia during the coup?
Ksyusha, what a nice cake it turned out! It's so warm, homey.
Girls, thank you all for your attention, it is very pleasant that you dropped by!

Tatyana1103, Tanyusha, well, for starters ... to me on "You", if convenient!
And about the cakes, no, they are not at all like sand cakes, they are slightly reasonable, as she said, and not at all dry and not crumbs.
Try this option, maybe you will like it, I will be glad!
Trishka, Ksyusha, and butter is not added to the dough?
Quote: Wildebeest
are they not fragile? Will they not receive cantusia during the coup?
Nope, they are concussion-resistant, but you still need to carefully turn them over, and cut them off while they are warm, the edge hardens quickly, then gnaw the current ...

Quote: Andreevna
warm, homely.
And I thought so when I cooked it, Nostalgie ...

Quote: Wildebeest
no oil is added
No, there was no oil in the recipe.
🌼Ksyushenka🌻, and I didn’t know it was an Armenian cake! My mom only baked 2 cakes - Napoleon and this one, she called him Delicate. Very tasty! Well done for sharing the recipe. Now at least I will know its correct name
izumka, thank you for stopping by, but I didn’t know that it was Armenian until the recipe was in the tape, I had a similar aunt in my childhood too, well, maybe not such a straightforward recipe, but I think there are many variations ...
All the recipes are good, all this wealth that was passed on to us, is being passed on and will continue to be passed on, God grant everyone health, our grandmothers, mothers, aunts ...
Quote: Trishka
to me on "You", if convenient
It's very convenient,: friends: and of course to me, too, on "You"

Ksyusha, everything is clear about the cakes, she could have guessed for herself that with so much cottage cheese, the cakes cannot be sandy. And the fact that the cakes are not sandy is even better, I want to try just such an Armenian cake, suddenly there will be a new discovery from Armenia for me, cottage cheese is available, by the weekend I will try to make it a reality.
Quote: izumka
didn’t know it was an Armenian cake!
🌼Ksyusha🌻and I didn't know. I know him under the name "Usurper", apparently by analogy with "Napoleon". Delicious and delicate. Thanks for reminding me. I haven't baked it for a long time.
Quote: Tatyana1103
make it real.
I'm waiting for your impressions!

Quote: Taramara
Thanks for reminding me. I haven't baked it for a long time.
You're welcome !
Thank you for your attention, and to me on "You".
Trishka, Ksyusha, I went to cook the cream, set it to cool.I waited until my daughter came home from work, had a bite to eat, and started kneading and baking.
I don’t know how you managed to roll out six cakes of 0.5 ml each for the entire GF, I got it for four cakes. I baked it, my grandson arranged dances near the cakes, I protected them with Khrudyu, and I gave him some scraps to try. He liked the cuttings very much. Strange, but I didn't try them.
I collected a cake, it's worth insisting, darling. I specially bake it for the night so that the circles around the cake do not wrap.
The sample will be taken only tomorrow. The grandson asked to bake cakes from this dough for him.
A delicious and simple cake of my childhood, which was prepared by my great-grandmother (born in the 19th century) and at least 1/5 of the population of our city. But I never imagined that he might have anything to do with Armenian cuisine. We called him Napoleon, and it was the "signature" recipe of our area of ​​the city until the 50s of the 20th century. It also had a less high-calorie economy version: dough without eggs, and the cakes were poured with hot cream.
plasmo4ka, only cottage cheese and flour were present in the dough?
Angela, your version makes me think that you baked a slightly different cake.
Svetlana, well, like a cake, I'm even worried, didn't you like it?

Quote: plasmo4ka
called Napoleon
I don’t quite agree that it’s him, nevertheless Napoleon means puff pastry, but here it’s not like that.
Trishka, Ksyusha, don't worry. I liked the cake, and my daughter's verdict will be in the evening.
How my grandson is annoying on the cakes, guard! I got very tired this week.
Quote: Wildebeest
strains on the cakes,
Means delicious
Sveta, baked both options.
🌼Ksyusha🌻, he was not only called Napoleon, but also called a pie. By the way, until now, somewhere sooo deep in my soul, it sits from childhood: everything in the crumbly-sprinkling decoration is pies, and the cakes are always with cream decorations.
And Napoleons were also chopped and flaky .. Obviously, they didn't bother too much with names, and all multi-corn and sprinkled products were Napoleons
Yes, I agree with everything that is multi-layered, with sprinkling from scraps it was considered that - "Napoleon" ..
Trishka, Ksyusha, I tasted the first piece in the morning after twelve hours of drawing, I liked the cake. Then I tried it in the evening. Evening was even tastier.
This morning I finished my evening piece, it seemed to me even tastier.
Maybe ideally it should be insisted from one and a half to two days?
Light, well, maybe so, it's not a biscuit dough, the cakes are dense, the longer it costs, the tastier!
He doesn't live with us for a long time ..

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