Wheat-rye bread in Panasonic SD-2502 bread maker

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Wheat-rye bread in Panasonic SD-2502 bread maker


Wheat flour 350gr
Rye flour 150gr.
Powdered milk 2st. l.
Sugar 2st. l.
Salt 1.5h l.
Rye malt 2st. l.
Coriander 1 tsp
Caraway 0.5 st. l.
Honey 1 tsp
Vegetable oil 2 t. L.
Water 350ml
Dry yeast 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • I put all the dry ingredients into the mold in order of priority and mix with a spoon. Then I add honey, oil and water. Yeast in the dispenser, I select mode 07 "rye".
  • The malt is like this:
  • Wheat-rye bread in Panasonic SD-2502 bread maker

Time for preparing:

3 hours 30 minutes

Cooking program:


Uh ... It's still wheat-rye bread. Rye is when rye flour is more than 50%. And such bread (the recipe is standard by the way) is perfectly baked in the main mode of any HP. I have such a recipe (without milk powder and honey) goes like bread for every day.
But thanks anyway and Happy New Year!
And tell me, what does milk powder give? I have infant formula, found in kitchen bins. a box like this, but it's already old, open, although I think it's okay, right? What is it used for in some recipes?
Irene Malysheva
Palych, it's okay, baby food is also milk powder, I sometimes add dry cream, the crust of the bread is ruddy and more crispy
Irene Malysheva, the shoto did not "go" this milk ((, put the package aside. I just got used to making choux pastry in standard hb, a little longer, but there is an effect.
Irene Malysheva
Quote: Palych

Irene Malysheva, shoto did not "come in" this milk ((,
you can clarify how it did not work for you))), it comes easily to me, it seems to be an ordinary powder.
Quote: Palych

... I've gotten used to std. hb to make choux pastry, a little longer, but the effect is.
from here you can learn more about what you brew and how.
Dear friends - bakers. Tell me what we are doing wrong. It turns out a torn top in the trash. Even taking a picture is not a hunt.

1. Wheat flour Altai 1st grade - 200 gr.
2. Country whole grain rye flour 200 gr
3. Wheat flour, whole grain 160 gr
4. Salt - 1 tsp.
5. Sugar - 1 tsp.
6. Extra-R - 2.5 tsp.
7. Malt - 2.5 tsp.
8. Panifarin - 2.5 tsp.
9. Flax seed 3 tsp. (or pumpkin seeds)
10. Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l.
11. Water - 400 gr
12. Instant yeast 0.5 tsp.

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Snooker, ask your question in the HP Panasonic topic. She is more active and will be more likely to help you there:
Bread makers Panasonic SD-2500, SD-2501, SD-2502, SD-2510, SD-2511, SD-2512 ... (4) # 5762
Ser, please tell me what kind of rye flour do you use in your recipe?
Rye village whole-grain Divinka, purchased at Dom-Bread at VDNKh
Snooker, and you do not brew malt, but simply fill it dry?

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