Lazy jam in the oven

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Lazy jam in the oven


apples / pears

Cooking method

  • Lazy jam in the oven
  • With this method of cooking, an absolutely wonderful result is obtained. This jam is perfect for filling pies, pies, bagels!
  • Wash the pears, cut into arbitrary pieces. Pour fruit into ovenproof molds and crush sugar on top. The amount of sugar depends on the ripeness and sweetness of the fruit. My pears were very sweet, so I poured 2 tbsp on each glass dish. l. Sahara. You can also sprinkle a little with vanilla (vanilla sugar). Apples can be sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • I have 1.2-1.3 kg of chopped fruit in each mold. I have large glass forms SIMAX.
  • Lazy jam in the oven
  • For these 2 glass molds, I used 1 medium lemon. Cut the lemon with the skin into small pieces and sprinkle over the pear. If you do not want acid in the jam, do not put lemon at all, or put in a little for flavor.
  • Lazy jam in the oven
  • Do not stir!
  • Place the forms in the oven at 200 degrees. for 30 minutes. After half an hour, take out and mix, put in the oven again. Stir every 30-40 minutes. But you don't need to interfere.
  • Keep the jam in the oven to the desired consistency. Note that the jam thickens a little as it cools.
  • Put the jam straight from the oven in sterile jars and close. Worth great!
  • I somehow turned off the apple jam in the evening and forgot to take it out of the oven. And in the morning my husband and I discovered wonderful marmalade pieces of apples !!! They did not live to see the cans, ate and did not notice.
  • You can not wait for the jam to thicken and put it in a semi-liquid jar.
  • If, after cooling in the form, the jam seems a little thin to you, then it can be put back in the oven and brought to the desired condition.
  • Lazy jam in the oven

Time for preparing:

2-4 hours

Cooking program:

oven, handles


The jam is "lazy" because you don't have to stand over it, stir it, drain it, pour it in ... Believe me, this preparation is very different in taste from the usual boiled jam. This jam is very similar to candied fruit.
I make apples and pears so "lazily", in winter these cans are eaten first.
I will add that it is the apple that turns out to be just a bomb! My husband and I casually devour it just out of the mold, and we don’t need to make marshmallows!

Py. sy. I have been making such a jam for several years, my Canadian friend taught me. The jam does not turn sour in the jar, you can make it without sugar at all. The proportions are exclusively for your taste!
Stored perfectly in the apartment in the closet.

These photos were taken to participate in the competition, I took pears that were at hand.
After the competition, my recipe was published in the "Svaty" magazine # 6 October 2015.

Svetlana, is this jam stored at room temperature?
Jeanne44, I have all the blanks in the apartment. Such jam can be stored anywhere.
Thank you! So, I take it with gratitude to the piggy bank!
svetta, well, woooot! Now we will not lose!
svetta, I took it in the tabs!
svetta, Thank you!
I have already tried it, I really liked it!
From this case! Thank you, Svetik ... for lazy people it is the most))
Quote: Grrr
for lazy people it is the most))
so little that for lazy people, it is also useful because heat treatment is a minimum, and most importantly (!), sugar is a MINIMUM !!!
svetta, URAURAURA to you!
Ilmira, my husband cannot eat sugar like everyone else, problems begin. But he doesn't like sugar at all, so such a recipe is salvation for him.
Ilmirushka, Yes, everything is perfect here ... I trudge from this recipe ... I will definitely do it!
svetta, great recipe Bookmark. There will be cheap fruits, you can make
svetta, but such a number will not work with berries?)))
Girls, and if berries unnecessary so try to evaporate Well there are gooseberries? Red Ribes?
Oops. The same question was asked, so I'm not the only one so curious
Girls, I won't say anything about berries, I didn't.
Evgeniya, Elenagirls, experiment with berries and bring the results here to all of us
Ilmirushka, I was afraid to promise. And suddenly I cannot (in time) try such a trick. Therefore, she kept silent, but wrapped it around her mustache. And if I do, I will definitely write what happened. Is it good, is it bad
Mandraik Ludmila
svetta, to bookmarks, now you will not get lost!
svetta, I have already printed the recipe, I'm waiting for the apples to become cheaper!
Sveta, this is a miracle, not a recipe. There are no apples of her own this year, but yesterday my godfather gave me apples, I asked her to give me for a pie, and she gave so much that I had to think in line order what to do with them and where to attach them.
In the oven, I had a deep baking sheet in the kit, I did not weigh how many apples went into it, but the output turned out to be 5 cans of 0.5 liters each.
While I was closing the zucchini, the apples were doing their job in the oven, very convenient.

Lazy jam in the oven

Sveta, thank you and Irina-Nanaimo for this recipe
svetta, and banks need to roll up? plastic covers will not work?
I cook, no, it's not cooked ... then I make CHO from apples and pears ... they are baked at me, turning into healthy jam ... well, in general, it will be delicious! In the meantime, along the way, a gentle, tender compote was formed from the removed seed pods - do not throw away the good! apple-pear, added two tablespoons of sea buckthorn for color. Waste-free production, so to speak!
Lazy jam in the oven
Darkusha, sorry, I just saw the question. I would not risk plastic lids, unless refrigerated. I roll up all the jams.
Ilmirawhat a beautiful compote! We have to cook for ourselves.
Yeah, Sveta, the hand did not rise to throw away so much ... good and here's a tasty treat

svetta, I love the combination of baked apples and cinnamon, and now, the apple spirit has gone, and I could not stand it - I sprinkled the apples a little. What do you think, did not harm?
Ilmira, apples just MUST be sprinkled with cinnamon, it's so delicious !!! I am writing about this in the recipe. And give me a little more vanilla, finally dump your head!
Quote: svetta
And give a little more vanilla,
I have already sprinkled vanilla! I opened the bookmarks, reread the ingredients in the frame and went, well, there - I already know a hundred times. Well, I think, how can apples without cinnamon, in any way! Well, a crow, what else can I say about myself
Svetik, Thanks for the recipe, for sure for me, I love everything lazy. Will do!
svetta, the recipe is just a bomb !!!! I went to cook. Thank you very much!!!
svetta, jam ... I can’t find a word, well, just mortality. The yummy is simply divine! But I will not roll it up, since apples and pears are available all year round: bought - made - ate! I already did the manna with him Rituslin today, the manna is gone, but there are photos
Lazy jam in the oven
Lazy jam in the oven
And here is my report:
Lazy jam in the oven
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Sveta, congratulations on the medal!
svetta, hurray, congratulations
Wow, what news! Nice, damn nice!
svetta, Svetik, congratulations! Great!
lettohka ttt
svetta, Sveta, congratulations on the medal! Super recipe!
Sveta! With a well-deserved award! Clever girl! All recipes are chic! I will definitely do it, but I’ll just pick the apples ... otherwise there’s no time!
svetta, congratulations on winning the competition and a medal
svetta, Congratulations!!!! The jam is just indescribable, I will make more
svetta, congratulations on the medal !!!!
I'm going to make your jam next week.
Mandraik Ludmila
svetta, congratulations, the recipe is excellent
svetta, Thank you!
There are a lot of apples, I don't know where to attach them, a very necessary and timely recipe for me!
svetta, Svetochka with a medal!
Svetta! I sincerely congratulate you on your victory! I also closed 3 jars of apple for a sample.
Well, I'm here on the edge ... with a medal, Light!
Sveta, Congratulations on the medal !!! Excellent jam !!! I have not stopped talking about this in our topic and have been closing in various variations for 2 weeks now ... apples with lemon and cardamom, pears with vanilla and lemon, pears with plums, lemon and vanilla. Well, it's just fine, clean and tasty to harvest this way.
svetta, Svetochka Congratulations on your medal! I will wait for the ripening of the plum and cook it with the plum, maybe it will also work out of apples, I have only late varieties. And next year I'll do it from the early ones.
Sveta, Congratulations! : rose: a good way to jam!
svetta, Svetlana, congratulations on the Victory and Myadalka !!!!!!

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