Lean pea soup with smoked paprika (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas hob)

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Lean pea soup with smoked paprika (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas hob)


Split split peas 120 ml in multi-glass
Potatoes (medium tuber) 1 PC
Carrots (medium) 1 PC
Onion (medium head) 1 PC
Ketchup Heinz taste
Smoked Paprika by Kotanyi taste
Dry mix Tomatoes and olives from Kotanyi pinch
Kotanyi Four Pepper Blend taste
Salt taste
Allspice 1 pea
Bay leaf tiny leaf
Garlic 3 wedges
Parsley 4 branches
Vegetable oil on demand
Water on demand

Cooking method

  • There was a heated debate on the forum about the preparation of pea soup. However, I dared to offer another option for its preparation. The most delicious pea soup is obtained with smoked meats; in the lean version, the aroma and smell of smoked meat is very lacking. I add smoked paprika to the lean pea soup. I really like this soup. I really hope that someone will be interested in this option for preparing a well-known dish to everyone.
  • Rinse chopped yellow peas thoroughly and soak in very hot water for 1 hour.
  • We drain the water, put the peas in the multicooker bowl, pour in a little water, just enough to cover it. We set the program "Stew. Soup" for 1 hour.
  • After an hour, add potatoes cut into cubes to the multicooker bowl, pour the required amount of water, focusing on the desired thickness of the soup. Set the "Stew. Soup" program for another 1 hour.
  • At this time, for about 10 minutes, simmer chopped carrots and finely chopped onions in oil. Add salt, Four Peppers mix, ketchup, smoked paprika, a pinch of Tomatoes and Olives dry mix, simmer vegetables until soft.
  • After the signal from the multicooker, open the lid, press the peas and potatoes against the sides of the bowl with a silicone spoon, so that the soup becomes more puree. Add salt to taste, a pea of ​​allspice, a bay leaf. We shift the stewed onions and carrots into the multicooker bowl, add chopped parsley, crushed garlic. We mix. Add salt, pepper and paprika if necessary. If the soup is very thick, you can add boiling water from the kettle. Re-establish the "Stew. Soup" program, cook for 15 minutes until boiling.
  • Let the soup steep for 10 minutes.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Lean pea soup with smoked paprika (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas hob)


I like a thick soup in which peas and potatoes are boiled well)))

Tatyana, what an unusual pea soup, your eyes are dazzled by the abundance of seasonings and spices.
Definitely bookmarks, I will broaden my horizons.
I'll also try it with chickpeas.
Oksana, I'm glad that you liked the recipe))) It will be good with chickpeas too. You can also try with lentils. The main thing is not to add salt and tomatoes until the legumes are ready. Here the main component is paprika, the rest of the spices are not strongly felt.
Tanyush, well, great! Straight soup for soup comes out of your golden pens!
I really love soups. Ready to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delicious!
I'll add some smoked meat.
Thank you, Tanechka, for the recipe!
Rita, thank you very much for your kind words. I cook pea soup on smoked brisket, but when you need a lean option, then with smoked paprika. The taste is so unusual. Sometimes I don’t put the garlic, so that it doesn’t clog the taste, but today I did.
Tatiana, thanks for the great soup. I will definitely cook. I love soups without meat. Only there is no smoked paprika.
Nina, thank you for stopping by))) Smoked paprika can be bought at Ozone. She changes the taste of the soup very much. It is good to put it in other dishes)))
Tatyana, there is no smoked paprika from Kotanyi on Ozone, only marinades. And there are no dry mixtures 😦 There is only available from Santa Maria, but she is not tested. And I really want to try Vashko's soup and it’s lean .. Maybe the marinade will do? 😃
Svetlana, I bought spices from Santa Maria, they are also good. I have pizza mix and pasta mix, I really like them. I have such a marinade, but it is only suitable for grilling and kebabs. Paprika is sometimes sold in Metro.
I will definitely cook it. I brought smoked paprika from Bulgaria, it is quite inexpensive there. Now my favorite spice. When I fry mushrooms with onions, I add them to the onions, which I fry separately from the mushrooms, then I mix. It greatly changes the taste of the dish.
Florichka, Irina, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I also like smoked paprika. It fits well in a lean soup.

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