Pickled bacon

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Pickled bacon


Water 0,5 l
Bay leaf 2 pcs
Allspice 5 pieces
Black pepper 5 pieces
Carnation 2 pcs
Salt 3 tbsp. l.
Granulated sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Bulb onions 1 head
Garlic 4-5 tooth.
Spice mixture for sprinkling optional

Cooking method

  • Yesterday I decided to cook pickled bacon. I wanted to see what options are on the Bread Maker. And I was surprised to notice that there is not a single recipe at all.
  • Therefore, I decided to post it.
  • I practice two options for making pickled lard: quick and normal.
  • I will describe both, since the difference is only in the slicing and cooking time.
  • If we cook lard in a long way, then we simply cut it into small pieces.
  • For a quick option, cut the bacon immediately into portioned pieces, but they should not be very thin. Something like this:
  • Pickled bacon
  • I took both already salted bacon and fresh. It's easy to find fresh lard for this recipe. Take a match or a toothpick and pierce a piece. If it comes in easily, then the fat is what you need!
  • Cut the onion into half rings and cut the garlic into not very large pieces.
  • Now let's start preparing the marinade. Pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil. We put salt, granulated sugar, spices there. Let it boil. Add vinegar at the very end. I put 6 tablespoons, but I have homemade vinegar. It has a low percentage of acid. I think that 9% needs 2-3 tablespoons.
  • For salted lard, put in 2 times less salt in the marinade.
  • Pickled bacon
  • We spread the fat in a container in layers. Sprinkle each layer with onions, garlic, I also add ground hot red pepper, but this is not for everyone.
  • Fill all this with hot marinade. If a couple of peppercorns or a clove gets there, then it's not scary.
  • Pickled bacon
  • The quick lard will be ready in 2-3 hours. For a long time, you need to keep it in the refrigerator for about a day.
  • Pickled bacon
  • Then I take out the bacon, dry it lightly with a napkin and sometimes sprinkle the edges with spices. I love a mixture of peppers, and my husband likes suneli hops with ground coriander.
  • Now you can put it on a plate.
  • Pickled bacon
  • Or immediately put it on black bread and enjoy.
  • Pickled bacon
  • Angela to you at a meal!


We first tried this salts about twenty years ago when we went to rest on Azov. We were treated to them by the hospitable hostess Irina, with whom we stayed. To be honest, at first I did not even realize that there was vinegar in the recipe. The lard tasted very unusual. And I immediately asked for the recipe.
Irina, if you are reading this post, I thank you very much !!!
The lard turns out to be tender, aromatic, soft. But if the skin was tough, then it will remain so. So sometimes I just take it off before pickling.
This lard is very good for hot potatoes.
And on the festive table, it disappears among the first. And the New Year is ahead. Try this lard as a custom snack.

Oh-oh-oh-oh ....... We tasted the pickled bacon today, while relaxing in the Crimea. They received unspeakable pleasure.
Irish, thanks for the recipe. Because eating ready-made is one thing, but cooking with your own hands (especially not by typing, but according to the proposed, tested recipe) is a separate song.
She made lard in every way, but not pickled. I will definitely try!
And i will try
And now I know how to choose lard toffee, Irina, Thank you
Thanks from me too, I will definitely try. In the refrigerator there is a solid piece of regular bacon, from the side. Salted myself, delicious, salt is very moderate.I will definitely do it with a quick method.
Ira! It should turn out very interesting. I never made pickled bacon, and there were problems with salted bacon. Well, now I know how to choose the "right" lard. Thank you!
What an unusual recipe!
Salty, yes, but pickled avot ... neither heard nor ate ...
We need to fix it!

I can't even imagine how it tastes ...

Thanks for the culinary discovery!
I think what I lack for complete happiness in the cold season. And I do not have enough fat.
toffee, Irisha, I've never even heard of pickled bacon. I will definitely do it. I have salted bacon in the freezer waiting in the wings.
What an interesting recipe, I salted almost the same way, but without vinegar, now I will definitely try it with vinegar.
Girls, I can't tell you exactly what pickled bacon looks like. But it is different from salty. It is more delicate in consistency and aromatic.
Smoked lard, in onion skins, baked, etc., differs from salted lard. Well, how can you convey their taste through words? I can not.
Easier to try.
Moreover, you can literally make a few slices of pickled for a sample.

Posted Saturday 19 Nov 2016 09:08 AM

Oh, I forgot to clarify: if you check the fat with a toothpick, then you need to break off the sharp tip.
Lard from this recipe can also be stored indefinitely in the freezer right?
I'm trying lard. A great option for vodka. The fat became softer. But I, a crow, forgot to put in the garlic. But nothing, this bacon is possible with pickled garlic in a bite.
I enter the recipe in the red book of my recipes.
Girls, you must try the lard for this recipe. This is dumb.
Quote: eta-007
Lard from this recipe can also be stored indefinitely in the freezer right?
I may not have tried. Since the quick version is done in just a couple of hours. I cut it, poured it with marinade and all for a short time.
Quote: Wildebeest
I enter the recipe in the red book of my recipes.
Girls, you must try the lard for this recipe. This is dumb.
For lard lovers - yes! When they ask me which is better: salted or pickled, then I don't even know what to answer ... It's like comparing salted and pickled herring. Both are delicious if the recipes are good.
Quote: toffee
I enter the recipe in the red book of my recipes.
: mail1: Excellent bacon!
Made: a small jar, chopped finely and in pieces into an 800 g jar (the marinade remained a little).
The bacon turned out to be rich, something very tasty, and the onion is just a song 2 in one.
Thanks for the recipe
Pickled bacon - made today from salty, as it were, a sub-calf. Definitely, I will repeat!
Today, two more tried lard, appreciated
Quote: MariV
made today from salty as it were a subcranium. Definitely, I will repeat!
Olga, oh, what a beautiful bacon!
Olga M.
Irina, thanks for the recipe. This is how my aunt made, I confirm, very tasty. She lived in the Tver region. too, by the way. In the Kashinsky region. The older generation is leaving, a lot of things we did not have time to learn from them, and how nice it is to find here forgotten family recipes at times. My aunt was still adding some onion lye to the brine.
I also love onion peels.
It will give a little flavor and color.
I marinated the salce a second time at the request of the workers.
I also marinate lard today. Delicious, mild, aromatic. I love him.
Masha Ivanova
Irina! I marinated. The husband said that he had never eaten such a tasty bacon. Thank you very much for the recipe! The only thing I wanted to ask. Doesn't it seem a little watery to you? And, if so, is there any way to avoid this. It only seemed to me that my husband did not notice anything, only praised.
Elena, it is different in structure than salty. But I would not say that it is watery. Softer.
Acid destroys the structure of the fat.
By the way, if you marinate already pre-salted bacon, then it will be denser. But still not much.
Maybe try harder lard for pickling?
Honestly, I haven't tried it. We just like its softness.
Masha Ivanova, Lena, if it seemed to you that the bacon was watery, then tell me how much you kept it in the marinade.
toffee, Ira, it's hard to find unsalted bacon here, so we'll have to be content with salted. And so I would like to marinate unsalted.
Masha Ivanova
Wildebeest, Sveta! I kept it in the marinade for a little less than a day, as stated in the recipe. Pickled unsalted bacon, perhaps slightly less dense than required. Next time I'll take a thicker lard.
Masha Ivanova, Lena, the recipe also says that you can marinate for 2-3 hours. Maybe your bacon should have been marinated so much.
My lard has been marinated in the refrigerator since December 5. Yes, it got a little watery, but I love it. Eat this bacon and you feel the vinegar. For me, this option is a dumb thing.
Masha Ivanova
Wildebeest, Sveta! The recipe says 2-3 hours if cut into pieces. And I didn’t have pieces, but good pieces, so on the recommendation of the author of the recipe I waited a day. But all these are little things in life, I will adapt. It is important that, in principle, I liked the taste very, very much. I liked the fact that the bacon turns out to be "not greasy" or something. I don’t know how best to explain.
Masha Ivanova, Lena, you correctly said that the fat is not greasy.
Yes, that's for sure. The taste of lard, on the one hand, is similar to the classic, and on the other hand, it is completely different.
as soon as the fat appears ... I will definitely do it!
Masha Ivanova
Helen, Lena! Very tasty, honestly. Only after salting-pickling from the brine, take it out and let it dry well. The last time I put bacon in the cheese maker and pressed it with a spring. But it turned out rather dry after that. Apparently it is necessary not to press so tightly.
Quote: Helen

as soon as the fat appears ... I will definitely do it!
at least by March, for sure, and for some by mid-January:: girl_wink: so New Year's holidays)))
lettohka ttt
toffee, Irina thanks for the recipe!
Irina, thanks for the recipe, I've never pickled bacon, I'll have to try it!
Girls, thanks for the kind words.

Lard is really tasty and unusual.
toffee, Irina, many thanks for the science and the recipe!

The result exceeded all my expectations - it turned out very spiritual fat! I will recommend to my dad - a big lover of fat

Pickled bacon
I'm glad I liked the fat. It turned out to be very beautiful!

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