Microwave pickled tomatoes

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Microwave pickled tomatoes


salt 30g.
sugar 40g.
bitter and allspice pepper 3 peas each
Bay leaf 3 pcs.
acetic acid 70% 1/2 tsp
tomato how many will come in
water ~ 750 ml

Cooking method

  • I want to share a recipe for preparing a tomato in the microwave, in this heat it is very convenient, and we don’t eat it in large 3 liters, but then a piece product - I opened it = I ate it. The recipe is not mine, it was found 5 years ago on the Internet, if anyone finds out their authorship, a big thanks for the recipe. I did this last year, I was very afraid and worried that the cans would explode, but everything turned out to be very tasty, especially the brine, I even regretted that I had done little.
  • Here's the recipe for the original:
  • For a 1.5-liter jar - 30 g of salt, 40 g of sugar, 3 peas of bitter and allspice, 3 bay leaves, 1/2 teaspoon of 70% vinegar, tomatoes
  • Tomatoes are very large and fleshy.
  • Wash the tomatoes and cut them into 2 ~ 4 pieces so that they fit into the neck of the jar.
  • Put pepper and bay leaf at the bottom of the jar. Add salt and sugar. (Although it is better to dissolve salt and sugar separately in a small amount of boiling water and then pour into a jar.)
  • Lay the tomato slices, trying to lay them as compactly as possible, without squeezing them.
  • Pour boiling water into a jar with tomatoes up to shoulder level.
  • Place in the microwave at maximum power.
  • When the water boils, remove the jar from the microwave, add another tomato slice on top (since the upper slice completely "dissolves" under the action of microwaves and enriches the brine), add boiling water, pour in vinegar and roll up.
  • Wrap well and leave to cool.
  • I decided to make cans in 0.7 l, 3 peppercorns and 1 lavrushka in each jar, I took 1 l of water for the brine, but in vain - the extra brine remained. After all, the tomatoes are cut - they fit quite tightly,
  • Microwave pickled tomatoes
  • a lot of brine is not needed.
  • I sterilized the cans in a micron, and poured the lids separately with boiling water, after pulling out the cans, I still did not report a slice and did not add anything. Flipped
  • Microwave pickled tomatoes
  • and wrapped it up for a day.
  • I put the cans in the micra one at a time, for 4 minutes, at max. power 750 W, during this time the jar was boiling, boiling goes on top of the jar, below there were only small bubbles. Yes, the upper slices softened, but I immediately rolled up the lids and turned over the jars, and immediately added the vinegar to the brine, and boiled with it. I hope that this time the recipe will not fail.

The dish is designed for

3 cans of 0.7 l

Time for preparing:

Covered in an hour

Cooking program:



Using this technology, you can make any recipe you like, I did the same with cucumbers.

letka-enka2-Lenochka, thank you very much for the technology! I will definitely use it! I bet with small cans. As I understand it, do tomatoes taste sweet? I am a lover of hot-vinegar. But it doesn't matter which recipe, the main thing is to follow the technology?
Asya Klyachina
I will also try the technology, I really want to shoot quickly with blanks.
Thank you girls for noticing the recipe.Tumanchik, Irina, yes sweet (I like that), the marinade can be made for every taste and color.
Asya Klyachina,
Quote: Asya Klyachina
I want to quickly shoot with blanks.
-yes, especially in this heat
Girls, can you take cans with a screw cap using this technology?))
Nobody did ...

mamusi, Margarita, as recently as August 4, Cherry did so, just under the screw cap
Microwave pickled tomatoes- while the flight is normal.
Lena, how did you roll the cucumbers? to which banks and for how many minutes?
mowgli, Nataliaafter reading the discussion in the topic about Aunt Margita's cucumbers https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=138315.320 I did so too, I took 0.5l cans. 0.7l - for half a liter, I cut the cucumbers into circles (so that they fit more), and set for 3-4 minutes, it must be selected empirically, that is, it depends on the temperature of the brine, how the cans boiled on top and the color began to change, turned off and rolled up. The first jars boil faster than the last, you see the brine has cooled down a little.
ahh, and I have a cold pickle, I want to close the Nezhin cucumbers
Quote: mowgli

ahh, and I have a cold pickle, I want to close the Nezhin cucumbers

Natasha, well, why "confuse" the topic of tomatoes, cucumbers, sterilization?
There is a separate topic about micra, where we discuss all these nuances Not all cucumber lovers go into the topic of tomato

Microwave sterilization of vegetable and fruit homemade preparations
Asya Klyachina
I rolled up three jars from 0.5 to 0.8 liters. on trial, so quickly and comfortably For 1.5 l. in my microwave oven they simply do not fit in height, which is a pity. I'll see how they will be stored. I also preserved the plum so, and where I slept before
Asya Klyachina,

I also have, at most, 1 liter. bank. And about plums, a great idea, I will soon ripen, mnooooooooo.
letka-enka2, an interesting recipe!
I want to cook, but I don't have acetic acid. There is the usual 9% vinegar and what to do? I'd like to try it!
Hello, Elena. I came to specially thank you for the awesome recipe! How fast and delicious !!! Tomatoes are, as my son said, just "Fire"! Thanks again for the delicious recipe from our whole family !!!
Subscribe ..
Helen, Darling, thanks for the gratitude and attention to the recipe.I even regret that I have rolled up such tomatoes myself.
Lenochka, thanks for the recipe and for the idea of ​​how to preserve in the microwave. The proportions with the brine are not entirely clear, if you close it in different banks, how to determine on which jar how much to put what? But you can take the proportions of the brine from another recipe, purely theoretically ...
For the experience of rolling cucumbers, off topic, but your words inspired me.
Quote: letka-enka2
The proportions with brine are not entirely clear, if closed in different jars
you can first fill the jars with laid vegetables with water just to determine the entire volume, and count from it. And purely theoretically, usually 1.5 liters of brine is used for a 3-liter jar, that is, half, this is how I calculate, if a liter jar = half a liter of brine. Well, something like that .. you can take the proportions of your favorite recipe.
Thank you very much for this technology. For the third season I roll up tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, borsch dressing. At first, in 2015, I did it for trial, in 2016 I closed 75 cans - none of them exploded. This season I have spun 48 cans - liter, 750ml, 0.5l ...
All good health. Alexandra.
Quote: alkanataeva
For the third season I roll up tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, borsch dressing.
alkanataeva, Alexandra, can you tell us more about eggplants?
Girls, who did, but using this technology can only be canned with vinegar? And if I have tomato recipes without vinegar? Will it work?
I didn’t do it without vinegar, I don’t know.
I closed one can for testing. I will definitely report back in winter. Thanks for the recipe.
I also want to thank you for this method of conservation. Last year I tried it with a microwave. I covered tomatoes and cucumbers and salads. I put time in sight. Everything stood great, nothing softened. After the last time I close in small jars, put at once 3 - 4 jars. Great in the heat, and great in time! And no matter what recipe, this year I covered everything through the microwave.

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