Fish juicy in frying paper

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Fish juicy in frying paper


any fish (I have sea wolf steaks?) Your weight
starch as needed
vegetable oil as needed
any spices for fish favorite (I have lemon pepper, a mixture of peppers, smoked paprika) taste
sea ​​salt taste
siliconized baking paper your number

Cooking method

  • One well-known firm produces frying paper.
  • It is a siliconized baking paper thickly sprinkled with spices.
  • The composition of this dressing includes spices, starch, milk powder, acidity regulator and dyes.
  • You can fry meat and fish in such paper. Bake vegetables.
  • Spices can be different in composition depending on what you fry.
  • Today I will show you how you can make such paper yourself.
  • We take good quality baking paper.
  • Cut it into squares with sides 15 by 15 or more. It all depends on a piece of fish or meat.
  • Make a fold line in the center. You don't have to. I didn't bend.
  • Lightly grease the paper with vegetable oil using a brush, sprinkle with starch and any favorite spices.
  • I took a mixture of peppers, smoked paprika and lemon pepper.
  • What is Lemon Pepper? This is a seasoning for fish. It contains: black pepper, paprika, onion, garlic, citric acid, lemon peel, lemon oil, lemon extract and celery root. I don't like celery, but in this composition it does not bother me.
  • Salt the spices on top. We take as much salt as you would salt a piece of fish.
  • Fish juicy in frying paper This is how it looks like. You can sprinkle it thicker.
  • We take any fish. I had steaks of fish unknown to me. Not because I don't know such a fish, but because the seller is confused in its name. Either the Sea Wolf (aka sea bass, aka laurel), or Chimera (although they don't seem to eat it). But it doesn't matter.
  • We wash, remove the water with a napkin or towel.
  • Fish juicy in frying paper We put on one half of our "pickled" paper. Cover with the other half and turn the ends (you can not turn it up)
  • Fish juicy in frying paperFish juicy in frying paper Place in a dry preheated pan (grill pan, contact grill), cover and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side over medium heat. If the pan is thin-walled, then it heats up faster. Therefore, make the fire closer to the minimum.
  • Remove from the pan, but do not unfold. Let the fish "nourish" itself with spices and absorb its own juice. Let it stand for another 5-6 minutes.
  • All. Unfold, transfer to a plate and serve with salad or garnish.
  • Fish juicy in frying paper
  • Fish juicy in frying paper
  • Enjoy)

Time for preparing:

20 minutes


I saw how to make such paper on the Flour forum at Svetik Lana19. Thank you light and kiss)
Very juicy and tasty. The fish is fragrant and tender. The starch did not allow the liquid to "escape" and all the juices remained in the fish. So the fish can be cooked in nature. A wonderful method also because it is suitable for any dish, even the most spoiled. Nothing sticks or burns. The pan remains clean after frying.
This method can be used to cook meat. The piece should not be thick and slightly beaten. I have nothing more to write. But it can be eaten with the tongue. Highly recommend!

Angela! What a delicious fish! And the dishes are clean. Thanks for the recipe, I will have to cook.
Olenka, to health. Cooking is unambiguous. Not excess fat in fish, not fried crust is tasty, but harmful. And no smell in the house.
A great way to fry! And about the lack of smell - a great bonus! Thanks for reminding me.
Now it remains to buy the right baking paper.
Thanks for the interesting recipe): rose: I will definitely try this method))
ang-kay, Angela, just a great recipe
I, with my twist on a healthy diet, definitely took it to bookmarks
Peace be with you bakers!

Tricia- - Now the correct baking paper is left to buy
1. Tracing paper. The simplest, but also unreliable. If there is a lot of fat (buttery cookies) or juice in the dough, then it may just get wet.
2. Parchment paper for baking. The most popular today. Plain parchment is impregnated with sulfuric acid, making it durable and water resistant.
3. Silicone coated paper. Such a protective film almost completely eliminates the risk of baking. Silicone can cover one or both sides. It's easy to check the quality: just fold two sheets of paper with the smooth side to each other and rub. If the paper is of good quality, then the slip should be very strong.
4. Silicone sheets. It is similar to the previous version, only the silicone layer will be thicker, and it is sold not in a roll, but in a pack. This paper can withstand very high temperatures and is most commonly used in professional bakeries.
This is also how I cook fish. Very comfortably)
Only on my grill))

Rainbow Trout in Parchment (Grilled Steba FG56) (Masinen)
ang-kay, Angela, Wonderful recipe and idea with paper!
Girls, thanks for stopping by. Be sure to try. I would be glad if you like the result.
Such an interesting recipe, but one thing interests me: if you bake it on a grill in the oven, then you also need to cover it with a lid?
Please tell us how to make the right frying paper and how does it differ from baking paper?
Quote: Vicki
if you bake it on a grill in the oven, should you also cover it with a lid?
Victoria, I think no.
Quote: Caprice
how to make the right frying paper and how is it different from baking paper?
You just have to make sure that nothing sticks to your baking paper.
I haven't done anything in paper for a long time! Angela, thanks for the way of cooking the fish, such an appetizing crust - tender and at the same time crispy in appearance! Mmmm ...!
Quote: ang-kay

You just have to be sure that nothing sticks to your baking paper.
And all that? And I really thought that some kind of special paper was needed.
Quote: Rada-dms

I haven't done anything in paper for a long time! Angela, thanks for the way of cooking the fish, such an appetizing crust - tender and at the same time crispy in appearance! Mmmm ...!
Olenka, to your health. Only I want to disappoint you - the crust here does not crunch. But it's still very tasty.

Added Thursday 14 Jul 2016 02:02 PM

Quote: Caprice
And I really thought that some kind of special paper was needed.
Nothing special. Plain baking paper. Only good quality.
Angela, thanks for the recipe and cooking method.

For a long time I was puzzled in search of a recipe for cooking fish for myself, because. fried is impossible, and I either did not like other methods, or fed up.
And then the recipe surfaced in time, which I was delighted with, just the carcasses of hake fillets were lying and did not know what to cook with them.
The fish turned out to be almost fried, there was no stench from frying oil, oil splashes on the stove and around, the pan was clean. Just the perfect way to fry fish. And it turned out very tasty, I did everything exactly as in the description of the recipe.
Taya, yes, such a fish is good. Suitable for diet food and for those who cannot eat fried food. I'm glad the recipe came in handy.

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