Puff corners "From the 90s"

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Puff corners from the 90s


Butter (chilled) or margarine 100 g
Flour 180 g
Boiled water (cold) 50 ml
Sugar 0.5 stack
Salt pinch

Cooking method

  • Chop flour with chilled butter (or margarine, who has any preferences). The harvester helped me with this Puff corners from the 90s - you get such a crumb.
  • Add cold water to it, 0.5 tsp. sugar and salt. Stir until a homogeneous smooth dough is obtained, it took the combine 1 minute Puff corners from the 90s
  • Now wrap the resulting dough in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. I usually make the dough in the evening and put it away overnight and bake it in the morning.
  • Mash the well-chilled dough and warm it up in your hands to that state (without fanaticism), from which you can easily roll out the layer. Roll out the dough 2-3 mm thick, cut out circles 4-5 cm wide in a convenient way for you - a glass or other. I used a device for marking circles Puff corners from the 90s
  • Now pour sugar into a plate. Take a circle and dip one side of it in sugar Puff corners from the 90s.
  • Fold in half with sugar inside Puff corners from the 90s
  • Dip one side again in sugar Puff corners from the 90s and put sugar inside again Puff corners from the 90s... Dip the resulting corner in sugar with one side Puff corners from the 90s and put on a baking sheet lined with baking paper (I have a Teflon sheet), sugar upwards at a short distance from each other. Roll up a ball from the remnants of the dough and roll out the layer again, cut out circles, etc.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes until tender (check with a match, look in your oven). Cover the finished corners directly on the baking sheet, without removing, cover with a towel and allow to cool. Then you can start drinking tea.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Puff corners from the 90s
  • Puff corners from the 90s

The dish is designed for

half baking sheet

Time for preparing:

5 minutes + cooling + 15 minutes baking

Cooking program:

harvester + refrigerator + oven


In the distant 90s, when there was a lot for coupons and there was a huge queue in stores even for kefir (!!!), one had to find such recipes that would be "simple but tasty". This is the recipe I came across in some magazine - either in "Rabotnitsa" or in "Krestyanka". Fortunately, flour, water and margarine were available. And there were no problems with sugar. because my daughter also had a ticket, but ... she was not yet a year old, so my husband and I had enough sugar. Having cooked these corners, which in the recipe were listed as "Buns" (), I waited with bated breath for my husband from work, so I wanted to pamper him! And you know, it worked! They turned out to be so tasty that after many years, when in stores there is both a range of products and opportunities, in terms of technology (then, of course, I did it by hand) and various gadgets for a modern housewife (instead of a glass, various shapes and accessories for dough), we recall these corners, and I cook them ...

Eh, Nostalgie, Fascinating as I wrote, ah, thanks!
I make the same form, the current is from curd dough, I have to try yours too, I like simple but tasty recipes, without candebobers ...

galchonok, Galyunya, soulful recipe!
Ksyusha, thanks for stopping by! By the way, when, many years later, I saw the recipe for cottage cheese cookies (now they are our favorite too, mine often order it, we adore all cottage cheese) and its molding, I also remembered my "corners" first of all.
Quote: Trishka
Galyunya, soulful recipe
Yes, Ksyushik, to the very point, for us, sincere! I'm glad you understand me!
I love this yummy! Interestingly, they will normally bake in the airfryer. I don't want to turn on the oven. As a bookmark, maybe I’ll fire up the oven somehow. ...
Trishka, where is the recipe for cottage cheese? I also need
galchonok, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, probably, and really in the 90s there was no such House (in the real sense of the word) where these cookies would not be baked :))) A wonderful recipe and very beautiful performance, thank you for reminded :)))
Elena Tim
I took it to the bookmarks. Thank you! Very appetizing cookies.
Rita, Thank you !
Quote: lira3003
Interestingly, in the airfryer they will normally bake
It seems to me that they should bake normally. In any case, I got other puff (ready-made dough) baked goods in AG, only they baked not on a pallet, but on a wire rack on parchment
lira3003, Rita, you have to look in the bins of your homeland, as soon as I find it - I'll write, okay!
Vika, Elena Timthanks girls! Nice that you dropped by! To your health!
Elena Tim
Check mark, but will this dough fit in a liter blender bowl? In theory, it should ...
galchonok, and what kind of harvester do you have (I didn't understand from the photo)?
I will wait, thanks!
Elena Tim, will fit!
Quote: Niarma
galchonok, and what is your harvester
Niarma, my favorite Brown! (He is already 20 years old, German assembly)
Great recipe! Thanks for reminding me. At one time we called these corners "lapundriks".
Elena Tim
Check mark, Thank you!
Alyona, Elena Tim, good health, girls!
Quote: HelenKu
At one time we called these corners "lapundriks".
Such a name, cute and funny at the same time
I kneaded the dough in a food processor, but it is so soft)))
I began to re-read the recipe - and only then I saw that it should lie in the refrigerator.
She postponed the baking until lunchtime, let it rest)
As I saw the recipe, I immediately kneaded the dough, left it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning I baked these wonderful "corners". Everything is so fast, imperceptible, playfully)))
I love these recipes
I followed the path of least resistance, baked in Princess, 20 minutes from a cold state.
This volume of dough was enough to fully load the stove.
Very gentle, melting in the mouth, with a nostalgic note)))
Check mark, thank you so much for this easy delicious recipe
Puff corners from the 90s

I cut out such a Tupperverian thing for tartlets, so they are a little curvy for me)))

Puff corners from the 90s
Here are my works, doubled at once)))
I thought to do it on a baking sheet, but it turned out exactly two. Probably spread it too far.
Puff corners from the 90s
Quote: Sivana
baked in Princess, 20 minutes from a cold state.
Sivana, and baked in the form or in the Princess herself? Excellent cookies turned out!
Chardonnay, thanks) Baking in the Princess herself, on a Teflon baking sheet.
Check mark, thanks for reminding me about the cookie recipe. I haven't remembered him for a very, very long time. They helped us a lot before. Only we have this recipe not from the 90s, but from the 80s, and even from the 70s. These cookies were often baked by my mother, and I left my parental home in 79.
Then sometimes I also baked according to my mother's recipe, and then a wide variety of shop sweets came and the recipe was somehow forgotten and completely lost.
Sivana, oh, what a curvy beauty you've got! Thank you very much for your attention to the recipe and such a quick execution! I am very pleased that I liked the cookies!
Quote: Sivana
thank you so much for this easy delicious recipe
To your health!
Svetlana, wow, they made a double portion at once! By the way, I always make a double portion too! Very beautiful corners turned out, so powdered! Thank you very much !
Quote: nila
Checkmark, thanks for reminding me about the cookie recipe. I haven't remembered him for a very, very long time.
Nelya, to your health!
Quote: nila
Only we have this recipe not from the 90s, but from the 80s, and even from the 70s
Aah, I see!

thank you today to pamper my household)
Here! Great simple recipe! It is necessary for your children to pile!
Innushka, Maria, Thank you ! I will be glad if you and your family like it!
galchonok, Galyunya, forgive me sho I'm getting in, here they asked for a recipe with cottage cheese, you can write, I dug it out in the bins
Ksyusha, if you want, write, but, in my opinion, he will get lost here. Can you arrange it with a separate recipe?
Well, lana, then as I cook, I will expose!
Trishka, Ksyusha, I can't wait when you cook it, I'll spit out. May I PM?
I am reporting. Made the dough as soon as the recipe was posted. And I forgot about him, I remembered only last night. The husband grumbled: what are you up to, it's time to sleep already. I put it in the princess, it turned out just in size. I overexposed it a little, the bottoms turned out to be caramel. Summary: DELICIOUS !!! Disgruntled husband while I washed before bedtime, and the cookies cooled down almost all of them ate! I just managed to take a picture of the remains :))Puff corners from the 90s
And while we were going to bed, they were already over completely.
And today my husband arranged for me an interrogation of what these snacks are and ordered to bake some more :))
solmazalla, Allochka, a little loss, maybe I'll put it up in the week, ok?
Alla, thanks for the report! I am very glad that the recipe came in handy!
Quote: solmazalla

Trishka, Ksyusha, I can't wait when you cook it, I'll spit out.
I do not know what Ksyusha's recipe is, but I can give you the proportions of the ingredients of the curd cookies, which we just adore
cottage cheese (I take low-fat to reduce calories) -500 g
butter (room temperature) - 500g
salt-0.5 tsp
baking powder 1 tsp. with a slide
Mix cottage cheese and butter, add flour mixed with baking powder and salt, stir quickly. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, then dip in sugar and fold, like the corners in this recipe
A very similar recipe, only I don't need to put it in the fridge ...
Girls forgive me, wait there is no time at all,., I'll put it out later!
galchonok, ABOUT! This is it! From childhood cookies Only the proportions were 250 grams each, and it seemed like Ksyusha's in the cold was not necessary. So ... I have cottage cheese, I'll sculpt today Thank you, it's very nice when you can ask advice :))
Alla, cook for health!
Quote: Trishka
A very similar recipe
Ksyushik, and on the site there is a similar one, in my opinion "Curd cookies from Naina Yeltsina", but in all the recipes something is different, give or take
Here we are hooked on enti corners. I put the dough again, now 2 servings at once. Vkusnaa
Alla, I am very glad that the recipe stuck! I also cook them always in "double size". Thanks for your feedback!
but it seems to me, girls, that in the distant Soviet times I also added a little vinegar to such a dough for greater layering ... so tomorrow I will try ...
echeva, Pliz, report. Did it work with vinegar? And then we so like these corners, what if it turns out even better?
Alla, did ... girls, but my husband was on a diet ... he said it was very tasty ...
galchonok, Galya, thanks for the recipe! I baked corners today. They did not have time to cool down, my men appreciated it. Of course, they cannot be called an exquisite delicacy, but for home tea drinking, they are quite worthy pastries.
Puff corners from the 90s
galchonok, Check mark, and how are these cookies for sweetness? My husband and daughter have a sweet tooth. Maybe add more sugar to the dough
elena88, to your health! It turned out beautiful and very appetizing, I really wanted it for the night. Thank you for cooking, showing and telling!
Quote: elena88
Of course, you can't call them an exquisite delicacy.
Now then, of course not. But then, in the 90s ...
Natalia, we are the same, sweet tooth. Sugar is enough for us, because I dip the future cookies with addiction
Quote: galchonok
dipping i am the future cookie passionately
Thanks, we will write it down
I love these corners, though I rarely do something now, I have to do

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