"Tkemali" from thorns from Trishka

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Tkemali from thorns from Trishka


Pitted sloe 1500gr.
Water 375ml. (1.5 cups)
Salt (maybe a little more, see to your taste) 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 1 tsp
Dill 1 bundle
Cilantro 1 bundle.
Garlic 1 head
Hot red pepper 1-2 pcs.
Ground coriander 1 tsp
Hmeli-suneli 1/2 tsp
Wine / apple vinegar 3-5% 50-100ml.

Cooking method

  • I also offer my version of this delicious sauce!
  • So let's get started ...
  • Pour the turner with water, bring to a boil, boil for 5-10 minutes.
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Strain through a colander, you can wipe it through it, but I'm not Liu such a procedure, so I break through the pulp with a blender, then add the drained broth while stirring.
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka (this is a decoction).
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Bring everything to homogeneity, put on fire, bring to a boil.
  • Wash the greens, tie them with a thread (well, I don't like the greens floating in the sauce: (((), put in a saucepan with a quietly gurgling sauce. Boil for 2-4 minutes.
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Meanwhile, chop the garlic and pepper in any convenient way.
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka
  • Get greens, throw out: ((.
  • Add salt, sugar, spices, garlic and pepper to the sauce.
  • Try it to your taste, add salt or pepper, if the pungency is not enough, you can add dry ground hot red pepper.
  • All together "make friends" for 5 minutes, at the end add vinegar, pour into prepared jars (washed, sterilized), roll up!
  • Turn cans over until completely cooled. Later, I will keep this sauce in the refrigerator anyway, I’m so calmer :)))!
  • Although, in the presence of vinegar, it may be possible in the warmth ?!
  • FSE, all bon appetit!
  • Help yourself!!!
  • Tkemali from thorns from Trishka

The dish is designed for

1 liter 250gr.

Time for preparing:

1.5-2 hours

Cooking program:

Handles / Stove

Ksyusha! The recipe is wonderful - you can see it in the composition! I also always add hops-suneli, immediately such a "Caucasian accent" appears! Thanks for the recipe, I haven't done it yet, but I will definitely do it according to the proportions!
Send variations on the tkemal theme - I have the second bookmark for today

Will it come out of simple plums?
Tusya Tasya
Will come out if sour. If sweet, then tkemali will not work, but a delicious plum sauce will come out.
No, you can't call mine sour. And there is simply nowhere to plant a turnip (although I want to, I have long wanted to).
Although, if you think about it, they are not very sweet
Tusya Tasya
Tanya, tkemali sauce should be sweet and sour. You can add wine vinegar for acid, or you can make a sweet spicy plum sauce according to the same recipe. There will also be a bomb.
I added the recipe, help yourself !!!

Rada-dms, vedmacck, Tusya Tasya, girls, thanks for your attention!

I hope my version is useful too!
Did it! I counted the recipe for 1 kg of sloe. Of course, with digressions: only ground hot pepper, there was no fresh dill, I did not add ice cream. Sugar for 1 tbsp. the spoon is larger, because it seemed sour, I was also frightened to whip with the skins, rubbed it through a sieve. This was my first experience in making sauces, don't judge strictly. It turned out awesome !!! Thanks for the recipe.
Irin1, Irish, it's very nice that you liked it!

And I don't throw the greens at all, not Liu, when it is felt in the sauce, I boil it in a bunch, and then remove it, and the aroma remains and does not interfere with the sauce.
No thorns, there is a yellow plum ... a lot ...
I used your recipe, just did not add water, as plums are juicier than thorns. And the sugar is twice as much. I boiled the plum longer than the thorn needed to cook.
As a result, it turned out to be such a delicate tkemali, everyone really liked it.

Thanks for the recipe
Exocat, Ludmila, I am very glad that the recipe came in handy, to your health!

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