Protein ice cream

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Protein ice cream


sugar 230 g
egg whites 4 things
water 150 ml
cream 300 ml
raspberry 300 g

Cooking method

  • Protein ice creamWe take raspberries, I had frozen.
    Protein ice creamWipe through a sieve.
    Protein ice creamPour into molds and remove to freeze.
  • Protein ice creamWe cook syrup from water and sugar. While the syrup is cooking, beat the whites. As soon as the syrup began to reach for the spoon, pour a thin stream into the proteins. And drive in until thick. That is, we make a protein cream. Add the cream and put it in the freezer.
    Protein ice creamIce cream in the freezer does not completely freeze. I took out the container and turned away to get the frozen raspberry puree, just as some 12-year-old civilians climbed in to take a sample.
  • As a result, I only had to lick the spoon. We really enjoyed.
  • Bon Appetit everyone.

Thanks for the recipe! The structure is so beautiful! And then I'm tired of adding proteins to sorbets. And here is creamy!
Rada-dms, Thank you. I also have proteins left, and I purposefully looked for something interesting to do in them. It turned out very tasty and not greasy at all. I really added less cream than according to the recipe, 150 ml. And in combination with raspberry puree, it's a fairy tale. They still gave me a lick on the plate.
olgea, Ol, thanks for the summer snack!
Tell me, what is the fatty cream?
And then, like ice cream, it is obligatory 35% and more, but here they are like an airplane wing!
Quote: Trishka
we have them like an airplane wing
(timidly food) and we also have the same ... So, now if I think of making ice cream, it is only for a big holiday.
Olga VB
Girls, you can do it yourself make cream any fat content that is needed in a particular recipe. Only change the proportions.
For example, to get 100g of cream of approximately 33% fat, you need to take 62g of milk 3.2% and 38g of butter 82.5%
Calculate, perhaps it will be more profitable for you.
Here there are signs on how to get cream of different fat content from milk and butter of different fat content:
Oh, Olenka! Give you, God of everything - everything! I'm tired of looking for this information (or maybe I was looking wrong).
Thanks for the recipe, I'm also always rushing about - where to attach the squirrels ...
Olga VB, Olya, what are the necessary plates, thank you dear! I shove such self-made cream everywhere, but there were questions about the fat content
On the contrary, I always whip out squirrels when baking a biscuit ... where do they accumulate from you, I always miss ..
Olga VB, Olenka, thank you drukh for the useful sign!
Olgathanks for the ice cream! I love soft ice cream Do you need fat cream?
Quote: Olga VB
Girls, you can make the cream yourself of any fat content that is needed in a particular recipe. Only change the proportions.
I always make such cream for ice cream, it turns out very cool! Otherwise you can't buy a store
olgea, Olya, another question arose, did you whip the cream chtoli? so interfered? and if you beat
Quote: Trishka
cream of what fat
I take 20%.
Olga VB, when I need more than 20, I also always do it myself, since I have so much up to 20
% sell normal, without preservatives and any chemicals.
MariS, Thank you, I hope you enjoy it.
Quote: Leka_s
Didn't you whip the cream? so interfered?
Alain, yes, she just added and mixed, looked at the consistency. The protein cream turns out to be very dense.
Quote: Elven
Olga, thanks for the ice cream
Lena, please. I also love soft things, I always wait for it to melt, but here you don't even have to wait, got it out of the freezer and have time to eat, otherwise it will melt.

Quote: Mikhaska
even if I think of making ice cream, it is only for a big holiday.
Irin, it took me quite a bit of cream in this recipe. It seemed to me that if you add all 300 ml, it will be very liquid and will crystallize when frozen.
olgea, Olya, thanks!
Well, if 20%, then I'll definitely cook it!
Moreover, I have Tescom's ice cream molds, so I'll use them!
Galleon-6, Thank you.
Quote: Trishka
then I will definitely cook!
Great, I hope you enjoy it.
I will definitely bookmark it - there are many proteins left. and here it is so fast! thanks Olya!
Wonderful avochka! Hello Tulip!
Quote: Tumanchik
thanks Olya!
Thank you Ira. It's great that you liked the recipe.

Quote: Tumanchik
Hello Tulip!
: lol: Cool, otherwise I have basically all variations on behalf of: Olka, Yalo, Olga.
Olga VB
I also liked the ava: bright, memorable, immediately catches the eye on the page.
Olga VB, Ol, thank you very much. My teachers are the best
OOOO, I found my ice cream here. And how could I forget about him !!!!
The cream is not whipped into it. And since I make the cream myself from goat milk and butter, when whipping, they are always interrupted and then stratified when frozen.
Here. Made daughters chocolate. Whipped the whites with honey.
Protein ice cream
picks up with a spoon well, does not freeze with a stake.
Protein ice cream
It melts without flaking, with foam and it turns out very chocolate.

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