Snack cake "Napoleon"

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Napoleon snack cake


ready-made puff cakes 1 package (contains 6 cakes)
mayonnaise 400 gr.
carrot 2-3pcs
bulb onions 2 pcs.
Champignon mushrooms 300-350 gr.
chicken breast 300 gr.
chicken eggs 2-3 pcs
garlic 1-2 cloves
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Boil eggs and chicken breast (salt water). Then three eggs, and cut the breast into small cubes.
  • Cut the onion in half rings, three carrots, cut the mushrooms into slices.
  • Fry onions, carrots and mushrooms separately in a little oil.
  • Mix mayonnaise with grated garlic. You don't need to put a lot of garlic, it will be very spicy and it will overpower the taste of the pie.
  • Now we begin to collect our cake.
  • We take the cake, grease it with mayonnaise (a thin layer), lay out the first layer of the filling. Then we take the second cake and grease it with mayonnaise on both sides, put it on the filling of the first cake, etc. You can not lubricate the cakes on both sides, but grease the top of the cake and the top of the filling (with a thin layer). I did the second option
  • By layers:
  • 1.cake + mayonnaise
  • 2.chicken + mayonnaise
  • 3.cake + mayonnaise
  • 4.onion + mayonnaise
  • 5.cake + mayonnaise
  • 6.carrots + mayonnaise
  • 7.cake + mayonnaise
  • 8. eggs + mayonnaise
  • 9.cake + mayonnaise
  • 10.mushrooms + mayonnaise
  • 11.cake + mayonnaise
  • 12. decorate as desired. I have grated cheese.
  • Napoleon snack cake
  • We leave to soak for 5-6 hours.
  • Napoleon snack cake
  • Serve to the table, cut into portions.
  • Napoleon snack cake

Time for preparing:

30-40 minutes


A very tasty and satisfying snack. The main thing is not to overdo it with vegetable oil when frying, otherwise it will turn out very fatty.
After impregnation, the cakes become soft. If served after 2 hours, they will be crispy.
Choose which option is more to your liking and taste.

Looks great! And bookmark the idea! Thank you!! Happy New Year!!
Rada-dms, Thank you! I will be glad if you like it !!!
k @ wka
I did exactly the same on DR, only without garlic, and sprinkled it with cheese and walnuts on top. Very tasty, I also really like it. You can also replace chicken with canned fish, mashed with a fork. I did it with tuna, and at a party I ate it with saury. I want to try it with sprats for Christmas.
Great snack
I love it with sayrochka.
Fish is the more common cooking method. But I made mimosa with fish in pita bread, so I decided to make a pie with chicken. With chicken, it turns out to be more tender and not greasy.
I made a salad according to your recipe for my birthday, I went with a bang! :) It looks very appetizing, while very satisfying. Everyone pounced on this salad napoleon first of all and quickly ate enough, so the rest of the dishes were already picking :) Thanks for the recipe, I gave a link to it to a relative at her request!
nodame, I'm glad that you liked the recipe.
| Alexandra |
Girls, tell me PLEASE - puff yeast-free dough in an electric oven 38 liters which is the oven on which of the three levels? At what temperature? Do you need convection?
Sasha, I used ready-made cakes, so I can't tell you.
Aunt Besya
My family loves this filling:
1.cake fish (saury or pink salmon with s / s + a little mayonnaise)
2.cake yolk + mayonnaise
3.cake cheese cottage cheese + garlic + herbs + smoked salmon through a blender all in the form of a paste
4.crust grated cheese + garlic
5.cake protein + mayonnaise
I decorate with curd cheese from a cornet with pastry nozzles only without greens, otherwise it gets stuck in the nozzles - these are the sides and the side, and the middle in the subject of fillings with fried shrimps and caviar

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