Croissants are lazy

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Croissants are lazy


dry yeast 4.5 g (1.5 tsp)
wheat flour c. from 430 g
milk 270 g
salt 7 g (1.25 tsp)
granulated sugar 40 g (3 tbsp. L)
butter 60 g
vegetable oil (odorless) 20 g
butter 65 g

Cooking method

  • Mix yeast with flour (leave 50 g of flour), add warm milk, salt, sugar. Knead for 5-6 minutes, leave for autolysis for 15 minutes.
  • Add softened butter, vegetable oil, and remaining flour. Knead a soft, non-sticky dough. Fermentation for 90 minutes with one stirring in the middle of fermentation.
  • Melt the butter for the filling and cool to room temperature.
  • Dust the table with flour. Put out the dough, knead.
  • Divide the dough into eight equal portions. Form each into a ball and let it pre-proof for 15 minutes.
  • Roll each of the parts around as thin as possible, grease with butter (do not grease the latter).
  • Fold in a pile (the unlubricated layer should be on top) and roll it out around 5 mm thick. To make the layers move less during rolling, at the very beginning, apply well with a rolling pin all the layers in the center, and start rolling the stack from the center to the edges.
  • Grease with the remaining butter and cut into 8 triangle sectors (it is most convenient to do this with a pizza knife).
  • Collapse each triangle from base to top.
  • Place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, at a considerable distance from each other.
  • Proofing under the foil for 60 minutes (until the volume doubles).
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 230C (convection 210C) degrees for the first 10 minutes with steam, then lower the temperature to 200C (convection 180C) degrees and bring the rolls to readiness. The total baking time for me was 35 minutes.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Croissants are lazy
  • Rolls from the "forgiving waist" series. Large, fluffy, thin, with a bright creamy taste. You can crack it just like that, "without anything", just washed down with milk.

The dish is designed for

8 pcs

Time for preparing:

3 hours

Cooking program:


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Croissants are lazy

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Croissants are lazy

Manya, well you fulyuganka, after all !!! Well, how can you, eh?

Manechka, as always, aerobatics !!! Bravo!
Manya! There are no words As soon as we eat buckwheat bread, I will try to bake such beauty
I'm lying !!!!!
This is the performance !!!!!
And I'll do it with cream too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aha, lazy! One 12-point description of the cooking process - you need to attach handles to the delicious
Masha, THANKS - they look very appetizing!
Quote: Omela

I'm lying !!!!!
Omela, and I'm lying with you !!!!!

Chet, calm on the part of Manka, right now he'll put something else out
Manya, full of delight, like all your pastries!
Why "lazy" then ??
Quote: Maroussia
Why "lazy" then ??
Here I am of the same opinion. I am delighted! All baked goods are super!
Olesya, Natalia, Ksyusha, Rada-dms, Tatyanechka, Checkmark, Antonina, Marusenkathank you girls! It's so nice that you liked the buns.
Quote: nakapustina
I will try to bake such beauty
Natasha, I have no doubt that it turned out even better!
Quote: Rada-dms
And I will also do it with cream
Yeah, it is possible with cream, and with chocolate, and with cheese, and marmalade. I would not have imagined it better.
Quote: Admin
Aha, lazy! One 12-point cooking process description
Tanya, I can't make up my mind to the classic ones with rolling out / putting the dough into the refrigerator. There, yes, you need to attach the handles. And here, so, smeared - spun.
Quote: qdesnitsa
will post something else right now
I can do that. The ice cream is just ready.
Quote: Maroussia

Why "lazy" then ??
Now I will find a recipe for real ones, to compare the process, so to speak.
And here are the real croissants at Marisha-Twist by Bertina HERE
Perhaps I'll start with the lazy. I'll bake it right tomorrow!
Marishkin-Twist are good too!
Irina F
So I sit in Croatia and watch my aunt make croissants on TV - she kneaded the dough, divided it into balls and rolled each ball (though not quite thinly), greased it with butter and put it in a stack of eight cakes. Man, and so that the cakes would not roll off each other during further rolling, she pulled the upper, unlubricated, onto the lower ones (she said that, but I hope it's clear)).
True, my aunt made the dough without sugar, and she also took 42 g of fresh yeast per kg of flour, but the dough was never parted, she just left all the ingredients, kneaded, butchered, cooked croissants with chocolate and put the finished products on proofing.
I also took note of this method of making croissants, I decided to repeat it upon arrival home, and here Manechka has already made these !!!
Mashenka, super! 🔗 I will definitely try to do it! There is no time for traditional croissants, but here it is easier. Thank you!
Quote: + Gala +
Omela, and I'm lying with you !!!!!

I think that everyone who sees this beauty falls! Man, take off my hat - only the pros do this!
Until I dare to try even, the more you say, they are from the series "goodbye waist" ...
But I took a note ...
Manya, lying here and without me a lot, but I still fall. Beautyaa !!!
Blinnnn ... how can you lose weight here?!?
This is some kind of incomparable perfection! However, like all your pastries.
Mom Tanya
How I love croissants !!!!!! The recipe is super! Now you have to dare !!!)
I went to sculpt everything, and Manya write to you in the address where I can send new jeans, and also to my three children. Well, the husband will interrupt, let him earn.
Manyashechka, I bring you a huge thank you !!! : rose: Baked! I cannot say that they are so lazy, but I will bake many, many times! To say that the croissants are delicious is to say nothing! I didn't add the filling, I decided to try it in the original for a start. And it's just a bomb without filling! Bake for everyone !!!

Croissants are lazy

Croissants are lazy
Manka, you I recognize your pastries from afar! How lovely! The thinnest layers! Great performance!
Manka, Sonadora, you can't keep up with you.You are not a head, but a house of councils Interesting recipe I want this too I hope that I will do it somehow While everything is in bookmarks bins
While there is someone in Croatia looking at buns, here vacationers from Crimea have also joined and are also in the fall
Albina, I have already in the bookmarks of the drain ... I also collect, when will it be time to make it just I don't know.
Manechka, awesome!
Girls, thanks, dear ones! I would be glad if the recipe comes in handy and you like the buns.

Quote: Irina F

and so that the cakes do not roll off each other during further rolling, she pulled the top, unlubricated, onto the lower
Irish, thanks for the tip! Itself would not have documented before such a thing. I'll have to try it next time.

Quote: tumanofaaaa

I went to sculpt everything, and Manya write to you in the address where I can send new jeans, and also to my three children.
I feel that if it goes on like this, then we will have to open a sewing factory.
Quote: tumanofaaaa

Well, the husband will interrupt, let him earn.

Ir, you put a wedge behind him. I mean, jeans, not my husband. So he will have enough jeans for another couple of months. Well, the money saved (on the husband) will always come in handy on the farm.
Quote: Maroussia

Croissants are lazy
Croissants are lazy
From this yes! Now I think I will lie down.
Helen, there are simply no words! Awesome croissants !!! Thank you so much for trying and sharing such beauty!
Manka, I killed it! We need a smiley with a pistol at his temple!
Manechka, no words what a beauty! When you have time to bake everything ... do not ugonishsy after you
and I want croissants
the same
I could not resist and sprinkled the same cinnamon. It didn't hurt the croissants. Thank you for the recipe!Croissants are lazy
I'll wait until Saturday and bake it, and what if I succeed?
Quote: Sonadora

Ir, you put a wedge behind him.

Oh Manechka, how we eat croissants - I can't master it! And if I go away - I'll definitely insert it!
I will not be able to report everything. Not difficult and tasty! The dough is very pliable and tender, easy to work with. The filling is nuts and white chocolate.
Manechka, thank you for the recipe!
Croissants are lazyCroissants are lazy
Manka, Manyunechka, thanks for the recipe! It seems ripe and on Thursday I will do it. And then the question was ripe: we need a chocolate filling (the husband does not recognize baked goods without chocolate). What kind of chocolate should you use? Wrap a real slice? chocolate drops for baking? or smear nutella?
I never baked croissants, but I really want to advise how best
lettohka ttt
Save the barrels for the recipe, I bring my plus sign, I will definitely try to pile :-) to the author
Zhezhe, Svetik, well, you give! Simply fantastic rolls! I stuck the entire monitor, trying to pull off at least a piece. Girls, thanks for trying. It's so nice that you liked it!

Quote: Catwoman
I'll wait until Saturday and bake it, and what if I succeed?
Linen, even how it will turn out, I have no doubt!
Quote: prona
a chocolate filling is needed (the husband does not recognize baked goods without chocolate).
Here is our man! There is never too much chocolate!
Quote: prona
which chocolate to use? Wrap a real slice? chocolate drops for baking? or smear nutella?
Natasha, I would take the real one.
Quote: lettohka ttt
I will definitely try to pile
I will look forward to it!
Mom Tanya
Sonadora, take mine too!
Croissants are lazy
Yummy!!!! I think there will be a repeat tomorrow ...
Toka was going to ask threateningly: where did the buns go !? (the photo did not open), and they are right there in all their glory!
Mom Tanya, what awesome rolls! So curvy and striped!
Manechka, these are not rolls, this is sheer pleasure !!!!! Thank you! No ... THANKS !!!!!

It means fast, low-cost and very tasty ...
The dough was kneaded in hp. Dough program 1:30. Divided into 2 parts. Each for 6. Further according to the recipe. There were 16 rolls. Huge. Beautiful. Ruddy. Soft. As my Mummy says, you can eat with your lips.
Do it for everyone !!!!
Mom Tanya
Quote: ychilka
Soft. As my Mummy says, you can eat with your lips.
And my top was crispy! Inside - soft, soft!
Quote: Mom Tanya

And my top was crispy! Inside - soft, soft!
And mine. Delicate crispy crust and melting crumb inside. Delicious!
Well, here are my sweets!
Thank you very much!
Croissants are lazy
lettohka ttt
How delicious!
ychilka, Julia, to your health! I am very glad that you and your mummy liked the buns.

prona, Natasha, what sunny croissants! Did you do it with chocolate?
Part with chocolate and part with apricot jam. Mom, purring like a cat, ate on
night first a slice, and then the whole croissant!
Well, my husband checked it out with chocolate.
Yes, with apricot and chocolate it turned out, probably, very tasty.
I also made croissants for my troglodytes in the middle of the night, with mozzarella. In the morning there was nothing to take a picture.
With mozzarella
Yeah. I just had an inexpensive one, Lactoma. It turned out three small balls per bun.
Manya, thanks for the recipe!
Here's what I got baked Croissants are lazy
I thought tomorrow to start baking these lovely croissants, but my son calls for barbecue and bought meat
Elenahow delicious! So they ask for a mouthful. Now they would be with milk ...
Albinochka, do not even think, go with your son to a barbecue. The rolls will wait.

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