Soba with vegetables

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Soba with vegetables


buckwheat soba noodles 150 g
eggplant small 1 PC.
small zucchini 1 PC.
Bell pepper 1 PC.
a tomato 1 PC.
onion (white) 1/2 pcs.
garlic 1-2 cloves
ground ginger 1/2 tsp
soy sauce 2 tbsp. l.
teriyaki sauce 2 tbsp. l.
starch 1 tbsp. l.
Brown sugar 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Boil soba in boiling water, according to the instructions on the package, for 5-8 minutes. Throw in a colander and rinse in cold water. Chop the zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers and tomatoes (remove the seeds) into equal long strips, 1-1.5 cm thick. Chop the garlic and onion.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan, add vegetables and garlic. Fry vegetables for 3-4 minutes, shaking the pan constantly. Keep vegetables crisp.
  • In a small bowl, combine soy sauce, starch and sugar. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Put the soba in the pan, add the ginger and add the soy sauce with sugar and teriyaki sauce. Stir and cook for another 2-3 minutes to thicken the sauce and coat the noodles and vegetables evenly. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Sprinkle with lightly toasted sesame seeds if desired.
  • The vegetables can be changed to your liking. You can add shrimp.
  • I took this recipe as a basis. 🔗

The dish is designed for

2 servings

Time for preparing:

20-30 minutes

Cooking program:


Sanya, this combination of vegetables and spices is very spicy and piquant!
And I have not tried buckwheat noodles yet ...
Elena Tim
Oh, Sanya! How are you on time! I haven't cooked soba in ages. At one time she was fond of Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. And then it completely flew out of my head. Overeat or something ... I really respect soba. But, basically, instead of eggplant, I added seafood. But the essence does not change from this. Whatever you add, it's still great! In my opinion, this is one of the most delicious dishes. Now I want to try to make buckwheat noodles myself. Let's see what happens. Thank you for a delicious and beautiful recipe, Sashul! You did it very colorfully!
ABOUT! Thank you! Buckwheat noodles are just waiting for me! I didn't want to cook it just like that for a side dish.
MariS Marina, soba is a delicious thing, I think you'll appreciate

Elena Tim I'm waiting for the recipe for homemade buckwheat noodles and I will definitely cook with seafood, but I just think which one would go better with them - udon or soba

Ilona I hope you will like it
Elena Tim
Quote: SanechkaA

Elena Tim I'm waiting for the recipe for homemade buckwheat noodles and I will definitely cook with seafood, but I just think which one would go better with them - udon or soba
San, Duc, it's a matter of taste. On the other hand, who will surprise you with udon now - ordinary wheat noodles. I personally dry in my own way! And I, as an evil, now have everything for her. But I got so tired today, I didn't get out of the kitchen - I have another quirk, I need everything at once! So not today, but one of these days I will definitely try to make homemade soba. I am sure it can hardly be compared with the purchased one! And, of course, I whistle what happened.
completely intrigued I will wait for the result, now on weekdays I rarely cook something like that, I have no time, but on weekends I can go all the more in the afternoon the light for the photo is good
Quote: Elena Tim
So not today, but one of these days I will definitely try to make homemade soba. I'm sure it can hardly be compared with the purchased one! And, of course, I whistle what happened.
Elena Tim, Elena, whistle! I'd like to try the recipe from trusted hands.
Elena Tim
My mother! What did I promise, back in the trinational year? Tryndets!
Just yesterday I told my husband that I should make buckwheat noodles. And about his promise here, sales did not hit anywhere.

Svetik, I will try, honestly!
Until Tuesday it will not work 100%, but then I will try hard. But you, if anything, fuck me again, or else shklerosis will overwhelm me again.
Quote: Elena Tim
But you, if anything, fuck me again, or else shklerosis will overwhelm me again.
Elena Tim, certainly! I have tried several recipes, with and without semolina, but I just can't find a recipe to my liking. Therefore, I am waiting for your creation as an expert
Elena Tim, and I settled down to wait!
Elena Tim
Yes, my buckwheat flour was gone - the bugs started up!
I am ashamed, so I sit on the sly, hoping that they will not remember me here until I buy a new one - but they do remember!
I even wanted to sift flour and still make dough, but my whole being resisted this nasty thing. Do not blame me.
I have already put all kinds of fresh flour into the basket, but we still have everything else, and there is no need to place an order right now. Next week, God willing, I'll get it, and the first thing I'll do is experiment with noodles. Damn, I'm already afraid to make plans ...
Quote: Elena Tim
Next week, God willing, I'll get it and experiment with noodles first.
I crossed my fingers))).
Quote: Elena Tim
My mother! What did I promise, back in the trinational year? Tryndets!

Yes!! It turns out not only I have been waiting for three years for some kind of mess with eyes, mashhurda or something, no, mashki .. tweet, well, something like that
Elena Tim
Aaaaaaaaa! Most of all I was afraid that you would see this topic - I was sure that you would not keep silent.
And about three years - slander! There were only two!

Right now Sanechka will drive us away.)))
Elena Tim, ha !! So I'm still waiting for something, for example, cutting on micro-lane graters there really not years have passed
Elena Tim
And then I only did half of it, took a picture, I ran out of products ... I forgot. Pancake
I will try to finish it as soon as possible.
Elena Tim, do not rush, I don't seem to need graters yet, that's me, for order.
Elena Tim
Girls, don't fight the current ... I have such a bummer here, you have no idea.
Here's the deal ... During the time that has passed since my "I will definitely make buckwheat noodles", we have a good, correct recipe at HP, in which buckwheat flour goes into the dough in an amount of 30%, the rest is wheat. And it cooks on eggs alone - everything I love. Here's the recipe:
Soba with vegetablesBuckwheat noodles with mushroom sauce

But the fact is that now I can no longer cook such noodles - my husband can no longer use wheat flour (well, maybe just a little), and I do not want it either. So I, in anticipation of fresh flour from an online store, hoped to make a dough that would not be scary to eat not only for diabetics, but also for people leading a healthy lifestyle or wanting to lose weight. It shouldn't even have eggs in it. Can you imagine how great it would be ?!
Yesterday morning, having received the long-awaited flour, I began to "create" ... Mamadaragaya, I must have gone crazy, since I decided to take not 30% of buckwheat flour, but all 75! Six hours, girls, SIX! I fought this fucking diet test, trying to develop at least some gluten in it. I dreamed of shooting this dough with a pistol, and then throwing it out the window - the mosquito net did not give, you bastard.
Finally, pulling all the bullets out of it After all, she achieved some plasticity and even managed to roll it out and cut some pretty decent noodles - a whole baking sheet:
Soba with vegetables
All umotam fhlam, but rubbing his hands, I think, well, sir, it remains only to cook this padluck. I think I'll cook for just a minute, the Schaub surely hasn't spread out. Aha, schaz! She didn't even have time to boil, but already began to fall apart.
This is what I received as a result of my torment:
Soba with vegetables
I was so upset that I can't even convey - I spent so much time and effort to get such horror.
Of course, I could not add this porridge to those products that I had prepared for "noodles with seafood", I came across such an excellent seafood cocktail, how could I spoil it with such noodles? Yes, not in life! Well, I had whole grain noodles in my stash, and I cooked them - I should have already cooked at least something for dinner.
Soba with vegetables

Summarizing all of the above, girls, if you do not have, thu-thu-thu, health problems, when you need a low-carb diet, then I advise you to turn to Irina's recipe. Well, I'm not going to give up and will continue to experiment (sobsno, I have nowhere to go). And if suddenly I manage to make tasty and really healthy noodles or any other dough, I will definitely call you all. In the meantime, don't blame me. God knows I tried.
Elena Tim, Thanks for the detailed answer. Yesterday I tried the given recipe, took durum from Puds and buckwheat. It did not boil into porridge, but in places the durum felt strongly, somehow it did not completely soften. It is necessary to try the usual wheat some percentage, apparently, add. Although ... then the noodles try to float. Now, in general, I am categorically unhappy with the quality of flour, although I have already tried a lot of manufacturers. It is on the noodle dough that my test drive does not pass (((
Elena Tim
Elvira, read the experience of our girls, under the spoiler. Maybe this will somehow contribute to a better result when working with such coarse-grained flour.

Nov 21, 2015 13:16 (UTC)
I also bake from spelled, Musya, only mixed with baking wheat. With a pure spelled I do not dare to bake yeast and sourdough bread, only muffins, bread with soda.

When the flour is coarsely ground, like semolina, it must be soaked. Mix with prescription water or whey and refrigerate for 24 hours. Then take it out, warm it up and already from the swollen dough with gluten, you can do something, add salt and yeast, ferment, knead, etc.

When working with coarse flour, kneading with knives in a combine also helps. It chops up the particles, as if grinding them into a more uniform, smoother and more elastic mass when kneading.

In the old days, from such coarsely ground flour - meal - bread was baked from very soft dough in molds. They soaked for a long time due to the fact that 6-8 hours were spent on dough and then another 6 hours for dough fermentation. Therefore, there is so little yeast in GOSTs, 2 g of pressed, less than a gram of dry per kg of flour.

Elena Tim, thanks for not being too lazy to find me, useful, I will take into account.
Elena Tim
Yes, I’m not, hospitable. Get it off!
Elena Tim, thank you very much for your efforts! I hope you didn't remember us in the throes of the creation of this noodle with a bad word? : wow: I'll try to cook according to the recipe above, forgive Lenok if cho is wrong
Elena Tim
Oh, what are you, Svetik! It was a rewarding experience for me.
I am absolutely sure that if the dough was on the eggs alone, or at least with their addition to the water for kneading the dough, the noodles would not be boiled. Now I have a new fix idea - to add flaxseed flour to the dough, it should work in the dough as a glue. At least with the addition of this flour, dumplings and dumplings had a rather elastic dough after cooking. ... Takshta, I will continue to work on the noodles.

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