Tarrington House BM 2700. "Lucky" bread

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Tarrington House BM 2700. Lucky Bread


Room temperature water 340 ml
Flour hw. rough 165 g
Flour psh. in / s 325 g
Dry yeast 1.7 tsp
White sugar 1.7 tbsp. l.
Fine salt 1.7 tsp
Rast. oil 1.7 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • We put the INGREDIENTS into the bucket in the sequence indicated in the instructions for the HP.
  • Mode 2 (French bread) for 800 gr. The crust is dark. That's all.

The dish is designed for

Outlet 720 gr

Time for preparing:

3 hours 50 mins

Cooking program:

French bread


Recently bought HP TH BM 2700. White bread according to the recipe instructions turned out well, but not AH ...
They began to try wheat-rye. After long digging in the forums, they figured out the above recipe and baked it.
It turned out to be a miracle in taste and appearance. We have never eaten that in our lives.
The mode was chosen French without dancing with a tambourine. And everything worked out great the first time.
There is an incentive to play with the recipe.

Or you can send a book - instructions for Tarrington House BM 2700 in Russian.
Hello! Could you please send me the operating instructions for BM2700 too? Email Thank you in advance !!!
Good day! Please send the instruction to Tarrington House BM 2700)) here is my mail zhdanov @ sa - rnd. ru otherwise he gave his mother-in-law this oven and there is no instruction ... (((((

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