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In late December - early January, the new model will enter the market: Multicooker Brand 701.
The model has collected all the achievements and long-term developments of the Brand company, and also NEW UNIQUE PROGRAMS have been added

It will look like this
Multicooker Brand 701

Description of Multicooker Brand 701:
The volume of the bowl is 3 liters.
Control - Digital
Heating element coating - Non-stick Ceramic
Bowl Coating - Ceramic Non-Stick Grooved Bowl Coating

Functionality of the Brand 701 Multicooker:
  • SEVENTEEN cooking modes;
  • Five-step programmable MANUAL mode with the ability to set the cooking time and temperature at each stage.
  • DELAY start of cooking program up to 24 hours.

  • WARM food function for up to 24 hours... Possibility of turning off the HEATING function at your request at ANY time of preparation.
  • Cold food HEATING function

Cooking modes:
  • Krupa (Express, Standard, Pilaf)
  • Frying (Vegetables, Fish, Meat)
  • Dough
  • Yogurt (Yogurt, Sour cream, Cottage cheese)
  • Steam
  • Bakery products
  • Soup
  • Porridge
  • Quenching.
  • Manual 5-step mode
  • Warm-up function
  • measuring cup
  • scapula
  • soup spoon
  • top steamer
  • bottom steamer
  • colorful recipe book
Size of multicooker Brand 701:
height with open lid-45.5

Bowl size:

Weight with box 3.9kg
Weight without box 2.9 kg

In the Multicooker Brand 701 can: Boil, Stew, Fry, Bake, Steam, and with the help of a special program you can easily prepare natural: HOMEMADE YOGHURT, SOUR CREAM, CHEESE
Multicooker Brand 701 PERFECTLY suitable for preparing CHILDREN'S and DIET FOOD: children's curds, yogurt, sour cream, on several tiers, you can simultaneously cook different dishes on the Steam.
At the same time, the process of cooking in a multicooker practically does not require your attention and presence.
Using the "defer" function You can prepare food for a specific time. It is very convenient, in the morning you will be woken up by the smell of ready-made milk porridge, and in the evening you will be greeted by the smell of ready-made dinner.
Multicooker Brand 701 will be AN INDISPENSABLE LITTLE HOSTESS in your kitchen

With the Brand 701 Multicooker, the hostess has a rest, and her Creative Culinary fantasies EASILY become REALITY

Multicooker Brand 701Multicooker Brand 701

Continuing the description: the temperature table and the time setting table in the 701 multicooker:

Multicooker Brand 701 Multicooker Brand 701

I hope this data will help you with your choice.

Instruction - 🔗
The ice has broken !!!
What wonderful functions of the Groats, Fry and Yogurt modes!
And there is Manual !!! And the function to turn off the Heating! I like it so much!
It's great that the control panel is on top as in the 37501, it is very convenient to use this arrangement.


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Quote: Song *

And will there be an extra non-stick saucepan for it?
The second non-stick bowl will not be included in the set, it can only be purchased separately.

Now many have begun to clarify, about an additional bowl, is it included?
In the multicooker 701 goes only one bowl included, the second, if you need, you can purchase after the bowls arrive at the warehouse. We will definitely inform about the arrival.
Quote: RepeShock

I understood correctly that this additional bowl will not with a ceramic coating?
I did not write or approve it.
bowls will be in mid-January and the same
Quote: Aygul

Irina, I'm interested in temperature conditions. They are different? How does the Curd mode work - is the temperature increased to separate the whey? How many degrees?
Yogurt has a max temp of 39 gr.
Sour cream up to 36g
Cottage cheese:
1 stage up to 40gr,
Stage 2 of the program, the temperature rises to 60g,
Stage 3 of the program, the temperature rises to 70g
The error from the set temperature is 3-5 degrees.
Inside the bowl, the temperature is optimal for most bacteria to survive.
Everything was carefully measured and reworked according to our requirements.

By the way, I would like to note that we have specially developed the Curd mode for little children.
Therefore, it is not heavily grained curd, but soft curd. From which you can even make HOME CHEESE.
After the development of this program, we received positive feedback on the subjects))) (not a single living creature was harmed)
Sorry. Hope you would listen to consumers.
Nobody asked about these same cups. it is clear that they will be.


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Quote: Aygul

Irina, what about the Manual mode? Temperature from and to, and intervals?
You can set the cooking temperature at each stage from 25 to 150 degrees in 5 degree increments.
Possibility of setting the cooking time from 0 to 9 hours 59 minutes.

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And what about "new, unique" programs, are they sour cream and cottage cheese?

Quote: IrinaZ

Unique modes are those that are NEW AND NO analog, or work on a new principle.
Let's turn to TERMINOLOGY again:
Unique - rare, rare, exceptional, extraordinary, unformatted, outstanding, rarest, extraordinary, extraordinary, phenomenal; inimitable, inimitable, unrivaled, one of a kind, one-of-a-kind, infrequent. Ant. frequent, common, commonplace, commonplace, common
Quote: RepeShock

Sorry. Hope you would listen to consumers.

We always listen to customers.
Coating Ceramic Non-stick, but not the same as in 6051. The cells are smaller. but not very pronounced.
Quote: Aygul

Are there any sensory programs?

And what do you mean by this ??
Here I have a 3-liter binatoshka. There is no time setting at all.And the programs - rice and porridge work as sensory - that is, until the liquid has completely evaporated. But they work very well - I make rice and buckwheat only in it. And the cup in it is very good - but I damaged it during the trip, and I can't buy another one anywhere.
It would be nice, of course, if the brandik had such bowls.
Quote: Aygul

no, we did not understand each other

Then let's once again on your question:
For example, the Pilaf mode works like this: boiling, cooking, evaporating excess liquid, frying.
The time is not set by the user, but is determined by the multicooker itself.
I want to explain:
For cooking the correct pilaf, and not porridge, such an approach as you wrote in the program is not possible: 1) it will be porridge, 2) everything was designed for full and half volume and works like a clock.
Now, in order:
- For pilaf, first you need to make sure to fry, maybe I will repeat it again, then such frying will not work out and pilaf will not have the proper color and taste.
- As well-known chefs said, for pilaf, you must even fry 0.5 carrots so that they give color. and then they just throw it away. Then everything is as it should be: meat, onions, carrots and only at the end rice and water.
It is impossible to achieve such that after the swollen rice and the resulting gluten, the carrots and meat are optimally roasted and not burned.

About TOUCH: at every stage of cooking is strictly set temperaturea, when detecting sensors that the temperature has dropped, the time never lengthens (since this is a bad indicator), but the temperature of the heating element rises until the desired temperature is reached and which must hold for a given time.
This is all called Sensory. Maybe I'm not saying something, but we, too, cannot tell everything in detail, because other manufacturers can also use our developments for their own purposes.

Irina really doesn't understand you.

Because there are only two types of programs in multicooker: automatic and variable.
Automatic - where the user cannot interfere. Most often these are cereal programs before evaporation of the liquid (and browning after). There are many automatic programs in the new Cuckoos. And in Borki. Neither time nor temperature can be changed. Automation decides everything according to the algorithm specified by the manufacturer. It doesn't matter if you cook rice, stew meat or fish, if you can't interfere - this program is automatic.

Variable (configurable, manual) - you can change the time and / or temperature. No matter how the program is called.

In Panasonic, Brand 37501 cereal programs are automatic (algorithm - before evaporation).
In the Brand, 502 are mutable.

The execution of both automatic and variable (customizable) programs is monitored by sensors (synonym - sensors). That is, ALL programs in the multicooker
sensory (sensor).

Therefore, Irina does not understand you. She perceives your question as: "Are there really sensors in the new multicooker that monitor the execution of programs?"
Yes, there are sensors (sensors) that monitor ALL programs.

But it seems to me that in the new multicooker there are no automatic programs for cereals, because Irina wrote about the possibility of changes in all programs.

P.S. And also baskets and inserts for steam cooking are also called baskets and inserts for steam cooking.
Not streamers and not (sorry) streamers.
Quote: Tagira

In Panasonic, Brand 37501 cereal programs are automatic (algorithm - before evaporation).
In the Brand, 502 are mutable.

You are wrong, in Panasonic and Brand 37501 - there are SENSOR programs.
The Brand has 502 - AUTOMATIC.

Quote: IrinaZ

No need to argue this, read the am.
Quote: IrinaZ

with a special program you can easily prepare natural: HOMEMADE YOGHURT, SOUR CREAM, CHEESE

This is just super news !!! Brand, as always, knows how to surprise. I have just started to master the Lactin ferments and I really need such programs as "curd" and "sour cream". And then MV 37501 a little sour cream"snotty" because of not quite the right temperature.
I take definitely
Let me return to the topic of automatic and sensor programs. This was discussed in detail either last winter or spring, I don't remember exactly. But the representative Brand explained to us quite clearly that since the term "sensory program" does not exist, it is just a colloquial folk term that appeared thanks to Panasonic.
And at Brand there are automatic and manual programs. Only automatic ones are of two types:
1) before evaporation of the liquid (Rice and Buckwheat in 37501)
2) simply with a fixed operating time, which cannot be changed and which is calculated based on the average standard cooking time of cereals (in MB 502)

When the 502nd model appeared, many, including myself, mistook the automatic modes in the 502nd model for touch modes, since the 37501 had touch modes. But very broke off upset, realizing in practice that nothing is evaporated there. It was after this that there was a debriefing with Brand representatives about automation and sensors.

Perhaps I wrote it confusingly, but how much can you say about the same thing? And Browning at the end of the program Plov has nothing to do with sensation. Normal automatic modes will work according to the algorithms that are programmed in them, but the time may or may not be changed by the user, and evaporation is a completely different story!

But this Multicooker 701 itself is very interesting, decent and, I'm sure, cool!
It's great that not a full-size, but full-featured MB will appear from a manufacturer we trust!
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Oh well and debate, but I liked the Brand 701 multicooker.
Beautiful (black, although only from above - my weakness), the functionality is declared wide (if only I could see the instructions out of the corner of my eye).
I showed the picture to my husband, he saw the SUP mode immediately and said: "I want it!"
And if the KRUPA mode works as in 37501, (but judging by the division into Express, Standard and Pilaf, it will be as in 502), then I will make my husband happy.
I was glad too
I kept thinking what kind of multicooker to buy for my parents, they are big for 5 liters (I gave my own for a test). And now there is nothing to think about, if they liked my 502, then this one is generally ideal!
Quote: Ksyushk @ -Plushk @

Oh well and debate, but I liked the Brand 701 multicooker.
Beautiful (black, although only from above - my weakness), the functionality is declared wide (if only I could see the instructions out of the corner of my eye).
I showed the picture to my husband, he saw the SUP mode right away and said: "I want it!"
Yeah, Ksyusha, it was hot here yesterday. I didn't show my husband a picture, we just don't need black. I told him the whole evening what functions it has and that I can’t do without them!
I understand that if it is in a different color, it will be sooooo soon ...
And the lid is removable, I wonder?
Quote: Vichka

Judging by the body, apparently not removable.
Quote: Ksyushk @ -Plushk @

The inner plate is probably still removable.
Yes, of course, I wrote about the plate.
Quote: IrinaZ

Yes, the 701 also has a removable plate that is easy to reach and wash
Good afternoon, dear members of the forum.
I thank YOU ALL, for your criticism, for your support and a low bow to ALL and to those who wrote to me in PM.
ESPECIALLY THANKS Tagira for the competent explanation and many others.

It's great that we are finally trying to figure out what each manufacturer has written and how it works.
Our "Research and Development" department (which in addition is entrusted with leading a VERY difficult, but interesting section of the FORUM) will once again try to walk with you through the cornerstones that interest you.
So let's turn to the terminology and algorithm of work again and you will hopefully see where the dog is buried.

What is touch: Comes from the word Sensor (Sensor) in English temperature sensor "sensor", you can see the description of the term: 🔗.
This is where the name Sensory program came from, but we decided to use more literate terminology Automatic.
There are NO STRICT standards for this terminology and therefore each manufacturer has its own NAME, but it's about the same thing every SMART multicooker has SEVERAL temperature sensors, and our pressure cooker also has several PRESSURE SENSORS .
In the simplest multicooker, one thermal sensor is most often used or it may not exist at all, it all depends on the cost of the model and much more.

I hope we figured it out)))

Now let's move on to the program itself (now I'm talking only about our technique):
There are programs:
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC AND RUNNING TO FULL EVAPORATION: these programs are used ON ALL LARGE PROGRAMS, only different temperatures are used for different LARGE PROGRAMS. This program also works for pilaf,
  • The rest of the programs are also AUTOMATIC, the only difference is that YOU can select the desired cooking TIME, but the sensor is programmed not for STEAMING, but for the set temperature: which can be different at different stages and depending on the lengthening of the cooking time, these stages are automatically divided by the multicooker time. I will repeat this mode ALSO AUTOMATIC. But it can be strictly tied to one temperature - for example, steam
  • There are fully programmed modes - they are called MANUAL (someone has a MultiPovar, etc.) Once again, there is no specified definition of each program, it depends on the Manufacturer

Now I will explain why programs are sometimes called differently: sometimes for word capacity into the used LCD of the multicooker or just decided to rename... Let me explain - Previously, in some models we had Milk Porridge, now in 701 it is simply Porridge (there is nowhere else to write) it will be inconvenient for you to read everything with a magnifying glass))). Also called STEAM BOILING or STEAM.
Not everyone has 100% vision.

Now let's go back to that question: about sensory programs.
He said very competently and he really is perceived by us in this way, as he said:
Quote: Tagira

Therefore, Irina does not understand you. She perceives your question as: "Are there really sensors in the new multicooker that monitor the execution of programs?"
Yes, there are sensors (sensors) that monitor ALL programs.

This is the correct answer.

As for 37500, 37502, 502, 37501, 701 - ALL "CROPS" PROGRAMS WORK ONLY FOR EVAPORATION, EXCEPT porridge. For a long time we could not understand the program porridge or milk porridge why we need it, they do not eat milk porridge, and we had very difficult to achieve the correct algorithm for this program.
To write ANY PROGRAM, we first need to understand what we want, like an ordinary chef, then we just develop each program.
Therefore, I do not teach you how to cook, but I write what the algorithm of work was set and I explain exactly what the error of cooking on this or that program is. Or, on the contrary, I receive data from you that you would like to receive, which helps us a lot, because we make the equipment for you.
If the error is not clear to me, I contact the client REFULLY asking everything.
Yes, sometimes the program crashes, but such RARE cases, and then the technicians understand this, but at the same time they come to us to clarify the program.

Quote: Vichka

So there are two types of programs:
Automatic (they are for evaporation and for a while) and programmed (manual mode)?
And are they all sensory? are considered or only automatic? Completely confused

Everything is correct.
So there are sensors - these are all touch-sensitive multicooker, pressure cooker.

Then there is only gradation in programs, which are divided into several types and the method of their correction.

There are Modes:
MANUAL - completely customizable by you, which do not depend on us as a manufacturer, but there is a binding of each temperature to the sensor.
Automatic for Evaporation - for cereals.
Automatic with adjustment of cooking time.
Automatic with correction of the cooking temperature or with the choice of the sub-mode (MEAT, FISH, VEGETABLES). Each sub-mode has its own temperature, but you can also change the cooking time. Considered an Automaton.

It's just that each manufacturer calls it differently.
Competitors do not get together and do not write naming conventions))
Irina, thank you for clarifying the terminology. Everyone on the forum calls touch modes, which you call "automatic before evaporation".
There were no such programs in the 502nd model. They were only in 37501, but in 701 they will definitely be?
Until I read the topic, I didn't seem to want to. I thought I would be waiting for a little SV. But I thought about buying a yogurt maker. I wonder if she can replace the yogurt maker?
Quote: Vichka

In all previous Branda multicooker and pressure cookers, yoghurt is excellent. If this continues, then it is quite possible to do without a yogurt maker, but if in cases where you have enough time for other dishes.
Vichka, thanks for the answer. Perhaps I'll wait for the baby. And then there is simply nowhere to put the devices. And then two in one. And how cute! Now only the question price is of interest.
Quote: Vei

Irina, thank you for clarifying the terminology. Everyone on the forum calls touch modes, which you call "automatic before evaporation".
There were no such programs in the 502nd model. They were only in 37501, but in 701 they will definitely be?

I explain again:
A sensor is a sensor.
You can set up different programs for sensors.
Please read my explanations again:

If you are interested in the evaporation mode, then this refers to the croup, and this mode is also available in 37500, 37500new, 37502, 502, 37501, 701 and in 6051.
Wherever groats are indicated, this principle works.
What makes you think that this is not in 502 ???

I HAVE ALREADY SCHEDULED ENOUGH for YOU, I have nothing more to add.
No need to add anything else. They have already explained to us:
Quote: Denis BR

Good day! In model 502 the program "Groats" with its sub-modes is automatic. For proper preparation, the prescribed proportions of multi-cups and water must be observed. Pre-boil-off sensor programs are available on the 37501.
Now I will look for a continuation of this explanation. Although there is no point in looking for them, since it was experimentally found out that in the 502nd Krupa does not work before evaporation. We took rice and water one and a half to two times more. Exactly after a fixed time (according to the instructions), the program completed its work, the rice was floating in the water. If it had worked before evaporation, then it would have become porridge stuck to the bottom, but there would be no water left.
You just tell me, in the 701 model, the Krupa modes work on the principle of the 502 model or the 37501?
Don't bring us back to the idea that they work the same, please.
This topic is already pretty fed up, but the question is very fundamental for operation, since you need to understand what exactly can be prepared in this MV.
I have a 37501 and there was a 502 that did not suit me. With this little one, I want more clarity, since on cereal modes, which really work before the liquid evaporates, we cook many different dishes not only from cereals, but also from meat, fish and just vegetables.
Thank you for understanding.

We seem to have figured out the terminology, but I would like to clarify:
Irina wrote that 37500, 37502, 502, 37501, 701 - ALL "CROPS" PROGRAMS WORK ONLY FOR EVAPORATION, EXCEPT porridge.
And girls - users write that such an algorithm is only in 37501.
And how will it be in 701?
Quote: Vei

You just tell me, in the 701 model, the Krupa modes work on the principle of the 502 model or the 37501?

In 701, the Groats mode (Express, Standard, Pilaf) works before evaporation, but this does not mean that you do not need to observe the proportions prescribed by us, because if you pour it STRONGLY, the automation sometimes works ahead of time. mk these modes are intended for the prescribed proportion: 1 to 2.
Of course, you can change the very principle of operation, but then you get something that may be unexpected, and then we sort out what happened))
THERE IS a proposal for you lovely girls and wizards men, let's create an additional topic, in the Brand multicooker forum, what you wanted to cook and in order to receive, I only ask you to describe approximately how you do this and the approximate temperature and desired time, but you can do without time.
Let's work more closely and this will help us and you.
It is very difficult to re-patch the entire forum, but it would be convenient, plus at some point I will ask questions.
Also write what and what equipment you are missing in the kitchen, we will try very hard.
Quote: lana5039

1) Than SOUP differs from Extinguishing?
2) Function Postponement will it work as in 37501 (the time for which you need to prepare is set immediately) or will you have to practice arithmetic-counting hours? And the clock on the display is autonomous?
3) Will it be produced in other colors?
4) Dimensions?
1. Soup - re-boiling the contents every 15-20 minutes.
2. Postponement - must be calculated.
3. In other colors until it will be, perhaps in a month or more, you yourself understand a lot depends on sales.
4. Dimensions will be a little later, be sure to ADDITION to the main page

Quote: Rituslya

IrinaZ, please tell me, will there be a built-in clock?
No built-in clock

Quote: Aygul

and in Steam mode, will the time count down immediately or after boiling water?
Countdown after boiling water

Quote: RepeShock

Is there a non-volatile memory?
NO, this function is not provided.
Outwardly, it is pretty, I like the top control, I like the volume, but I’ve lost the habit of multicooker. It will be possible to understand the programs only when someone starts using it. I will follow the topic.
Quote: IrinaZ

Yogurt has a max temp of 39 gr.
Sour cream up to 36g
Cottage cheese:
1 stage up to 40gr,
Stage 2 of the program, the temperature rises to 60g,
Stage 3 of the program, the temperature rises to 70g
The error from the set temperature is 3-5 degrees.
Inside the bowl, the temperature is optimal for most bacteria to survive.
Everything was carefully measured and reworked according to our requirements.

I'm confused by "The error from the set temperature is 3-5 degrees." +5 degrees is still critical for bacteria.

Quote: Vei

Zhen, absolutely all manufacturers have this error, some have even more backlash. But not everyone writes about it honestly.
Liz, but +5 from 39 declared on yoghurt, that's 44 grams! And this is already a clear overheating!

Well, in any case, until we try, we will not know for sure.
Quote: Vei

Zhenya, I'm talking about something else. All manufacturers have the temperature on Yoghurt in the region of 40C, often exactly 40C is declared. But almost no one indicates those notorious + -5C that all MVs have, it is technically impossible to remove these plus or minus. So everyone cooks with the holy confidence that they have 40C, and everyone is happy.
And here they told the truth, and immediately panic arises!
Liz, I get what you mean. No panic, I just thought maybe IrinaZ will explain what was meant. For example, the temperature of the sensor can fluctuate within these limits, while maintaining the temperature of the liquid in the bowl at a given level. In general, I would like an explanation.
Quote: Lud-Mil @

Mannochka, and a 3-liter from 4? I have two four liters, so I'm thinking - I need three liters, or will it be the same? But the model is too tempting, and I want the baby.
Vichka already answered the question Yes, there is a difference between 3 and 4, but less noticeable than between 2 and 3 Just ... the smaller the volume, the more significant the difference in 1 liter.
I will try to answer the question of temperature measurement accuracy. Let's say it varies from 40 to 150 degrees, that is, the swing will be 110 ° C. Firstly, in order for the processor to process the information, it must be converted into a binary code: 110 is 1101110 - it turned out seven characters, which means that you need to install at least a 7-bit (more likely there is a standard 8-bit) analog-to-digital converter on the temperature sensor. Secondly, no factory will ever be able to produce two absolutely identical sensors, the difference in their parameters is called a tolerance, and the smaller this tolerance, the more expensive the sensor. Prices for different sensor models can vary up to 100 times! Most likely, it makes no sense to put the coolest sensors in the multicooker, as for the space industry.Thirdly, I am sure that because of the selected reference voltage level, not the entire 8-bit scale is used, but only part of it (without capturing the beginning and end of the scale), so that the spread of the parameters of the sensors does not affect the measurements. Let's say only 6 digits change (the most significant digit is responsible for the + or - sign), what then? The maximum number that can be written down is 111111 = 63, not 110. This means that the temperature step will be not 1, but 1.746 degrees. There will be temperatures of 40 °, 41.746 °, 43.492 ° and so on.Taking into account the noise (this can also be!), We can lose accuracy in the last two bits of the ADC, and then the spread will reach 3.492 ° С.

PS To get rid of interference, put not a capacitor on the input, but 2 resistors of the same value: they are connected in series, stand parallel to the ADC power supply and are soldered to the ADC input by the middle point. The leads are removed from the wires, checked personally

I ask not and not, I just wrote how I imagine this process
I wonder if you can cook small portions of porridge for a child in it? For example, 1/2 mst of cereal, or even 1/4?
Quote: Vichka

Zhen, I'm 1/2 mst. I cook in a 3-liter and a 5-liter bowl.
I cooked in Brand, but it's still not very convenient. And I bought baby 01 just for small portions. Sometimes it contains 2 tbsp. l. I cook cereals, a little milk, by eye, it turns out porridge, not soup. I wonder, is it possible here?
Quote: IrinaZ

1/2 can be used for 3 glasses - ok
1/4 we'll try, I'll let you know later
If I mean 3 glasses of liquid (I do it with pure milk), then yes, that's what you need.
Quote: IrinaZ

Yogurt has a max temp of 39 gr.
Sour cream up to 36g
Cottage cheese:
1 stage up to 40gr,
Stage 2 of the program, the temperature rises to 60g,
Stage 3 of the program, the temperature rises to 70g
The error from the set temperature is 3-5 degrees.
Inside the bowl, the temperature is optimal for most bacteria to survive.
Everything was carefully measured and reworked according to our requirements.

Irina, tell me how the "Curd" mode will work. Interested in the possibility of adjusting the time at the 1st stage. For different starter cultures, milk fermentation time may differ. Will it be possible to regulate the time at the 1st stage when fermenting milk, let's say not 6 hours, but 5 hours? If the time cannot be adjusted, please describe how long each stage takes by default. Thank you.

Quote: IrinaZ

It is impossible to adjust the cooking time of the starter culture in the Curd mode, it costs 6 hours by default. Time for cooking Curd is another 1 hour, but it can be adjusted, lengthened as you wish.
And the drip tray, as I understand it, won't be there again?

Quote: Manna

Irish, mnu with a drip tray does not have a single multicooker, only a pressure cooker. Is it really, really, more comfortable with him than without him?
Quote: Vichka

I have a Polaris 508 with a drip tray and it seems that the Dex-50 also has (I don't remember), but I can't say that I can’t say better with it, I’m better off without it.
Quote: RepeShock

Of course, it is more convenient with a drip tray if it is made correctly, as in Panasonic and 1051 Cuckoo (I don’t know in others).

In 6051 it does not fulfill its function. In 502, by the way, the identity is normal, but there you need to finish it and slightly modify the initial design of the entrance.
Quote: IrinaZ

There will be no drip tray
Yes, yes, if done correctly, I don’t see or notice condensate at all. My first multicooker was with a drip tray, the next without, so I was very annoyed by the condensation around the bowl and when the water gets under the bowl on the heating element and sizzles ...
Quote: RepeShock

In the 502nd just like that, a very low side, a cat. does not cope with the influx, although a lot of water gets into the drip tray. I always worry if the heat will burn. element.
Quote: Vasilica

I only have a pressure cooker with a drip tray, but I didn't use it because nothing was going to be there. But I agree to wipe from the side, but only to wipe it, and not listen with a sinking heart, this is a hiss.

Moreover, the advice to catch it with a napkin somehow does not inspire, because it begins to drain when the lid is only half open.
Quote: Vichka

I don’t know, nothing gets anywhere with me and doesn’t hiss, I don’t even pay attention to the condensate, everything happens automatically, I wiped it out and didn’t notice when
Quote: Manna

Well, the condensation somehow does not bother me. But I just have nothing to compare with. Vaughn Irisha says that her multi with drip pans is much more convenient than without them. Irish, but you need to wash it every time, right? How convenient is it?
Quote: MariV

Easy to wash, I wash constantly.
Mannochka The drip tray is very convenient, most often I just pour water out of it, well, if the water is greasy, then of course you need to wash it. It is always dry and clean around the bowl, the heating disc is free of stains and streaks, isn't this a nice bonus to the multicooker?

Quote: Vichka

For some reason, in my CF without a drip tray, the disc is also streak-free. And sometimes I forgot to pour from the drip tray, but you will never forget to wipe around the bowl.
Quote: Vichka

in Polaris, the drip tray is quickly typed, but it always pisses me off that it needs to be removed, washed, so I can't call it good for myself
Quote: Manna

Well ... in general, I realized that this is a matter of habit: it is more convenient for someone to wipe the condensate from the side, and for someone to pour it out of the drip tray and wash it ...
Quote: RepeShock

It does not need to be washed, almost never, with very rare exceptions. It is simply removed and dried if there was water, like any valve, like any removable cover.
Quote: Vichka

If not washed, it becomes extremely unpleasant looking.
Quote: RepeShock

Why would?
Quote: Vichka

from the fact that it is not running water that flows there
Quote: RepeShock

AND? Condensation flows there, just which, as already mentioned above, in 99% of cases is just water. Poured and dried.
Quote: Vichka

I use such multicooker and see what the drip tray turns into.
Quote: Nikasa

... probably, it means that in the drip tray, as in any dish, if there is water for a long time, the walls become slippery, like this should be washed ... well, I think so ...
In my 502 cartoon since February, I washed this container 3 times ... because if you pour out the water immediately after cooking, then this slipperiness is not particularly gained ...
Quote: eva10

And I thought that drip pans are in all cartoons. In Panasika it is very convenient, but in Brand 6051 it is the only drawback of the beautiful SV. If everything else in 701 goes well, then that won't stop me.
Quote: Rituslya

At first I had multi Brandiki. Satisfied in all respects. I didn't pay much attention to condensation. Well, I'll wipe a couple of times with a napkin and good. And here friends gave Panasonia. And it turned out that you don't even need to wipe with a napkin, because the condensate with clean water just flows down into the drip tray. So I was surprised at first. Yeah.
Quote: Irman

Mannochka, this is very convenient. when the water gathers in the drip tray, I also didn't think about it before, until the cuckoo appeared.
Mode "Yogurt-Sour cream", temperature 36-37 ° С. Lactin-Smetana (also Kefir, Vitalakt) - the temperature required for fermentation is 32-36 ° С, and for Vivo-Smetana - 30 ° С. Lactin passes with an interference fit. Vivo is gone. Ideally, of course, reduce the temperature by a degree (35-36 ° C).

But yogurt at 37-39 ° С will ferment longer than at 40 ° С. And on the "Yogurt-Curd" mode, the first 6 hours is just the optimal temperature for yogurt sourdough (38-40 ° С), but this is risky ... if you don't keep track, then in the next 30 minutes-1 hour you will get cottage cheese instead of yogurt

Although ... all this is theory ... you have to see what happens in practice
And I have a question: is it possible to adjust the time at the stages of making cottage cheese (6 hours may not be enough for the Lactin-Curd ferment)?

By the way, for Lactin-Curd the required fermentation temperatures are 35-39 ° C, and for Vivo-Curd - 30 ° C. Again, Lactin goes to the limit.

Quote: IrinaZ

Time can be adjusted only with sour cream, yogurt.
Curd - temperature and time are strictly tied.
Quote: nadka

manna, I made sour cream-lactin in brand 37501 on "yogurt" and it turned out! The only thing I didn’t like was the slight "snotty" sour cream, I think it’s just because of the high temperature. I am waiting for this cartoon precisely because of the manual mode, because there it will be possible to set the temperature of 30-35 degrees and the time required, but only the delay on the "manual" does not work (although I never cook such capricious dishes with a delay). So if the "sour cream" program does not work, then the "manual" one I think will be able to replace it.
And "cottage cheese-lactin" was also made in 37501 from 3 liters of milk, fermented just in 6 hours on "yogurt", the cottage cheese turned out to be excellent)))) Although I understand that it is not an indicator and next time it may take more time ...
35 centimeters ... rather big baby turns out ...
Quote: BerryRaspberry

in size as 5-liter, on the desktop, it turns out, there will be no savings, only if in height. It's a pity, I was already in the mood for a new purchase.
Quote: nadka

I looked at other multi-cookers for 3 liters, in principle, the sizes of all are almost the same, only round multi-cookers are not much smaller than oval ones. So if you really need a 3-liter multicooker, you still need to look for a place, regardless of the manufacturer.
Py. Sy: I don’t know yet where I’ll put it, but I’m sure that I’ll buy it
Quote: BerryRaspberry

I have just round, in diameter ~ 25cm. I wanted to update, the functions here are announced to be interesting, but the size scared me. 35 cm will not fit on my desktop (sobbing smiley), and it will not be so convenient to take with me anymore ...
Quote: lemusik

Well, these extra 10 cm are not wide, but protrude forward ... If it is on the tabletop, then this is not so important, but I have multi on the stove, so the protruding forward does not suit me at all ... there are working burners at me.
The cartoon is very interesting in terms of functionality.
Quote: BerryRaspberry

I do not have these 10 cm even forward, unfortunately.
yes, the functions of the new item are very interesting
And I have a question for IrinaZ: is the measuring cup included? And how much is it in ml?
I just read the program "Krupa" and "Porridge" and there should be at least 1 cup of cereal ... so you can't cook milk porridge for one portion again?
Quote: Manna

Prepare. I cook in 5-liter 0.5mst, and even in 3-liter and even more so
Quote: IrinaZ

Measuring cup on 160 ml.
The minimum amount of cereals can be poured into 1/4 cup.
Mrs. Addams
I read the instructions and the recipe book and the question arose:
the `` dough '' mode is not described in the instructions and is not used in any way in the proposed recipes - what kind of mode ??
Quote: Manna

Apparently, this mode is for proving the dough.
Quote: IrinaZ

Dough mode is used for proving the dough.
Any dough is kneaded to your taste, so the recipes were not written, then the dough is placed in a greased multicooker bowl and the Dough mode is turned on.
IrinaZ, thanks for the answer. I can imagine what the "dough" mode is for. I meant the absence of a specific description of this mode in the instructions in the table of operating modes (t, time) ...
Girls, the new item has a power of -655 W
Do you think it's not enough? As I understand it, the lower the power, the longer it cooks?
Quote: BerryRaspberry

Girls, the new item has a power of -655 W
Do you think it's not enough? As I understand it, the lower the power, the longer it cooks?

The power is quite normal. A small Redik has 350 W, Panasonic has a 2.5 L 490 W, so 655 W is quite enough for such a volume
IrinaZ, and testing the multicooker will be the company to sponsor to carry out, as in the past multicooker?
Today I bought a multicooker and cooked buckwheat on the Krupa1 mode. Buckwheat 2 cups, cold water 3 cups. Cooking time 30 min. Loose porridge.
The box contains the condensate container in the accessories. Not included. At the office. the site was told that there is no such thing in this multicooker.
Quote: IrinaZ

Yes, we were a little mistaken (. It was necessary to call it differently Steam valve with a container for condensate. As you can see in the photo that showed the Zinfandel steam valve is very large and has an inner container. Due to this, the steam drips less.
The dimensions of the multicooker with all protrusions are 34 * 25, height 22 cm, cord length 1 meter.
So far, only the first considerations. The box has an inconspicuous silver sticker with a serial number and a barcode, 4 * 1cm. I peeled it off and glued it into the warranty card, there is a line for this.
Zinfandel how you liked the bowl in this multicooker. Is there a smell? And they are very interested in milk porridge.If you cook, share your impressions.
The metal round plate snaps off very easily from the top cover. The silicone gasket on it is thin, non-removable. The steam outlet valve can be easily removed, divided into two parts and washed. When you lift the lid, condensation does not flow into the food, but into the groove around the perimeter. You have to wipe it down and that's it.
The bowl is not thin. Inner surface with slightly convex honeycomb, black; outer yellow, slightly rough.
During the first preparation, the smell is mild from calcination, it always happens. Now the cooled multicooker does not smell, I don't smell the plastic. I launched the Yogurt3 program overnight on dry sourdough - this is the preparation of cottage cheese. Let's see the result. I will make milk porridge - unsubscribe.
Multicooker Brand 701 Multicooker Brand 701
Multicooker Brand 701 Multicooker Brand 701
Multicooker Brand 701
Quote: Zinfandel

Multicooker Brand 701
So the bowl is again like this with honeycombs. They are deep, judging by the photo ... Zinfandel, or does it seem so?
I cannot compare with other bowls from Brand, because I have only their smokehouse with Teflon, but in my opinion, the honeycombs are shallow, large in the plane. When frying, they should not clog, will the coating scrap off from the protruding edges? ...
Here is a photo of a two-piece steam valve:

Multicooker Brand 701

The same on the other hand:

Multicooker Brand 701
The dry sourdough curd turned out great! Indeed, soft curdled flakes. Until she stirred it in a bowl, the consistency resembled thick curdled milk.
She didn't strain the cottage cheese too much. It turned out a pound of the most delicate curd (in consistency like Agusha curd) from one and a half liters of 3.2% milk. Unusually tasty, tender. The serum is transparent, not whitish-cloudy, which means that everything went into the curd to the maximum. I am very happy with the cartoon. Thanks to the producers!
I use Lactina starter cultures

The valve and the condensate are now clear. This box must be removed and the accumulated liquid is drained after using the multicooker.
It can be easily removed, hooks onto the straight edge of the box with your fingers and pulls up. This box is like a cork.

Watch out for the two rubber feet. One jumped out of the socket when the device was moved. I found it and put it back in.
I tried to photograph the bottom of the bowl
Multicooker Brand 701

Quote: Manna

thank you for a photo
So it's somehow more familiar to look
Multicooker Brand 701
If possible, I will supplement with recommendations for the preparation of Curd.
When the signal sounds at the end, you get a curd mixture, it must be discarded (poured) into several times folded gauze or into a calico cloth and the resulting bag must be hung over a saucepan for 3-4 hours. as much as possible.
The resulting curd can be eaten like this or mixed with herbs, salt and served for breakfast, or you can make cheese, but more about it later, if anyone is interested)) The curd is obtained specifically for baby food, soft, tender, not sour, easily smeared.
Quote: Zinfandel

Very interesting, very interesting about cheese! Tell me, please!

I am sharing my recipe without boiling and without eggs, I will be glad if you show it to everyone.
Squeeze the cottage cheese well through a cloth or cheesecloth, then put oppression on top of the squeezed cottage cheese in gauze, and below a double boiler-stand or something like that, but with holes so that the brine still drains and the cottage cheese is dried. After 2 hours, remove everything, the cottage cheese will be very pressed. Smear the future cheese with seasonings, I used cumin, cardamom, and other smelling herbs, and grease it with coarse salt, but not much the first time, then do it to taste. Leave to mature for 8 hours in the refrigerator without oppression.
Store such cottage cheese in parchment paper in the refrigerator, no more than 5-7 days.
Serve cut into thin slices, or you can also fry in butter.
They are eaten with main courses, for breakfast, or can be added to ready-made soup.
My personally liked that cheese, that cottage cheese.

It can also be done with sour cream, acidophilus, or other ferments.
on sour cream, acidophilus, you can make a curd mixture on the Yogurt -3 mode, when there is no Lactina and other curd starters at hand.
I used them to make cottage cheese, I liked it, and then you can make cheese and casserole from cottage cheese and anything))

Quote: manna

Irina, and you have not tried paneer? I wonder if your recipe cheese tastes differently from paneer?
Panir's technology is somewhat different, as far as I know, citric acid is added there for curdling and boiled harder. Therefore, let's say from 3 liters of milk we get 480-500 gr. panira.
In our case, when cooking in automatic mode, the cottage cheese will turn out to be much larger and not so grained. To compare, you still have to try it yourself.

Quote: manna

By the way, it is probably better, as in your recipe to add seasonings until completely pressed, but the curd is very soft, I'm afraid it will be difficult to do. We must try, experiment)) Write, share.
Our business is to improve the models for your wishes))
IrinaZ, will there be official testing of 701 on the forum?
Or just wait for user reviews?
Quote: IrinaZ

Now many have begun to clarify, about an additional bowl, is it included?
In the multicooker 701 goes only one bowl included, the second, if you need, you can purchase after the bowls arrive at the warehouse. We will definitely inform about the arrival.

Will there be removable covers?

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