Achma (simplified version)

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Achma (simplified version)


thin Armenian lavash 6 pcs.
kefir 0.5 l.
egg 2 pcs.
cheese (which melts) 200-300 gr.
butter 80-100 gr.

Cooking method

  • Grease a deep mold with oil.
  • Mix eggs with kefir.
  • On the bottom of the form we spread a whole sheet of pita bread so that the edges hang from the form. Sprinkle with grated cheese.
  • Tear pita bread into pieces of medium size and different shapes, dip in kefir-egg mixture, squeeze lightly and, without straightening, spread on cheese.
  • When the cheese is closed, sprinkle with the cheese again and make a second row of slices. Fall asleep again with cheese and cover with the remaining pieces of lavash hanging down. Pour the remaining kefir-egg mixture on top and spread the small pieces of butter.
  • We bake until a beautiful crisp!

Time for preparing:

about 20 min.

Cooking program:

oven 180 degrees


I have already read the recipe and I don't remember where, in some Soviet magazine. The recipe is time-tested and always goes with a bang, especially since this is a very simplified and quick-to-prepare option!
I would say that this recipe is from the "guest on the doorstep" series.
I would be very glad if it is useful to someone!

There is already such a recipe.
I gave it to CF, but there is no difference. Cook in the oven and even with meat.
Before placing a recipe, you need to search for such a recipe.
What an appetizing achma in the photo!
I have not seen the recipes previously displayed on the forum ...
And for this one - thanks!
Came with a report
Irina, what a delicious achma I got according to this recipe!
Made with Adyghe cheese, it is like curd. Everything else is strictly according to the recipe.
This is the exactness:
Achma (simplified version)

Achma (simplified version)

One thing is bad - it ends quickly ...
Today I bought one more!
Thank you!
And I! And I did it yesterday! This is sooo delicious! They ate everything at once and asked to repeat it again! A very quick recipe! Many thanks to the author !!!
Girls, I'm glad you liked it! But I didn’t do it with Adyghe cheese, I must try it!
I sit and crack again atchma. Today I made it again and added raw mushrooms to the cheese. Delight! By the way, I also cook with Adyghe cheese, somehow another did not come to mind. Thanks again!
ABOUT! Good idea with mushrooms! I'll try to do it too! Have already eaten the next achma, and at home everything is prepared for the next ..... Proizvodst in my place now it is put on stream! Let's eat, get fat and look pretty!
It turned out super !!! Everyone liked it. Thank you . Here are just a report cannot be presented. Teach how. You are welcome.
I was in the supermarket today, my eyes fell on the pita bread and my brain immediately worked: ACHMA!
I quickly bought everything I needed, and tonight we will have this delicacy!
What an interesting recipe! Is it possible to put something else besides cheese?
Delicious and easy. I can't stop - I cook and cook Achma (simplified version)... Thanks for the tasty
Girls, thank you very much for your kind feedback!
And I am again with the report. This time I used less oil because of the recommendation to eat less fat. Achma turned out to be drier, but still tasty!

Achma (simplified version)
Girls, I have been doing this for a long time. Today I added a pack of "crab meat" in small pieces. While warm - very juicy pieces. And dill there, a pack of cottage cheese, the simplest Dutch cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise slightly diluted with water.
Thanks for the recipe !!! Made a splash! Now I will try with herbs. very tasty and fast!

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