Siberian pancakes

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Siberian pancakes


flour (according to recipe 2c) 1 kg (how much it will take)
boiled water room. temp-ry 1 l
salt 1 tsp
soda 1 tsp
egg 2-3 pcs
milk 0,5 l
boiling water 1 glass

Cooking method

  • I have been using this recipe for over 30 years. Once I wrote it off from the magazine "Rabotnitsa". I want to share, maybe it will be useful for you: now Pancake week goes.
  • Pour flour into water, stirring occasionally, put salt and soda and beat until smooth. Dilute with cold milk (I pour in milk at room temperature), stir to get the consistency of thick sour cream. Then brew with boiling water (about a glass). Stir well. Let cool slightly, add raw eggs, stir. The dough, which looks like liquid sour cream, is ready. You can start baking pancakes. You need a thick-walled cast-iron frying pan (but I somehow fried on a thin aluminum one). The rest of the process is as always: grease the pan with butter or bacon (as you like), pour in a portion and distribute the dough over the pan.
  • Pancakes turn out to be thin and all in a hole.
  • Bon Appetit!!!

Time for preparing:

About 1 hour (but I bake in two pans, the time decreases)


I use premium flour. And from my practical experience: before marriage I used a gas stove, and now an electric one. For a long time I could not adapt to baking these pancakes. It turns out all that was necessary to do the power at the maximum

No matter how much we eat
This pancake week
Everything will go for us -
Give only a time limit!
Eat hearty food in reserve!
Happy Shrovetide!

Albina, the pancakes turned out to be very perforated, thin and awesomely delicious! Made 1/4 of the portion in the recipe. Thank you so much
Anna, thanks for your attention to the recipe. I am very glad that I liked it
Quote: notglass
Made 1/4 of the portion in the recipe.
I always make a full portion and eat everything
Albina, you have men in the house. ... And we only have my sister and me. Therefore, the portion is small, but often
So, Maslenitsa week has begun And I am with my favorite Siberian pancakes
Siberian pancakes
Oh, I'll take this recipe for myself. I decided to cook different pancakes every week, and then bring the figure in the gym back to normal :)
VintageThank you for your attention to the recipe I have been baking this recipe for over 30 years. I still have it from my school notebook with recipes
Siberian pancakes
Albinawhat an interesting recipe! Thank you! I'll bake it today!
Isn't there a gram of sugar in the recipe? If I add a couple of Art. l., nothing will change?
Anastasia, there is no sugar in the recipe. I always bake without sugar. And they eat with condensed milk anyway. I also exhibited it as a separate recipe, but it was removed and moved somewhere, I make shawarma out of these pancakes.
Flour according to the recipe is 1kg, but it takes me about 800g. When you first knead, do not add all the flour at once
Albina, Thanks for the advice!
I'll try to make it without sugar (my husband loves pancakes very much, but they are sweet, suddenly they will go without sugar).
Anastasia, if you put sugar, then I think nothing terrible will happen. It's just that pancakes will blush faster and that's it. Try it and you will succeed. As a schoolgirl, I baked them according to the "Rabotnitsa" magazine
Albina, your recipe, this is what I have been looking for for ten years !!!
It turned out exactly the kind of pancakes that I already began to appear in my dreams, but did not work out in reality.
For me - very, very tasty!
Hurrah! : bravo: Delicate, slightly damp, slightly rubbery, but not oak.
I made half a portion to sample. I added sugar, a little more vanillin and a pinch of cinnamon.
The result is incredible yummy.Now I will eat pancakes with pleasure!

Only these pancakes will bake the whole Shrovetide!

Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!
Anastasia, thanks for your positive feedback. I am very glad that at least someone liked my recipe. Bake and please all your household
Siberian pancakes
Once I read a recipe for chic pancakes in a Soviet women's magazine. Thin, not torn and very tasty. I baked constantly, and then the recipe was lost. I remember being on soda. I even got ready to study all the issues of "Worker" and "Peasant". Is this really the one? I will definitely try! Thank you!
Quote: Ipatiya
Is this really the one?
Anything can be. Try
Quote: Albina
Flour according to the recipe is 1kg, but it takes me about 800g.

Tricia, Anastasia, how much flour did it take for you?
Inna, boldly take 700 g., if you knead for a full portion. When you stir in flour, the dough is thick like thick sour cream. Then it is diluted with milk. Then it is brewed with boiling water. I put the egg right away and that's it
Albinochka, thank you very much for the pancakes recipe !!!

Baked yesterday), half a portion.

I took 350 gr of flour for a half portion.

For the designated in the first post of this topic the consistency of liquid sour cream, you could safely add all 500 gr. flour (for half a portion), but I like working more with thin pancake dough, so I didn't add flour ...

The dough that I got looked like a thin kefir in density, but nevertheless, the pancakes turned out to be thin and tasty ...

Thanks again !!!
Innochka, very glad that we liked the pancakes. I love them.
Yes, flour can be and how you can take it in the recipe. But I have not even been weighing anything for this recipe for a long time.
And I that one the one who doesn't make custard pancakes!

This is the second recipe in a month, and the second attempt to bake custard pancakes, and the second failure!
The conclusion suggests itself, custard pancakes are not mine. A waste of food, time and mood!
I did everything according to the recipe, but it turned out to be cakes, not pancakes.
And if for the first time with nerves, but it turned out to be pretty pancakes in appearance, then this time it's horror.
Apparently, yeast pancakes and pancakes from childhood "by eye" are my everything! And nobody from the environment made custards, and I never saw them live. As a child, I could not even think that pancakes might not be successful, because there were never any failures! Until I met custard pancakes, I thought that pancakes are the simplest, win-win dish, and even delicious!

Quote: valushka-s
And I am the one who does not work with custard pancakes

valushka-s, but how so?

What can fail in custard pancakes?

I’m not kidding, I honestly don’t understand ...

Well, the usual pancake dough, at the last stage of cooking, is brewed with boiling water / boiling milk ...

Quote: valushka-s
turned out cakes

Here I did not quite understand, are the cakes in taste or in appearance?

I dare to recommend you these ...

Just please don't give up, you will definitely succeed !!!
valushka-s, I didn’t understand: you didn’t succeed according to my recipe? These pancakes have only 250 ml of boiling water for the total amount of dough, and then the egg is mixed in. And another important condition in frying these pancakes: the pan must be hot and roast at the highest setting (if it's an electric stove), otherwise you will definitely get cakes. For a long time after switching from gas to electric, I could not adapt. Until one day I turned on the tile at full power. Then the holes appeared, and the pancakes themselves, and not the cakes. And it's not about the pancake dough. Try it and you will succeed
I did half of the recipe. I printed out the recipe and followed it closely.
Even the milk was at room temperature. Fried in a hot frying pan.
It was just that initially there was no consistency of thick sour cream! (and my flour was initially dry!) ​​And only then, in finished form, it did not spread over the pan at all. The dough seemed to shrink a little, such a pattern was formed as if by waves.
Still unclear moment, about flour "how much it will take" how is it? at what stage?
Apparently, custard pancakes are not destiny. Not mine.
Quote: valushka-s
The dough seemed to shrink a little,
The dough shrinks because there is a lot of vegetable oil in the pan for pancakes. Recently, I have been lubricating the pan with a brush.
Quote: Albina
Pour flour into water, stirring occasionally, put salt and soda and beat until smooth.
At this stage, all the flour intervenes. According to the recipe, 1 kg of flour is taken for 1 liter of water. The dough will initially be thick.
2. Next, pour in cold milk according to the recipe, but even with milk at room temperature, everything turns out excellently.
Quote: Albina
the consistency of thick sour cream turned out.
at this stage.
Next, pour in boiling water and add eggs. We get
Quote: Albina
The dough, which looks like liquid sour cream, is ready.
And that's all.
What kind of frying pan do you have? Thick bottom?
Cast-iron frying pan, beloved old woman, which the shore. greased the frying pan with a brush.
I did everything as written. I do not like troubles, so I will return to the classic soda and yeast. It's a win-win!
In my entire life, only two punctures with pancakes, and both times I tried to bake custard pancakes, according to two different recipes.
and not only did it fail! just not everyone in the recipe writes about it tyts
The first time I baked it exactly according to the recipe as indicated in school, in class 8. Immediately without a miss. Then I liked them due to the fact that they always turned out into a small hole, such patterned ones I got married, but I could not repeat them on the elector. And the pan was made of aluminum. Baked over medium heat. Didn't work. Abandoned. And then something hit me in my head: I think we should try to set the "gas" to the maximum. And everything worked out: both holes appeared, and thin as desired
Albinochka, thank you for posting this recipe on our website! Your notebook with recipes really touched my soul! Thanks also for pointing out the exact proportions!
My mother taught me how to bake custard pancakes on soda when I was 15. Only I never weigh flour or measure water. Only milk and eggs always took the same amount - 3 eggs and 0.5 liters of milk, like yours. And the rest is by eye. And everything always turned out almost with closed eyes - the pancakes are thin, in a hole. And I also have email. plate. Not even a stove, but a tile. I turn it on to the maximum! And everything is always OK
So, dear bakers, feel free to bake pancakes according to this recipe! They are very easy to make, and their taste is beyond praise!
Ludmila, thanks for the feedback
Quote: lappl1
Thanks also for pointing out the exact proportions!
This recipe is from a magazine. I learned a lot from magazines, encyclopedias. Mom taught me a lot and instilled a love for cooking.
I, too, have not measured flour in this recipe for a long time, because I have been baking it for a long time
These deliciously delicious pancakes are firmly established on our table. And the current Shrovetide is no exception. Today we were eating. The pancakes are thin, perforated, golden. I baked in my favorite cast-iron frying pan, I have it only for pancakes. Very, very, very tasty!
Anya, it is very pleasant to read such a review. Thank you for your attention to the recipe. Bake and please your loved ones
So, Shrovetide week is in full swing and today I again baked our favorite pancakes a full portion. I wanted to post a photo, but for some reason I can't. Maybe I'll do it a little later.
Quote: valushka-s
And I'm the one who can't make custard pancakes!
valushka-s, here, maybe the flour is not good, there is little gluten in it - it was rainy summer, you never know what conditions - the flour did not work out, eh? choux pastry is usually trouble-free
Quote: Irsha
choux pastry is usually trouble-free

PPKS !!!

Choux pastry is just for those who cannot make pancakes according to the rest of the recipes) ...
Albina, I talked, I'll try the recipe today! Pasibka Aaaaa, I can't make soda for pancakes, can I do without soda?
Oksana, try baking powder instead of baking soda. Good luck Siberian pancakes

If in my 14-15 years old I baked these pancakes without consultation

Today I bake pancakes using this recipe. Well, very, very tasty. Instead of soda, I put loose from Otter. Everything is fine. This is one of those recipes that just can't work!
Anya, thanks for trying the recipe. I'm glad that not only I like these pancakes 🔗 I cook them often.
Albinochka, I have not just tried, I have been baking them for the second year, since the time I saw the recipe. Today's some just amazing turned out. Very fragrant, delicate and perforated. It seems that the products are the same as always, but they turned out to be simply marvelous.
It's just that today is still a wide Maslenitsa and therefore the pancakes were a success, Anya... I am also glad that they have taken root, otherwise they wrote here that they are not working out. My youngest son loves them especially.
I also decorated with the recipe "Home-style shawarma", but it was removed
Quote: Albina
today is still a wide Shrovetide

Eva how !!!

And we have Wide tomorrow ...
Innochka, I thought that the whole week is a wide Pancake week. And what is the name of the whole week? And then I also understand that Maslenitsa itself happens on Sunday. But I'm forgiven. I'm half Tatar
Albinochkaif you believe what is written on the net, your truth is:

Shrovetide is divided into two periods: from Monday to Wednesday, it is the Narrow Shrovetide; from Thursday to Sunday it is Wide Pancake Week.

But in our village, as far as I can remember, the Wide Shrovetide is celebrated exactly on the last day of the oil week, on Sunday ...

That's why I reacted to your words ...

Well, I’m forgiven for what to take from me, the village is without gas ...
I converted to Christianity when I was already married. My paternal grandmother was a believer, but then it was impossible to baptize. During my college days, I even learned the Muslim prayer. Nobody gave anything to my mom either, because at that time it was like that.
Therefore, I learn little by little how to celebrate all Christian holidays.
Last year I made pancakes every day. This year it turns out only every other day, because they do not have time to eat. This recipe makes a decent stack.
Albina, baked pancakes yesterday, delicious! made everything according to the recipe, half a serving! The baking is tasty, but not enough, in the middle I added a little yogurt and flour to increase the amount of pancakes. And the taste was worse, I'll know! and the quantity is more
Albina, thanks for the recipe! : rose: again.Siberian pancakes
Oksanochkalike a balm for the soul Siberian pancakes Someone likes these pancakes.

This is Maslenitsa - a fairy
I went around houses and yards.
So let's hurry
Accept her gifts!

And she gives you happiness.
Many victories in life
Delivering from bad weather,
And letting luck follow!
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