Wafers "Light"

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Wafers Light


Wheat flour 100gr.
Sugar 3 tbsp. l.
Salt on the tip of a knife
Starch 1 st. l.
Vegetable oil 4st. l.
Milk (or milk + water) 180 ml

Cooking method

  • Combine all ingredients. Bake waffles in a waffle iron for thin waffles, spreading on tins of 1 tbsp. l. test
  • Wafers Light
  • Wafers Light Wafers Light
  • Wafers Light Wafers Light

The dish is designed for

14 waffles

Cooking program:

Waffle maker for thin waffles


The waffles are friable, light, crispy

Based on the "Paper" pancakes from Qween

Thank you, boom try
ZhuliferochkaI hope you like the waffles. I really liked it. The main thing is that they are not greasy.
Please tell me, you can only roll a round wafer blank into a tube, so to speak ... or you can make a tube or a cone from wafers of a different shape.
Probably I am asking incomprehensibly ...
I just want to buy a waffle iron, and I looked at a model for 10 waffles in the shape of hearts. And I don't know if I can portray something out of them or not ... I just want to please children not only with waffles of the same shape, but also with tubes with filling and cups of ice cream)))) And baking one waffle is a long task, but I have children a lot ... eat sweets well))))
Thank you in advance
finanna, the shape of the waffles themselves is not important for rolling, but the wafers should be thin. If you want to buy a "flower" waffle iron, then this waffle iron is for thick, not thin waffles. Twisted wafers will not work. If you want to roll, get a waffle maker for thin waffles.
Thank you for your prompt response)))
I look closely at the Clatronic WA 3169. Only from the description it is not very clear for which wafers it is. thick or thin ..
Here, I showed how my waffle iron "flower" bakes (just the Klatronic that you have chosen)
Quote: manna

Here's how she bakes (there are more photos from the links)

Wafers Light Wafers LightWafers Light Wafers Light

Wafers Light Wafers LightWafers Light Wafers Light
Flowers from Clatronic WA 3169 are medium-plump - they do not curl, wafers come out like cookies from there.
I also have a double flower, but our thin waffles are much more popular, they are crisper
I bake cookies in my Klatronic most often
Everything is very beautiful and appetizing)))
I realized that waffles in this form do not curl.
I just wanted to eat with ice cream and filling, and just eat a waffle ... To kill, as they say, several birds with one stone))))
Can you tell me which model to look specifically for thin waffles
I have Cloer 271. I really like it. HERE I posted the test reports.
Thank you.
But such a model in St. Petersburg does not see something ((((We must look for another, probably
I have a simple rectangular "Sweet" for thin waffles, I twist hot like manna myself and otherwise, if the dough is thicker, it turns out to be quite thick, only thick-wall ones are inconvenient to twist. On the contrary, mine ask the fat ones to do it, like the corrugations, I also look closely at this model with hearts.
There is such a model in St. Petersburg, only under a different name, I saw it in an internet store
Girls, ay-ay-ay We have a topic for choosing and discussing waffle iron. I gave the link there above
I didn't seem to give manna any links
Then I only saw the topic
This is called the village mom to bake waffles for her son
I started to try with the first one, I just get cold and try, I still can't taste it, the second, the third .... I lost count.
Here are only 8 pieces left

The waffles came out great
They are fried in vegetable oil much more evenly and not as heavy as in butter.
The only digression - added a bag of vanilla sugar.

Thanks again Mannochka great for adapting the recipe to the waffle iron
All people like people bake pancakes today, but the son refused them, he says we will have a waffle maker today, not a carnival
Zhuliferochka, I am very, very, very glad that you liked the waffles. I am also delighted with them. Will be my main recipe
The waffles are really light and delicious. I also wanted to dip the ends in melted chocolate and sprinkle with crushed nuts. But it was so delicious that she didn't do anything extra.
Lilyhow great you liked the waffles
Manna, thanks for the recipe!
I have the same waffle iron (oh, and the call is really useless!), I tested it today. This is my first experience in waffle treatment.
I replaced half of the flour with corn, maybe that's why the waffles turned out to be not very thin, a full tablespoon did not want to spread over the entire surface, but I liked it that way too. Next time I'll try to make the dough a little thinner, and then twist it into tubes ...
Ludmila, I, too, did not spread the dough over the entire surface, but I was as thick as I had, that's what I was. You can, of course, add more liquid for greater subtlety I'm glad that I liked the waffles
Very good recipe, no fat, no eggs. I liked it very much. I boldly give such waffles to my children. Thank you!!!!
Olga, Thank you! I am very glad that I liked the waffles
Thank you for the recipe
Aurina, thanks I'm glad you liked the waffles
Hello! I hasten to thank for the recipe! As always, I messed up a little, added one egg and completely forgot about the butter))) But it turned out very cool! And the taste cannot be distinguished from the classic recipe) For some reason, they all fried ... Hell in the Soviet Boyarma, a photo of which is scary to put even), but no complaints about the uneven baking)) Lubricated only the first time

Wafers Light
Quote: feuer
As always, I messed up a little, added one egg and completely forgot about the butter))) But it turned out very cool!
Well, with eggs, so with eggs The main thing that I liked
Wafers Light I just baked in Cloer 271 ... Well, I just can't get used to the power regulator)
I usually bake for 1-2.
Hope you liked the waffles
Mannadefinitely liked it !!! Thank you for the recipe! Now I will test all my waffle iron on it)))
I checked this dough recipe for 2 weeks as a purchased Soviet standard waffle iron Lakomka-EV-08... The recipe dough was enough for 5 full wafers and another 1/3 A5 wafers. Twisted into horns and tubes. I approve of the taste. Waffle iron too.

Before that, my experience was only with the sausage Pyshka-3... But a lot is different here. "Sausage" dough of pancake density did not fit here very well.
Countryman, for thin waffles you need the dough as for thin pancakes in density, the pancake thickness is too thick, it is more suitable for waffle irons of "flowers".
Glad the recipe came in handy
Grandma liked the waffles so much that she even asked for the recipe. And she took the saddle to my mother. I come, I look at her table on the table, the purchased ones are))) "Mmmm ... not like the store ... and so beautiful" - she said, thoughtfully sending the third into her mouth ... So interesting, the taste in Cloer and in the Soviet Boyarma turns out different!
Oh, how glad I am that the homemade waffles liked
Different taste? Maybe the thickness of the waffles and the degree of ruddy are different?
Here. I tried to roll a cone out of such waffles. For the remains of homemade ice cream.
Wafers Light
I have never tried these waffles with ice cream. Countryman, did you like the ice cream? Waffle plump, did not try to crumble when laying ice cream?
I did not try to crumble when bookmarked. But when used, it crumbled a little. When it came to the bottom, it crumbled harder.I suppose that in ice cream cones it will be necessary to reduce the proportion of starch in the dough.
Thank you, Manna!
I think that you can lay ice cream while it is not frozen yet, soft, it should, like the cream, give moisture to the waffle, and freeze it in the freezer along with the waffle. I am afraid that by reducing the starch you can get a "wood" wafer. Is it possible to reduce it quite a bit.
Manna! Thanks a lot for the recipe! The waffles are just wonderful! The husband said that this is a direct drug, there is no strength to come off! Not greasy, crispy and very tasty I took everything according to the recipe, only added water, our apartment is very dry, flour asks for a bit of moisture. The first time I baked for guests, so I had to bake again 3 times, my husband and children swept everything away. And twice, 2 servings! Uletbashki
Rita, Thanks for the kind words! I am very glad that you liked the waffles so much. I love them too
I cooked these waffles today. I was pleasantly surprised that without butter and eggs, and even on water, they tasted amazing !!! Such crisps, just super. This is exactly what I always wanted from a thin waffle iron. Only one small question I have. The fact is that I did not have time to fold them, they froze in different poses) It seems that I measured everything exactly as in the recipe. Please tell me what needs to be added or vice versa to subtract in order to have time to fold? )
I roll on a pre-prepared tube d = 15mm. Or on the neck of a bottle when a horn is needed. On a wooden board. The process is noticeably accelerated from this. But it's a little easier for me, I always have only one piece at the end. However, quite large, A5 format.
I roll the waffles into a tight tube using this meat fork Wafers Light I put a waffle layer between the teeth not, taking it out of the waffle iron, and quickly twist it - the waffles are completely hot, spin easily, and you won't burn your hands. Everything is done with one hand.
I roll the waffles right in the waffle iron, do it with my hands. If you move it somewhere, then during this time they will cool down and become fragile - you will no longer fold.
The day before yesterday I made light waffles (according to the quadruple rate of the recipe) from rye flour. Reducing sugar to one for all-about-all st. spoons and adding to the dough all one tbsp. l. Rostov kvass wort. The grandchildren, great-grandchildren, who arrived yesterday to congratulate the front-line father, grinded the waffles instantly and to zero. I liked it very much, they told me to bake it again.
Of the inconveniences of this option, I want to note. The wort immediately gives the dough a brown color, and therefore, when baking, it is more difficult to determine the moment when the burning begins. And it spreads differently. I screwed up a couple of pieces, then, having adjusted myself, I worked just by the clock.
Countryman, thanks for the idea of ​​rye "light" waffles.
Quote: Manna
thanks for the idea of ​​rye "light" waffles

and I took a waffle iron from a friend, to try rye just according to another recipe (they are in the background in the photo), but I accidentally got this recipe ... a minimum of products and not greasy - they encouraged me to perform, we liked it

Wafers Light
Katerina, great! Such beautiful waffles!
Manna, accept my thanks for the delicious and light waffles
The case when the wolves are fed and the sheep are safeboth tasty and not very sweet

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