Cheese Churros

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Cheese Churros


Hard cheese 100 g
Milk 100 ml
Apple juice 100 ml
Flour 200 g
Egg 2 pcs
Baking powder 1 tsp
Vegetable oil for deep fat

Cooking method

  • Bring the milk to a boil, reduce heat to a minimum. Pour in grated cheese and stirring constantly to dissolve cheese in milk. Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  • Sift flour with baking powder, pour in apple juice, stir a little and add milk-cheese mixture, knead the dough. Add eggs to the dough one at a time. Stir well.
  • Cheese Churros
  • The dough is of the same consistency as for pancakes.
  • Pour oil into a deep-fat container, heat it up.
  • We transfer the dough into a pastry bag or simply into a plastic bag with a cut corner. Squeeze churros in the form of squiggles into a hot deep fat. Fry until tender.
  • Cheese Churros
  • Transfer the finished churros to paper towels.
  • Cheese Churros
  • Although they do not look like the original churros, they are quite tasty and spicy!

Time for preparing:

1 hour

what beautiful, and delicious probably ... but tell me, probably very fat? or can spread on towels after frying?
I would not say that they are fat. Like all baked goods in oil, I put paper towels on the towels.
My tasty ones quickly swept them away.
: girl_claping: I'll try my own at the weekend too. Thanks for the recipe
And I'll try too.
Girls, thanks for the feedback. I hope you will like it.
I'll write right away how I try
I will wait
SOS !!! Anechka, my cheese rolled into a cake in milk, how can I dilute it now ???
Tanya, did you rub it on a grater? I had a lamber that dissolved into grains. Try using a blender or mixer. Or take out and cut into cubes.
I managed!!! My husband really liked it, me too. but I prefer the spicy one, so I ate it with ginger. Vkuuuuuusno !!!! Thank you very much for the recipe !!!
I just saw your message, next time I will. Thanks again!!!
I also like it more sharply, next time I want to add paprika, maasdam cheese and maybe a little freeze-dried garlic. Glad you liked it.

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