Korean cucumbers (no carrots)

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Korean cucumbers (no carrots)


cucumbers 4kg
garlic 4 heads
sugar 1 glass
vinegar 6% 1 glass
vegetable oil 1 glass
salt 3 tablespoons
ground black pepper 2 tablespoons

Cooking method

  • Mix all the ingredients: butter + sugar + pepper + salt. pour this mixture over the cucumbers, (cut into 4 parts lengthwise, if the cucumbers are large, then into 8) parts, garlic through a garlic press, mix and leave under the lid for 4-5 hours, stir (shake) every hour.
  • Put in jars, to sterilize, from the moment of boiling 0.7l - 10min, 1l - 15min.

The dish is designed for

6 half liter jars

Time for preparing:

4-5 hours


CUCUMBERS are the fruits of the eponymous annual herbaceous vegetable plant with a recumbent rough stem 1-2 m long, petiolar five-lobed leaves and yellow flowers. Fleshy juicy false berries 5-100 cm long in various shapes from ovoid to serpentine. Homeland - India. Cultivated on all continents; in the former USSR - in all climatic zones. The nutritional and energy value of cucumbers is low. They are valued as a flavoring product that promotes metabolism and better absorption of food. Cucumbers contain up to 98.2% water, sugar, fiber, mineral salts, 10 mg% vitamin C. The characteristic cucumber smell depends on the content of essential oil in the fruit (about 1 mg%).

Cucumbers are consumed throughout the year: in winter - in salted and pickled form, and from March to November - fresh (in early spring and late autumn - from greenhouses and greenhouses, in summer - from open ground and various film shelters). For nutrition and processing (salting, canning, pickling), cucumbers are used only in an immature state. Fresh cucumbers are used to prepare salads, cold cakes, okroshka, from pickled cucumbers - pickles, hodgepodge, cold snacks, vinaigrette, salads. Fresh cucumbers in room conditions can be stored for no more than 2 days, at a temperature of 1 ° C and a relative humidity of 85-90% - up to 20 days.

The best varieties of cucumbers: early ripening (the harvest is harvested 35-55 days after sowing) - VIR-507 hybrid (variety of salad and pickling purposes, non-yellowing fruits, beautiful shape and color, high taste), Elegant (beautifully shaped fruits, do not turn yellow for a long time , high taste), Vyaznikovsky 37 (variety of salad and pickling purposes, fruits turn yellow quickly, high taste), Success 221 (fruits quickly turn yellow, good taste); mid-ripening (the harvest is harvested 55-60 days after sowing) - Dolzhik (used fresh and for salting), Irrigated; late (the harvest is harvested after 65 days or more) - Nezhinsky (used fresh and for pickling, fresh fruit taste is good, in salted - excellent), Donskoy 175.

Hybrid 517 (good taste) is suitable for growing in film structures; for greenhouses - Hybrid VIR-1, Marfinsky, Gribovsky, Surprise; in film greenhouses - Hybrid TSKHA-1, in greenhouses - grade Nerosimy 40.

Tell me please! : girl_red: Garlic crush, cut or whole cloves or ...
Quote: Fox

Tell me please! : girl_red: Garlic crush, cut or whole cloves or ...
crush the garlic through a garlic press.
I just made the recipe, cut it in half, it turned out 4 half-liter jars. It smells delicious !!! Before sterilization, it tastes like crunchy sweet-spicy cucumbers. In winter we will try !!! Thanks for the recipe !!!
What do you think, 0.5 liter cans. enough 5min. sterilization?
Quote: vika!

What do you think, 0.5l cans.enough 5min. sterilization?
Well, it depends on where you sterilize, if in the microwave and 5 minutes from the moment the bubbles began to rise up, then that's enough.
Oh, what an interesting recipe just from a box of cucumbers 4 kg are left. Wait a funky porcay. Is it normal under the screw caps?
Pava tree
Did everything according to the recipe - it worked 9 half-liter cans. I sit and think how the author managed to ram everything into 6 jars?
Olekma, cool cucumbers! I love them very much .....
Good afternoon, when to add vinegar?
Quote: E.V.A.75

Good afternoon, when to add vinegar?
Oh, just saw the question, forgive me to add Vinegar right away, along with vegetable oil and salt / sugar.

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