Choux pastry basket.

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Choux pastry basket.


Water 1 glass
Butter or margarine 100g
Salt a little bit
Sugar pinch
Flour 1 glass
Eggs 3 pcs

Cooking method

  • The dough is prepared in the same way as for Choux pastry basket.
  • We make the first vertical strip. It doesn't matter from top to bottom or bottom to top. As it is convenient for anyone.
  • Choux pastry basket.
  • Now we make horizontal lines, trying to make the dough stick to the shape at the end of the extrusion.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • We draw the next vertical line, covering all the ends of the horizontal lines with it.
  • In this test, it is not worth drawing lines very tightly, since it will slightly increase in volume during baking and fill the entire space.
  • Choux pastry basket.
  • And so we repeat in a circle until we completely cover the shape with a drawing.
  • I want to draw your attention to the fact that there should be an even number of vertical stripes, then the horizontal stripes will converge into one line.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • Draw a vertical line on top of the converging lines, covering the junction of the lines. And we finish the basket weaving by filling the space with horizontal lines.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • Now we also intertwine the bottom of the form.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • We transfer the form to the oven or airfryer and bake the first 10 minutes at 220 degrees, and then until cooked at 200 degrees.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • I want to say that the dough was removed from the silicone mold as soon as it was taken out of the airfryer. But from the ceramic mold I had to carefully remove it with a knife, slightly cutting the dough.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • We make a handle for the basket.
  • On a baking sheet, using toothpicks, mark the distance from one end to the other. Draw an arc. Then, using the nozzle, draw loops around this arc, as if wrapping around it. Covering the tip of the previous loop with each turn.
  • Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
  • I baked a pen along with toothpicks, but it turned out to be completely useless. they fit perfectly into the handle and basket during assembly. The bonding points can be coated with chocolate or icing to secure the handle.
  • Choux pastry basket.

Cooking program:

oven, airfryer


An example for baking served me mamontenok... She did from yeast dough, and I decided to embody her idea from choux pastry. We have Easter ahead. And this is another version of baskets for decorating such a bright holiday. The baskets turned out to be very tasty and I have eaten almost all of them. Without any fillers in pure form !!
I also tried to bake the same puff pastry baskets. They come out too. I will show you on occasion.

I can't say anything else ...
yes ..... perhaps I'm lying next to Masha
Lyudmila, bravo ... no further comments !!!
How lovely . Herringbone after NG was successfully eaten by a child. Now I will weave baskets
Luda, your hands are gold, and your imagination is off the charts. Very interesting MK.
Husky, this is just a super idea! I also want to embody. Thanks for MK.
Lyudochka, nema words ... Choux pastry basket.Choux pastry basket.Choux pastry basket.Choux pastry basket.Choux pastry basket.
Khasachka, no words!
For Easter it is good and you can probably stuff it with a salad!
Thanks for the interesting MK
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I can't say anything else ...
Man move over, I'm near ...

Lyudochka, aerobatics !!!
Thank you for MK - you are just a sorceress and our inspirer (where is the "thrice ku" emoticon)
Luda, and the handle turns out to be a little one-sided (turns only on one side) - did I understand correctly?
Great MK!
Lyudochka, thank you for remembering to share with us!
Lady Drive
Lyuda, I'm always amazed at your skill
P_O_T_R_YA_S_A_YU_SH_E !!!!!
Luda, just a super-duper MK !!!!! Thank you for your work and desire to share your knowledge and skills with us !!!
And I think the girls will agree with me - you need to add to the name Husk Master Husky
Thanks, everyone, thanks !!
tsvika, I think that you can fill with salad. Only then you do not need to add sugar to the dough, but only salt.
I think that such baskets are quite suitable for all kinds of desserts.
Luciole, yes, my handle was made one-sided. But if you take a nozzle with a smaller diameter, then you can bake two halves and fasten them in the same way with chocolate.
Thank you for your work !!! Lovely !!! I join the mice a little higher.
huskyyou are as always super! No more words
: girl_claping: Sorceress! And that's it !
Amazing masterpiece !!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!
Summer resident
I faint along with the above. Lyudochka, you are the BEST as always !!!
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And I can lie with you until heaps?
Imagine a picture. It's late evening! The head is thinking very slowly.
The page opens. On her post from
Quote: giraffe

Move over, please, I'll lie down too.
I sit in thought - where have you got to? What's the topic? And here I lie down?
I turn the page back. I read from the last post. And there everything is about the bed and everything about the lie down.
Today I open the topic. It was about pillows and, again, all about the same. I'll lie down again.
In short, I lie down next to you. And let them bake in kindergarten.
Those wishing to participate in baking are invited to the topic!
girls, there are enough pillows for everyone! If Th - I'll bring more! )))))))))))

Husky, but I brought you a featherbed! rest, gain strength and delight us with new masterpieces !!!! ))))
Svetl @ nka
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Svetl @ nka
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came to fill the ranks of the lying! girls, I brought some pads for everyone !!!! ))))))))))
Lyudochka, Master Husky, praise your golden hands !!!!

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girls, there are enough pillows for everyone! if needed -

If Th - if someone doesn't have enough - Huska will make us from choux pastry. Now I won't be surprised at anything. Husky can do EVERYTHING !!!
So I made a basket. But somehow it didn't work out for me. : girl_red: The dough turned out to be good. But it did not want to cling to a high metal bowl in any way. I had to take a disposable mold for rectangular dough (by the way, the finished basket came off very easily).
this is the first difficulty. She began to plant the basket, all the weaving began to gradually slide down. I planted everything, put it in the oven. And the weaving at the oven slid down a little more. The result is a very plump top and the weaving structure is almost invisible. So I think maybe the dough is liquidish.
She took the long-suffering basket off the mold, and it began to settle down and break. I think it's because of the thick top.
In general, here is my sculpture
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.

I will do it again on the weekend for practice. It is also very tasty.

Lyuda thanks
Lyudochka, I brought you a report. Thank you so much for the recipe!
Choux pastry basket.
I'm not a brake, I'm a slow gas, I finally figured out what a profile topic is. I am reporting the dough is super, I did it for the first time and everything worked out, although I still have to train and train to get rid of. Here I will buy pastry bags and work work work.
That's what I did
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.
Filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam. I didn't take a picture in finished form.
Thank you so much for the recipe
here is my basket
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.
Choux pastry basket.
I have a report.
Choux pastry basket.
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I'm not a brake, I'm a slow gas, I finally figured out what a profile topic is

You and I are of the same blood, you and me (s)

Wow girls! What are you all great! Choux pastry baskets are just a godsend! I recently sat here and thought where I could get a basket for Easter and for you! Thoughts materialize!!! Hasochka thanks for such a wonderful find!

mamontenok I'm awful!
here is my report and closer
Choux pastry basket. Choux pastry basket.
Olesenka, hello !! We are glad to see you in our confectionery section !!
I already wrote to you about the basket and roses.They turned out great.
Now I want to add only by photo.
We have one and the same cake or another product, exhibited in one message. You can display one large photo and 2-3 small ones with click-to-zoom magnification.
Here here you can see how to do it correctly. There is generally a lot of necessary information for communication on the pages of Confectionery tricks.
no words ...
Lyudochka, how lovely!
And please give me a pillow
I also
Good afternoon, Lyudmila, tell me please, if you bake a basket tomorrow (Thursday), how can you save it until Sunday, or will it be different?
Lyuda, I just saw your basket! I myself make similar baskets, but I didn't think of choux pastry!
I have 2 baskets in my order for Easter, I want to bake today. Here I am staring at yours. I want to ask how thick the dough should be so that it does not slip off the bowl? And I still haven't opened one photo of the pen - did you make it single or does it consist of two mirror halves?
Please help, we need help urgently !!!!!! I did everything according to the recipe, now I sent the basket to the oven. all the sides slid down, what to do, there is still dough left from the kneading, probably it needs to be redone, but what is the reason, the flour is not enough, this is the first time I come across choux pastry? aluminum mold greased with margarine.
Choux pastry basket. Here's what a clumsy little basket it turned out, my dough was thick and stretched behind the nozzle, I did not want to stay where it squeezed out. I smeared the mold with vegetable oil, but it stuck anyway. I really like the idea, I saw it from yeast, but I decided to try it from custard. Like a fox around a jug now. I'm afraid to break, I cut, she does not lag behind. So I think, next time, wrap the baker's paper with a stapler. I will not Give Up !
Thank you
God, how beautiful !!!!
I read it in the training topic. but I would never have seen this beauty ...
Quote: Sima
I smeared the mold with vegetable oil, but still stuck. Id
And you try to grate unmelted margarine. Instead of p. oils
Alternatively, wrap the cauldron with food foil, lightly grease the rust. oil. Even if it sticks, it's not scary, the foil peels off easily

Added Monday 23 Jan 2017 10:02 PM

But you need to remove from the cauldron ONLY IN A COOLED COLD state

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