My "cannery" - we make our life easier when canning at home.

After a long break, I also wanted to close something for the winter in jars - many on the forum do it, and I need it.
I decided to close several jars of Nezhinsky cucumber salad.

But I'm not going to tell you about the salad recipe - many people make it and know how to do it.

I will share with you my secrets of how I can preserve at home.
However, there are so many of us on the forum that my experience may be far from a secret.

For canning, I use:
A large saucepan that can hold 3 cans of 0.8-1 liter each,
- a flat double boiler with large legs. I use a stand for stacking manti,
- a deep bowl whose edges match the edges of the pan.
- on sale you can buy an additional suction cup for the bowl, so that it is convenient to remove the lid when it is hot.

This is how my handy tools look like:

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Now we collect the "construction" for canning:
- put the pan,
- on the bottom of the pan we put a flat steamer, a stand for manti, only with the legs down on the bottom of the pan,
- pour water into the bottom of the pan (I pour boiling water right away to boil faster) so much that it does not penetrate through the holes of the steamer - about 0.5-0.8 liters.

Now fill the jars with products, fill them with marinade (water, etc.) and set them on a stand.

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

We close the pot with the jars with a deep bowl - the preservation process has started! The jars will be under the lid for 12-15 minutes. I make a small time allowance of 2-3 minutes to boil the water.

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Practically, sterilization of products in cans is done under steam. The water boils (watch the fire), inside is the principle of an autoclave, the steam from the water rises up onto the lid-bowl, cools and falls back down.
Due to the tight fit of the edges of the pan and bowl, a certain tightness of my canning system is achieved.

And I will tell you that with this method, such disgusting phenomena as steam, water, splashes, splashes, and other side troubles of canning are completely absent in the kitchen. And there is no need to put cans in water "shoulder-deep".

With this method, you can even preserve vegetables and fruits without water and then pour marinade or syrup - they do not come into direct contact with the bottom of the pan.

Sterilization completed. I lift the lid-bowl, do it carefully - hot.
This is what we will see after sterilization - the jars are standing as they were, neat and tidy.
The color of the vegetables shows that they have been heat treated.

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Now we take out the cans from the pan, screw them up with lids and set them to cool.

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

I found "Expansion ring" for the pan - put on the second pan from the mantle dish without a bottom - it turned out super !!! After sterilization, I removed the top of the mantle with the lid, put it in the sink, and calmly took out the jars from the pan to screw the lids. I really liked this business !!!
I needed an expansion ring in height, since I sterilized 1 liter cans. Put the jars covered (but not tightly closed !!!) with lids on the wire rack. I went into the saucepan 2 cans of 1 liter each.
With such a ring height, can be steam sterilized, cans with a volume of 1.5-2-3 liters, and possibly more - if only the width of the pan would allow.

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Tins of tomatoes immediately after sterilization. It can be seen from the appearance of the cans that they are completely clean and neat

This is what I wanted to tell and show you!
Hope you find my canning experience useful!
Enjoy your time closing the cans and jars for the winter!

I remembered another plus sign of the installation - you can sterilize jars of various capacities, even the smallest ones, for example 100 ml. and mayonnaise!
How do you like this "Steamer for canning food"?
Up to 14 pieces of 1 liter jars can be sterilized at the same time.

Severin EA 3650

Severin EA 3650 is a special device for food preservation. Now you can save fruits, vegetables and even meat. In addition, a special grid is provided for sterilizing cans. Up to 14 one-liter standard cans can be processed at the same time. Hot drinks are easy to pour thanks to the valve. Using it, you will not burn yourself or spill liquid on the floor. An indicator light will alert you that the appliance is heating up. Cool handles for easy mixing and carrying.

The thing is worthwhile, I planned to buy it for my dacha.
Admin, a very interesting way.
Is a manti stand made from a smaller pan?
But I can't even figure out where to get such a bowl, or do I need to measure the diameter of the pan and look for a bowl of the same diameter?

Lily, the principle itself is important. Steamed in a saucepan.
Now you can find a pot with a thick bottom for 10-15 liters on sale with a regular lid, and put a grate inside. It will be even better, you do not need to remove the lid, and the drops will drip less - it is more convenient to remove the lid. The main thing is that the lid fits snugly, and the pan is large and wide for convenience, put several cans
Got it Tatyana,, there is a 11-liter pan, very convenient, I can't buy a mantool in any way, it was aluminum, but having put an induction cooker I had to melt
I did the wrong thing in a double boiler ...
Now there will be a reason to buy an insert!

Lily, a large selection of mantovers and large metal steamers on Ozone.
And when buying, pay attention to the diameter of the bottom so that at least three cans of 0.8 liters each can fit, and the displacement ... this is how much you need
can you do it in a pressure cooker? Is there for 5 liters - 3 cans will fit, or is there a principle that it is hermetically sealed?

Why? All methods and devices have a place to be. I have gas at home, it is more practical for me to sterilize this way.
We have autoclave theme
I went to the topic of autoclaves, and I have a pressure cooker for gas - save, I'll try to do it according to the method above, there is a casserole with a thick bottom, I'll go try on a basin!
I'll tell you a story about male and female thinking. I decided to try this method of sterilization, because I like Tatiana's recipes. I went to look for a mantle cooker on legs, walked around the nearby shops and then moved on to distant ones, there is no such miracle in our village. Of course, I have a mantle pot, but the stand is not on legs, but on the rim, I am afraid that the banks will collapse. On sale the same thing, damn it. I am sitting at home over cucumbers, I have become disheartened (just like my sister Alyonushka). :) My husband saw and asks that you are sitting there ..... I didn't want to talk, because it will start again ..... nafig you invent it ... and. etc. No, I was mistaken, quickly gave me a bunch of home options:
1. Place the stand in the micra on legs in a saucepan
2. Stand for hot food on legs (even my grandmother had such a stand, maybe remember there were iron ones on legs).
3 And if it doesn’t fit, then I’ll bend you whatever you want from wire ...
Just don't be sad ... It's nice .. I took my grandmother's stand. That's how I sterilized with steam, quickly and cleanly, the cucumbers are already in the jars. 5 minutes and you're done. Thank you, Tatiana for the way.

Well, we love to create problems for ourselves
Correctly, my husband suggested - at least weave from wire, only there was something to put the banks on

Olya, I also have an ordinary metal stand in a lattice, only so that it does not fall on its side when you need to put the cans - and we will be happy
Use on normal days as a steamer stand for daily cooking

The main thing is that now you have no problems with canning!
: drinks_milk: That's right, general of the blanks
Tatyana, the pepper according to Zakhariya's recipe is already spread out in the jars!)
The cannery was built ...
But the question arose - should you cover the jars during sterilization? Or do you put them without lids, and sterilize the lids separately and then tighten them?
I can just cover up ... But I wanted to clarify!)))
And thanks for the Idea. Everything was found in the house ...

Added Sunday 28 Aug 2016 15:09

Here ...My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Added Sunday 28 Aug 2016 03:44 PM

I then see in the photo that your jars WITH LIDS, but ... is it at the time of sterilization or after?

Rita, cover the jars with lids before sterilization - just cover them! But don't twist!
You need to twist them when they are already on the table, after sterilization - we take them out of the structure, put them on the table, and then tighten them tightly.
And put the cans on the lid until they cool completely!

Good luck! Waiting ....
Tanya, I did just that. I covered it up. I sterilized it, took it out, twisted it!)))

I liked the method!
Here they are before wrapping up ...My cannery - making life easier when canning at home

Rita, congratulations! I hope that now you will always use the plant.It is convenient without steam-water-mud and fear of dropping the can
Scops owl
And I just have a mantle cooker. Now it can still be used for these purposes, not only for making manti.

Come on, come on - do not be afraid, everything will work out You will also rejoice
Tanya, thank you for such valuable advice! After all, live and learn! Always sterilized in water. A couple from this was a lot. And this season I will sterilize your way. I have two coasters made of old mantis. So I applied them. I put the enamel bucket on and cover it with a lid. Perfectly simple! Now you don't need to pour half a bucket of water to sterilize a can of juice.
Quote: marika33
sterilize the juice can.

You don't know that now you can even one small jar of 50-100 ml. sterilize!
To do this, it is enough to use a small sized saucepan - and it will be ok! And a drop of time
Tanya, now I know, I already do it. And so grateful to you for that! Here everywhere they write that sterilize in water or in the oven. She did this all her life. And there are so many problems in the water. If you sterilize the pepper for stuffing, the jar sometimes does not want to stand completely in the water, because it put the load.
And now beauty!
Girls, one tip ~ I have already sterilized twice, using a regular plastic steamer on legs from a multicooker as a stand. Then I have a 3 liter jar in the pan.
It turns out great.
Admin, however, a great way to sterilize. Another plus - after the first batch, you can immediately put the next cans, without fear that they will burst from boiling water. And there is no need to adjust the volume of water if the cans are of different heights!
Thank you!

Yes, Luda - that's right! It does not depend on the height or volume of the cans! Although pharmaceutical beakers
And you won't burn yourself with the water, the cans are easy to remove
Girls, please tell me how long, in time, to sterilize jars of tomatoes in Korean? Usually I sterilized hot and warm cans in water, everything was clear to me, but now I put the cans over the steam and a question arose.

I sterilize liter jars of tomatoes for 10 minutes - that's enough
Banks 500-700 ml. - 5-7 minutes.

The time is counted from the moment the water boils, when strong steam forms inside the pan.
Tanya, thanks! I got it empirically. While I was writing the message, while I was reading the news, and when I lifted the lid, I realized that it was too late. In short, the second batch was sterilized for 10 minutes., 800 gr cans. I was confused that the tomato jars were cold, and I thought that steaming was a long process. But now I know that steam sterilization is very convenient. Thanks to the author!
Quote: sokolinka
But now I know that steam sterilization is very convenient. Thanks to the author!

Tanya, to your health!
Now you will not be in another way, it is difficult to be from good, especially when there is not enough dirt
Soooo, I read it diagonally - I didn't understand everything
how to do it, I realized what I need, I won't even close the branch until the evening - so that I would immediately read
My head is really bad today and there are still so many things to do
lana light
Admin, Tanya, is this sterilization method suitable for freshly boiled (hot) salad and vegetables pickled in a cold marinade (cold, not boiled)?
Or in the second case, vegetables need to be brought to a boil at least before sterilization?
Sveta, suitable for any way of processing vegetables, both cold and hot.
The jars are placed on a wire rack, and while the water is boiling, the contents inside are slowly warmed up and then sterilized by boiling water. And I start the countdown of the sterilization time from the moment the cans are warmed up, from the moment the water boils in a saucepan under the cans.

But, if this is, for example, vegetable caviar, pre-cooked until fully cooked, boiled, then I immediately put this in the jars and close it under the lids and put on the lids until it cools completely. Such canned food does not need to be warmed up and sterilized again.

Look at my blanks in the section, and decide
lana light
Just your recipes and look!
Recently did
My cannery - making life easier when canning at homeSalad cucumbers, snack bars, nezhinsky

Two 0.5 liter cans were sterilized in SV Shteba for 5 minutes on the Vegetables 0.7 mode, two 0.5 liters each in AG - 15 minutes at 150 * C. Both air grills are swollen, from the SV are normal.
For hot salads, usually 15 minutes in AG at 150 * C is enough to sterilize 1 liter of cans, I have been doing this for several years, the cans do not swell, they stand well even at room temperature
Yesterday I decided to make a salad according to the recipe
My cannery - making life easier when canning at homeCanned vegetable salad (without oil and without sautéing onions)

The principle of cooking is the same - cold pickling, then steam sterilization. I’m thinking, maybe I misunderstood something? In the second recipe, the time is only 5-7 minutes for 0.5 liter cans after boiling water in a saucepan. During this time, the salad would not have heated up to a boil. Is such short-term heating really enough ?! Although you write that the jars are fine

Jars of vegetables are heated gradually, reaching a hot state inside (while they are heating up and while the water is boiling), everything is hot inside and outside.

SvetaI have a few jars from last year that are not eaten, are fine. I open it - the vegetables are crunchy, not overcooked and tasty.

If you doubt - make a couple of cans and put them in "quarantine" for a month, and check them after the fact.
I have absolutely all canned food in quarantine for about a month. This is enough to track their condition. And then I put it in the pantry for storage.
Girls, hello everyone and delicious preparations. Last year, at the same time, I had a question about the sterilization of vegetable preparations. And now the question is about the sterilization of pork stew. Do not throw your slippers, please explain how to do it right. Put out the meat in a saucepan until cooked, put it straight into liter jars and put it in a mantle cooker. From what moment should you count 20 minutes? From the moment the water boils in the pot, or for reliability, from the moment the liquid in the jar boils? I really want everything to be edible and useful. And another question for the concept of a process. All cans of stew do not fit immediately into the mantool. Accordingly, the second batch already has time to cool down a bit. In this case, how to count the time? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

In general, the countdown time starts from the moment the water boils in the pan.

We have a section on the autoclave for canned meat and fish
Tanya, thank you very much. Intellectually understand that from the moment the water boils. I decided in the old fashioned way, in a pot of water. Somehow it’s calmer. Thanks again.
Quote: sokolinka
And now the question is about the sterilization of pork stew. Do not throw your slippers, please explain how to do it right.Put out the meat in a saucepan until cooked, put it straight into liter jars and put it in a mantle cooker. From what moment should you count 20 minutes?
for stew, this sterilization time is too short. See how it is correct:
My cannery - making life easier when canning at homeNatural canned food (stew or "in its own juice") on the stove without an autoclave, pressure cooker and preservatives

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