Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)

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Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)


Egg 1 PC.
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.
Flour 5 tbsp. l.
Salt, sugar taste
Kefir (curdled milk or sour cream) 1 stack.
Soda, gash. vinegar 0.5 tsp
Grated cheese
Filling (optional)

Cooking method

  • Try to remember to criss-cross the bottom of the parchment when baking. Although I was already well shaken out.
  • Pour the dough, ketchup on top of it, then any filling. I have a sausage in the fridge with pickles. Top with mayonnaise, green onions and grated cheese. Try it - you won't regret it. Yes!! Forgot on "baking" 45 minutes and 20 minutes on heating

I tried it, it's delicious)) thanks! only the dough had to be baked for 20 minutes and only then put the filling, otherwise everything was sunk * JOKINGLY * In general, it turned out deliciously, the crust is soft
And I drowned a little, but it still works great! glad you liked!
Here's my pizza:
Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)

After reading your comments about the drowned pizza, I added a couple of tablespoons of flour and nothing was drowned anywhere. Everything kept afloat. The children really liked it. Thanks for the recipe !!!
I also thought about adding flour for the future: yes: in the next. if so I will
Eskimo girl
Great recipe. I cook very often
I bake in my MV on the "Roasting vegetables" mode for 60 min.
Delicious pizza! It had to be done very quickly, so the view is not very good. Thanks for the recipe!
Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)
I wonder if it will turn out in the oven?
You can safely bake, any pizza in the oven will work
Thank you very much for the recipe! This is now my favorite dish, I bake it almost every day and all the time I remember the need to thank.
My whole family likes it. And personally for myself, I make a super dietary option: I put even less flour, without salt and sugar (the main thing is that the kefir is good), vegetables and a little cheese. Vkuuuusnoooo !!!
Thanks again!
I also baked every day on vacation. We took it with us to the sea as a snack! Very good recipe! Thank you!!!
Great pizza. But, unfortunately, I could not pull it out normally for the parchment with a "Cross". next time I will line the whole form with paper. And it's just a thrill) Soft and juicy.
My pizza is baking now. Flour added in excess of 1 tbsp. l. I dripped ketchup on the dough, put sausages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and sprinkled with cheese. It's a pity that I discovered that I no longer have parchment ... I hope that I can get it all out of the cartoon.
And here she is!
Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)
Tasty, no words! They have already devoured everything. I mastered 2 pieces and got real pleasure
Thanks for the recipe. For a long time the kids promised pizza, but the heat is so hot that this event threatened to move away until the autumn period. And then I discovered a recipe .... Straight magic wand!
bakes !!! and smells
Quote: Infinity83

bakes !!! and smells
should be tasty, but not this time ... the dough turned out to be very soft, like I put in more flour ..
Thanks for the recipe
I did it in a pressure cooker on "baking" for 36 minutes and immediately pulled it out (I didn't keep it heated).

Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX) Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX) Bulk pizza (multicooker DEX)
And my pizza was not baked, although it added time, in the baking mode for 45 minutes, then added another 15 minutes. Maybe a little flour gave - 6 tablespoons without a slide?
Something did not work out ... One cycle (45 minutes) was not enough for Baking. The bottom was fried, and the middle was not baked.
For P1.
7 tbsp. l flour with a slide, do not extinguish soda.
Ketchup drops, sausage or ham thinly, grated cheese. Furnace 10 min. from inclusion.

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