5 tips for learning Spanish effectively

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5 tips for learning Spanish effectively"Spanish is an easy language" - this is often the comment you hear from people who do not speak Spanish. If you are learning this language, you will realize that speaking Spanish fluently is not so easy.

Take, for example, the inflection of irregular verbs or the "favorite" grammatical topic of all beginners "el subjuntivo" - you must admit that it takes more than one year to begin to intuitively feel situations that require the use of this grammatical construction.

Although Spanish is also difficult to call difficult. Indeed, in comparison with other languages, on the imaginary "scale of complexity", Cervantes' speech is significantly inferior to Arabic, Chinese. Let's talk about the secrets and life hacks to help you speak Spanish better.

No matter how complex or simple a foreign language is, one statement is obvious - there are no “magic” methods for learning quickly and effectively. In order to be successful in learning any language, and in general, in order for any serious business, which you would not start, to be crowned with success, only one thing is needed - your time. If you add a pinch of motivation and regularity to this element, your level of language proficiency will move to a higher level in six months or a year.

If you are ready to devote enough time and effort to learning one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world, and also plan to do it regularly, then the following tips will come in handy.

Motivate yourself

Expect to learn Spanish in three weeks, or in a month, as many textbooks and mobile apps promise, is unrealistic. This is a long-term process that requires constant effort and improvement on your part. It is important to realize that both white and black stripes await you on this difficult path.

White stripes are periods of heightened mood when Spanish will seem so beautiful, light and so euphoric ... Usually, the period of euphoria quickly ends and gradually turns into a period of frustration and lack of motivation. It is at such moments that it is important not to get confused, to recognize the "black bar" and continue to regularly allocate half an hour or an hour of daily efforts. Don't forget about motivation. It is happiness to discover a new language, unfamiliar culture and new people!

Don't learn the rules

There are no people who enjoy learning grammar. But this is a skeleton, without which it will be difficult for you to move on. If you master the basic rules of the language functioning and master the basic constructions, further learning Spanish will bring only positive emotions.

And do not forget that the rules exist in order to become familiar with them, and in no case in order to learn them by heart! Even if you do not understand something in grammar, it is enough just to reread the rule several times and continue studying. When your vocabulary increases and you understand speech better by ear, return to the incomprehensible rules, and this time, believe me, they will seem much easier to you.

Learn new vocabulary in context

Everyone remembers how in school in English lessons we were forced to memorize lists of words by heart. That is, for example, if today we are studying the topic "Appearance", then tomorrow we will write a dictation on this topic. And on the eve, it was necessary in some incredible way to put into the head 30-40 new words related to appearance. Of course, the words were forgotten immediately after the completion of the dictation.

5 tips for learning Spanish effectivelyIn fact, only 400-500 first words are subject to “memorizing”, and even then only when you start learning a language “from scratch”, when there is still no possibility of forming pairs of words or associations.As soon as your level of Spanish reaches the “Basic” mark, forget about the word as an independent element of the language and get used to thinking in phrases.

Let's give an example. If you need to learn the word "blanco" (white), then try to find a pair for it - "paloma blanca" (white dove) and visualize the image of a white dove in your head. If you come across unfamiliar words in the text, write them down along with the words next to them.

Plunge into Wednesday

Note, by "immersion in the speech environment" we do not mean to go to live or study in Spain. There is no doubt that spending some time in the country you are learning is an unforgettable experience. But this experience absolutely does not guarantee you fluency in the language.

Create your own artificial language environment. Watch movies in their original language, read articles in online newspapers and magazines, listen to podcasts, look for people to talk to online and in real life.

Make mistakes

The most important tip is to change your attitude towards mistakes! Yes, school taught us to be afraid to make mistakes, but it is important to understand that only after making a mistake, you will learn a lesson. Spaniards are very pleasant and open-minded people, so do not be afraid to make mistakes and, perhaps, sometimes say stupid things. You will be corrected, understood, advised, or have a friendly laugh with you.

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