Depression - the sweet state of lifelessness

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Depression - the sweet state of lifelessnessWhy do holidays end with depression? Why does life often resemble gray infinity? Why isn't being in a state of lifelessness sweet? Why does the profession destroy a person?

The holiday has passed and emptiness has come. Often people perceive the end of the holidays tragically - they have passed and there is nothing left but good memories and days when they could take a break from work. People do not appreciate what they have, they look at the positive with regret, perceive the past as something that will never be. We went on vacation and saw wonderful things, beautiful people and a different culture.

They come back and immediately the depression begins - a good vacation is over. This will never happen again. Even if you go there, you will not experience such experiences.

Why do people perceive positivity differently? It all depends on what emotional tone the person is in. In high - he is happy, because something good happened to him and there is a feeling in himself of the strength to repeat it. He knows what standards he should have, knows what he wants and what it will be. If a person does not feel the strength to repeat certain actions, it seems to him that he was lucky by chance, this should not have happened. He does not believe that he is worthy of what he received.

Advice... By all means raise your emotional tone. Believe in yourself and take every failure as a small barrier to a big goal. Set big goals and boldly, courageously move towards them.

To abstract from the thoughts of people who do not believe in you, and do your little actions, despite the weather, loneliness, noise, talkativeness of others. Change the society that prevents you from developing. Change jobs that make you depressed. Change your lifestyle to one that is comfortable for you.

Each holiday is a certain stage of life. But, if you can see what will happen next, then it is not at all scary that something beautiful has passed. And the beautiful happens not only on holidays, but every day, you just need to look a little more attentively at the world around you and share your positive emotions every day and get good energy in return.

Sweet state of lifelessness

When a person is in a low tone, it is he who has reached states of lifelessness - fear, grief, apathy. In such states, it is difficult to understand the value of life. Lifelessness tastes sweet. You sleep and understand that you do not need to get up, because you have no strength. The state of weakness is sweet, crafty, it tightens more and more. And you say: "Okay, I'll lie down a little more." Why don't people want to get out of these states?

Because when you get out of such states, you have to overcome a moment of discomfort. For example, if a person does not play sports, you have to strain very hard to do something. Why does it hurt? Therefore, the muscles were in a state of lifelessness, when a person brings them to a state of vitality, it hurts them to be alive. Therefore, what was deactivated worked.

Depression - the sweet state of lifelessnessThe same with emotions - a person wants to be happy, but the state of the unhappy is sweet. In order to be happy, one has to wade through an unhappy state, strain. And when a person overcomes this, it even hurts a little. Because he gets such sensations that he has not experienced before. And they are not familiar.

After all, emotions come from a good movie, in the theater, from travel, dancing, sports. And they give them up for the deceptive comfort of home TV, on the couch. Many people, if noticed, find it difficult to go to school. Why study? They know everything.They have to work their way through the energy that needs to be invested, the discomfort of familiarity and stability in order to learn. And they are faced with the fact that even the head can hurt, the mind, because they have not been trained before.

Advice... These conditions are best avoided. If you had to get into them, then you need to quickly get out of them, find things that will interest you and distract you, go out more with people, communicate more, get more emotions from the world around you. Why is a person depressed? Because he doesn't get the credit for his work if he doesn't do it well.

Advice... Work in your place, do your own thing and be inclined to take risks, experiment, seek your comfort and happiness, and not go to hard labor. Improve yourself as a person, go in for sports in order to direct energy to fulfill your dreams.

Yarmolenko V.O.

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