Music comforts and inspires

Music comforts and inspiresA country girl, disappointed in her first love, expresses her grief in a song. This is how a wonderful folk song arises. Not every woman knows how to create songs, but everyone can sing, and singing fills the soul with joy.

Day and night - day away

Day and night day awayOne, two, three - it took some time until we said these three short words. How much exactly?

Something like one second. Compared to an hour, this is not much. Time is very relative. Sometimes it seems that we feel it physiologically - how painfully the waiting time drags on! But it is worth doing some exciting business - and time will pass imperceptibly, rapidly, as if it will be reduced thousands of times.

Like everything alive

Like everything aliveMan is the master of the world. And at the same time, he is a representative of only one of more than a million species of living things that live on Earth. Perhaps it is worth giving the full zoological "title" of the crown of nature:

Color of the sea

Color of the seaThe sea is often referred to as "blue". What is it really like?

Back in 1883, the scientist Spring, examining distilled water in long (five-meter) tubes, enclosed in opaque cases, discovered that the water in these tubes has a clear and delicate blue color.

Singer's palette

Singer's palette“This trembling, ringing sound had a strange effect on all of us ... This first sound was followed by another, harder and more drawn out, but still, apparently, trembling like a string, when, suddenly ringing under a strong finger, it vibrates last, quickly dying hesitation ... "Turgenev will use the words" ringing "," ringing "," ringing "many times, describing the singing of Yashka Turk in the story" Singers ". Is this accidental? Was it only auditory perception that guided the author of The Hunter's Notes?

February in the suburbs

February in the suburbsThe days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and the frosts are still strong, and the snow is falling. But at noon, melt water is already running from the rooftops.

With the increase in the solar arc, the length of the day increases steadily. If at the beginning of the month daylight hours in the Moscow region lasted 8 hours 38 minutes, then at the end - 10 hours 34 minutes.

Whom does the boozer graze?

Whom the bootes grazeWhom does Bootes graze? Volov, of course. However, everything is far from so simple when it comes to the star shepherd, the constellation Bootes.

Usually, acquaintance with the stars begins for us with two seven-star buckets - the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Winter White Paper

Winter White PaperThis book of winter is amazing. Its white pages are spread wide across forests, fields and meadows - wherever the ground is covered with snow. On it, like on a blank sheet of paper, there are many intricate notes. And each is done in its own handwriting - large or small, clear or illegible.

A hitch or a hitch?

Hitch or bullshitAttempts "Fix" one or another proverb and saying, to clarify and clarify its meaning are encountered quite often. This is due to the antiquity of many proverbs and sayings, partial or complete oblivion of literally their meaning, polysemy, which sometimes allows them to be interpreted in different ways.

How our senses enable us to learn about things around us

how our senses make it possible to know the surrounding objectsWhen a person wants to get acquainted with some object for the first time, to find out what properties he possesses and what he is, he always starts with direct observation of this object. He has a need to examine this object, determine its color, shape, taste, smell, and hear, if possible. Only having done all this to one degree or another, one can say something definite about the subject, express one's judgment about it.

High and low

High and lowThe concept of high and low in a language may seem somewhat outdated to us. After all, practical stylistics has developed a ramified system of functional styles.The use of various speech means is strictly regulated in it in accordance with the circumstances and purpose of the statement.


DandelionThe world around us is rich and diverse. You just need to learn to understand him and use his gifts correctly. And for a sensitive, careful attitude, he will open in all his splendor, as did this unpretentious and graceful flower - the medicinal dandelion, which has settled almost throughout the country.

Entomological research in Egypt

Entomological research in EgyptEntomology is the science of insects. It includes a whole range of scientific disciplines that develop theoretical and practical issues related to the life and activity of these usually small, but numerous and diverse animals.

Tips for the novice medicinal plant picker

Tips for the novice medicinal plant pickerBefore going into a field or forest for medicinal herbs, we strongly recommend that you consult a pharmacy, whose workers will help you clarify certain botanical features of various medicinal plants, so that when collecting not to be confused with herbs that are close to them in appearance, but not subject to collection.

The value of memory in human life

The value of memory in human lifeAmong other mental processes, memory has a great "pedagogical significance".

Bakery of the "green house"

Bread embassy of the green houseFor many centuries people have been studying the flora around them, and there is no end in sight to discoveries. The subjects of their search are the resources of food, energy, meeting the needs of health care, home improvement, the development of many types of industry, etc.

What do we know about iron

What do we know about ironWe often do not realize the essence of the significance of many familiar notions. Let's try to focus on the thought that we know about iron. It turns out that it surrounds us from all sides. The walls of the new large houses are pierced with steel bars that make up the frame of their reinforced concrete body.

Stone rivers

Stone riversIn one place in the Caucasus, near the beach, pebbles were taken for construction. As a result, the beach disappeared. It turns out that the builders upset the balance between the amount of inflow and outflow of pebbles. They have forgotten that pebbles and sand do not lie motionless on the shore, or maybe they did not know about the existence of stone rivers.

Polar lights

Polar lightsThe auroras are as beautiful as they are mysterious. The enthusiastic verbosity with which they talk about their beauty is replaced by unintelligible “probably”, “presumably”, “it seems to us”, as soon as it comes to the origin and properties of this amazing phenomenon.

Learn English on your own

Learn English on your ownEnglish, like any other, can be learned in many different ways.

5 tips for learning Spanish effectively

5 tips for learning Spanish effectively"Spanish is an easy language" - this is often the comment you hear from people who do not speak Spanish. If you are learning this language, you will realize that speaking Spanish fluently is not so easy.

How to avoid the trap of getting a job abroad

to work abroadEmployment abroad attracts a large number of people, therefore hundreds and even thousands of employees are seriously considering the possibility of going abroad to earn money.

Depression - the sweet state of lifelessness

Depression - the sweet state of lifelessnessWhy do holidays end with depression? Why does life often resemble gray infinity? Why isn't being in a state of lifelessness sweet? Why does the profession destroy a person?

Loss of the Russian national football team as an element of political strategy

The art of cookery in literary works

The art of cookery in literary worksNowadays, cooks are usually called culinary specialists. However, in the old encyclopedic dictionaries, the word “cooking” is absent, and if it does occur, it is not deciphered in detail. But about the cooking business is told in detail, in detail. It belongs to the field of arts. The articles were called: "Cook's Art".

Retrospective: about the pastry chef

Retrospective about the pastry chefThere is something of a fairy tale in the work of a pastry chef. Not from a fairy tale in general, but from a winter, New Year's fairy tale.Maybe because he deals with creams and oranges, almonds and candied fruits - these indispensable components of holiday cooking. Or maybe because the pastry chef looks like a good magician.

Table decoration and food decoration

Table decoration and food decorationSome housewives think whether the table looks beautiful - it's the tenth thing, the main thing is it would be clean and tasty. We disagree with this opinion. Beautifully decorated food and tastefully served table are needed to satisfy our aesthetic needs and for purely utilitarian purposes - for better assimilation of food, and ultimately testify to the owners' sincere desire to make the holiday, as they say, pleasant for guests from all sides.

Feast with guests

Feast with guestsAny celebration in the family is simply unthinkable here without a feast. They are accompanied by general holidays and meetings with friends for no particular reason ... Speaking of a feast, we mean exactly a long sitting at the table, as they say, "bursting" from the abundance of food and drink. As a rule, few of the guests leave without being “overloaded”, at least with food.

Drawing on material using fruits and vegetables

This method of decorating materials uses fruits and vegetables with a hard skin or hard flesh, such as lemons, oranges, bananas, apples, cabbage, peppers, etc. Cut the fruit into halves or quarters. Two fruits usually produce four patterns for printing a pattern.

Online shopping tips

Online shopping tipsOnline stores today are the most convenient and economical form of obtaining the desired product. This is especially true for residents of those settlements where there are difficulties with access to retail outlets. Sellers simply do not risk buying some goods due to low demand - this is where the online store comes to the rescue.

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