10 recipes for bread in a bread maker

Bread maker recipes

Imagine: you wake up in the morning not by an alarm clock, but by the warm aroma of freshly baked bread spreading from your kitchen. Mmmm ... Sounds tempting? Then you are ready to purchase a bread maker.

The first automatic bread makers appeared in 1980 and since then they have gradually gained popularity. In our time, perhaps, you can divide people into those who already have a bread maker and those who have not yet heard of it. A bread maker is one of the most successful and useful items in the kitchen.

How to use a bread maker

How to use

With our instructions, you will be able to bake a lovely loaf in a bread maker the very first time. The tips are general, should work for all bread makers, and should be applied in conjunction with the instructions for your bread machine. Use fresh, quality ingredients as you cannot expect good results from expired flour or yeast.

Bread maker Hitachi HB-B100 (instruction)

Bread Maker HB-B100

The deliveries of this model to Russia have been discontinued since 1996. However, if you are already one of the happy owners of this bread machine and for some reason have lost the operating instructions, download it on this page.

A word to the manufacturer:

We bring to your attention several recipes for the Hitachi bread maker. We hope that after reading them, you can be convinced of the variety of capabilities of our bread makers.

Plain White Bread (Plain Loaf)

Plain White Bread (Small Loaf)

Plain white bread (Big loaf)

Sweet banana bread

Traditional challah

Bread with walnuts

Bread with vegetables

Rye bread

Sunflower healthy bread



Croissants (puff bagels)

Pizza (HB-E303 only)

Strawberry Jam (HB-E303 only)

Blueberry Jam (HB-E303 only)

Apricot Jam (HB-E303 only)

Fruit cupcake

Instructions for the Hitachi HB-C103 bread maker

Automatic bread maker of large capacity (500 gr.) Hitachi HB-C103

Bread Maker Hitachi HB-C1035 operating modes: bread / toasted bread, quick bread, whole wheat bread, muffin, dough

Instructions for the Hitachi HB-E303 bread maker

Automatic bread maker extra large capacity (900 gr.) Hitachi HB-E303

Bread Maker Hitachi HB-E303MANUFACTURER COUNTRY: Japan.

Description and technical characteristics of mini-bakery SD-207

Bread maker: DIY bread baking

Homemade bread

Homemade baking requires a lot of patience, attention, and of course, time. That is why in our hasty age there are not so many families left where housewives pamper household members with fresh, warm homemade bread, muffins, and buns. Meanwhile, modern home appliances will allow you to pamper your household with fresh baked goods. The bread makers are fully automated and withstand temperature, time, baking modes with perfect accuracy.

Panasonic SD-253 bread maker review

Instructions and recipes for the Panasonic SD-253 bread maker

Description and technical characteristics of the Panasonic SD-253 bread machine

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