WillowEach breed is, as it were, historically assigned to certain soil and climatic conditions, that is, it has its own area.

"Close" heart

Cramped heartHow often do we use expressions such as “heart snapped” - about a sudden feeling of fright, or “relieved from the heart” - when relief from anxiety comes. But a person who has an attack of heart pain as a result of oxygen starvation will try to convey his feelings at this moment in approximately these words. For greater persuasiveness, he will still bring his hand to his chest and clench his fist tightly.

Green fertilizer and grass mulch

Green fertilizer and grass mulchIn essence, here we will continue talking about the implementation of reserves hidden in plant residues. Indeed, the tops, grass cuttings, weeds weeded out contain a large amount of nutrients. If you find a method for their extraction (extraction), then for feeding horticultural crops it is not necessary to wait for the green waste to settle in the compost heap and turn into humus.

Traveling through calendars

Traveling through calendarsThe prehistoric city of the Tiahuanaco Indians, located in the Andes at a four-kilometer height, has asked scientists many mysteries. Among them was the original calendar, which was only recently deciphered. Days and nights are depicted in this calendar by the heads of condors and cougars carved in stone: it is known that condors are daytime birds, and the cougar hunts exclusively at night.

Five degrees of severity of insomnia

Five degrees of severity of insomnia

Let's try to figure out what can be considered insomnia. Where is the border between the forced lack of sleep and the onset of the disease?

Let's try to divide the dream into separate elements arranged in a certain sequence.

How to eat for the elderly

How to eat for the elderly

Previously, the adult population was divided into the following age groups: adult age (Status adultus) - from 25 to 40 years for women and from 26 to 45 years for men; mature age (Status maturitas) - from 40 to 55 years for women and from 45 to 55 years for men; senile age (Status senectus) - over 55 years.

A hitch or a hitch?

Hitch or bullshitAttempts "Fix" one or another proverb and saying, to clarify and clarify its meaning are encountered quite often. This is due to the antiquity of many proverbs and sayings, partial or complete oblivion of literally their meaning, polysemy, which sometimes allows them to be interpreted in different ways.

Hamadrills: sounds, facial expressions, gestures

HamadrilsThe language of animals is an extremely interesting phenomenon. And if earlier only biologists and zoopsychologists were engaged in the study of it, now here a wide field of activity has opened up for physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and linguists.

Hygienic self-massage

Hygienic self-massageHygienic self-massage is used as a tonic after morning exercises. Its systematic use raises the vital activity of the body, enhances blood circulation and lymph flow, deepens breathing, increases metabolism and contributes to the proper development of the body.

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