What trends in the fashion world will spring 2020 bring?

Times change, and with them the world of fashion. Spring is approaching, which means that the moment has come to find out what trends this time she brought.

The first thing to pay attention to is pastel colors in clothes, ranging from light dresses to classic trousers with arrows. You should not ignore the nude, which was and remains in fashion.

To be painted or not?

To be painted or notTo paint, but under one condition: if you have a good friend. I may be asked what is in common? And what a good friend will tell you directly, if you start to abuse paints and become funny.

Just do not cause ridicule in old age! This is your main task. A smeared, old wrinkled face can evoke sympathy at best, but in general, everyone laughs at such a woman.

Foamy body cleansers - use with care

Foamy body washAre you using body and face cleansers that are too foamy? This is why you should stop using them now!

Foamy skin cleansers: If washing your face and body produces too much lather, you should probably get rid of them. Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia explains why.

Making a foot scrub at home

Making a foot scrub at homeUnder the influence of various unfavorable factors, the epidermis begins to coarse, as the top layer of cells dies off. If we talk about the feet, then this is facilitated by constant walking, tight shoes, health problems, too dry air and much more. And as a result, a woman has calluses, cracks and corns on her legs.

Foot, shoes, fashion

Foot, shoes, fashion"After all, we are bitter sufferers if a shoe shakes our toes." Who will not subscribe to these lines of H. Heine! Who doesn't want to wear soft, lightweight, comfortable shoes!

How to choose a foundation?

How to choose a foundationThe wrong choice of foundation can be a big problem for a woman, as it can be fraught with the appearance of allergic reactions, skin inflammation and excessive peeling.

Homemade masks for split ends

Homemade masks for split endsHealthy and beautiful hair is the hallmark of every girl. To keep them beautiful, you have to make an effort and take care of their condition.

Thalassotherapy. Sea treatment at home

ThalassotherapyThalassotherapy ("thalasso" - sea, "therapy" - treatment) - the direction and its products. Today "sea treatment" is used to relax and reduce stress, prevent aging, and maintain healthy blood circulation in the body.

Seven secrets of slimming with clothes - tips for men

Seven secrets to getting leaner with clothes - tips for menClothing experts have long understood that carelessly chosen clothing can make a fat person barrel-shaped. Correctly chosen clothing, on the contrary, will outwardly reduce its thickness.

The age of the man and his hair

The age of the man and his hairHair styles are changeable. Hair length is sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, popular haircuts change like political campaigns. However, there are several general considerations.

Cosmetic properties of pistachio oil

Cosmetic properties of pistachio oilPistachio nuts are the fruit of the pistachio tree. The edible part of pistachios is a nut surrounded by a numb and very hard shell. Pistachios are healthy and full of nutritional value due to their low calorie count.

How to extend the durability of a manicure

How to extend the durability of a manicureTo prolong the durability of a manicure, you can use gel polish, but many believe that it has a bad effect on the condition of the nail plate.

How face shape influences the choice of sunglasses

How face shape influences the choice of sunglasses

Beauty from within

Beauty from withinLooking good for a woman is the norm. This is everyday life, and not at all the prerogative of holidays and parties. Many people understand this, but few know how to achieve it.

Body and face care after thirty

Taking care of beauty after thirtyA physically active lifestyle keeps us in a state of vigor and prolongs youth. But there are other means for this, the role of which for us increases over the years. These include cosmetics.

Curious about beauty and care

Curious about beauty and careAs the author of the New York-based book What's the Difference? Men and women in comparison ”JB Stump, according to the results of all intellectual texts, there are no significant differences between people of different genders.

Coconut oil for hair beauty: application secrets

Coconut oil for hair beautyToday, many scientists have come to the conclusion that synthetic components can hardly compete with natural remedies. Nature has already tried, giving mankind this or that healing remedy.

Wardrobe for expectant mothers

Wardrobe for expectant mothersWaiting for a baby is one of the most wonderful periods in a woman's life. So why overshadow it with ugly, "comfortable" things? You can look 100% even in position.

How to take care of your hands?

How to care for your handsThe skin on the hands is much thinner than on the face, almost devoid of a layer of subcutaneous fat and contains much less sebaceous glands. That is why it, deprived of natural protection, quickly becomes thinner, coarser and more easily amenable to age-related changes.

Homemade hairspray: 5 effective recipes

Homemade hairspray recipesCosmetic varnish is the most popular hair care product. With its help, fashionistas create amazing hairstyles. Unfortunately, the varnish causes irreparable harm to the hair: the hair becomes dry and brittle. In addition, the chemicals in it dry out the scalp and can cause severe allergic reactions. You can replace the varnish with safe folk recipes.

The Expert's Fast Weight Loss Diet

The Expert's Fast Weight Loss DietYou may be tired of clichés like “health needs to be protected” or “we are what we eat”, but these are the golden rules for life and prosperity, especially today. Nowadays, the general health of people around the world is gradually deteriorating and the way of life is becoming unhealthy. Illness from unhealthy lifestyles spreads across all walks of life, and we exercise on a treadmill to achieve healthy body weight. Due to most of our jobs, we are struggling to lose weight and are now reaching a stage where body weight becomes a major concern. Abnormally high body weight or obesity makes you prone to blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Facial skin problems: basic types and tips

Facial skin problems: basic types and tips

Today, the problem with the skin of the face is not news for the common person. Modern ecology and the rhythm of life leave their mark on the exterior. A person's face is a kind of public passport. After all, they meet, as you know, in appearance. Facial skin problems should not be run, otherwise the risk of developing the disease can lead to serious consequences. The article discusses the main possible problems and provides general recommendations for treatment and elimination.

Cellulite - how to effectively defeat

Cellulite - how to effectively defeatAlmost all women have a problem - cellulite. It is also called "orange peel". What is not being done to get rid of this ailment. Many even resort to liposuction. How can you tell if you have cellulite? Where cellulite is localized, the skin changes: a change in relief is found, the skin becomes cool, sometimes it can become covered with spots.

Cellulite is a disturbance in the subcutaneous fat layer of microcirculation and changes in the lymph. Cellulite can be recognized by grasping the skin with your fingers.

Coffee scrub - a universal cleanser for all skin

Coffee scrub - universal cleanser for all skinIn search of prolonging youth and beauty of the skin, every woman spares no effort or money for visits to a beautician, salon procedures, expensive cosmetics and sometimes forgets the importance of small daily procedures, such as moisturizing and cleansing.After all, if you do not first prepare the skin of the face, then even the most expensive cosmetics are not able to hide inflammation, peeling or wrinkles that appear. According to many cosmetologists, the beauty of the skin lies in three basic, but regular daily procedures: moisturizing, nourishing, and, of course, cleansing.

Spa-salon at your home

Spa-salon at your homeA spa treatment at home is better than a romantic date. There are few girls and women who disagree with this statement. To restore harmony of soul and body using this method is available not only in beauty salons or European resorts. This relaxing procedure can be done by yourself. All you need to do is choose a day off in order to fully devote it to yourself.

Makeup rules for problem skin

Makeup rules for problem skinProblem skin for women is a lot of inconvenience. Various skin diseases, inflammatory processes are a bell that notifies you of what you need to run to a dermatologist. Health is the first priority. And only then you need to take care of beauty. However, we, girls and women, want to be always on top. And problem skin does not mean a complete rejection of makeup. In order not to harm even more, you must follow some rules.

Choosing a lipstick

Choosing a lipstickRepresentatives of the stronger sex have their own assessment of female attractiveness and beauty. They primarily look at the lips, and not at the chest or legs. Every man has his own taste. Some people like thin lips, while others like sensual ones. Many beautiful halves are well aware of this. In this regard, they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Any of us should be able to favorably emphasize the natural and beautiful nature in the lips. This can be done in two ways. First of all, you need to be able to correctly select the tone of lipstick, taking into account the color of the outfits.

Myths and truths about manicure

Myths and truths about manicureMen think that a woman's hands always give away her age, but modern ladies always walk with the perfect fingers of an 18-year-old girl. Without a neat and beautiful manicure, it is impossible to create any complete image. Many use the services of salons, others do their own marigolds. There are several myths that prevent most women from choosing the most suitable option for decorating their nails.

The secret to luxurious hair is kefir!

The secret to luxurious hair is kefir!Kefir is perhaps the most affordable product for taking care of your hair at home. Kefir contains protein, vitamins B and E, yeast, calcium, lactic acid sticks; they regenerate and strengthen the hair. For dry hair, kefir is a godsend! It eliminates fragility, moisturizes and prevents hair loss, enveloping each hair with a protective sheath (you can even replace shampoo with it).

Unfortunately, kefir procedures are not suitable for those who like to dye their hair: it washes out the colored pigment. But this feature can be used by ladies who want to lighten. The effect of a pure blonde, of course, cannot be achieved, but, unlike the effects of other aggressive agents, kefir is the safest.

How to choose and correctly apply foundation

How to choose and correctly apply foundationThe foundation acts as a real savior for many women. After all, it is worth applying it to the skin, and ugly circles under the eyes along with fine wrinkles seem to disappear as if by magic. There are several subtleties regarding the choice of foundation. It should be chosen in such a way that, after application, the face can look young, but at the same time natural. And there should be no hint of the characteristic effect of the plaster. A foundation will be right for you if it matches your skin type. For a dry type, this kind of cream is more suitable, in which there are various components that moisturize the skin.

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