How to meet guests and hold festive feasts

How to meet guests and hold festive feastsWhen inviting guests to a family celebration or other festive evening, each hostess strives to better organize the reception. How to draw up a menu correctly, arrange a table, arrange guests - these and other questions arise before her. The theme of each evening determines the peculiarities of its organization and conduct. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, reception of guests from another city, meeting the New Year - all these and other festive evenings are different from each other, but there is a lot in common in the organization of their holding.

About Russian cuisine

Russian kitchenRecipes for Russian dishes are a phenomenon, and by no means accidental. Ancient Russian cities often arose on the high banks of deep rivers, around, as far as the eye could see, stretched endless fields, meadows and forests. The natural conditions of Russia - the climate, the abundance of reservoirs and forests, the breadth of the fields - shaped the economic way of life of our ancestors, their habits and disposition, the nature of their diet.

Russian cuisine according to "Domostroy" and "Painting of the Tsar's dishes"

Domostroy and painting of the royal kitchen

An idea of ​​the nutrition of our ancestors can be obtained only from fragmentary information found in chronicles, folk epics, as well as from the results of archaeological excavations. However, the annals were not always impartial. After all, chroniclers are living people with their convictions, sympathies and, finally, to some extent censored.

A quick overview of spices

A quick overview of spicesYou cannot achieve true culinary art without spices, so getting to know their origin and purpose will not hurt in any way.

Sausage storage tips

Sausage storage tipsProper storage of sausages is a crucial prerequisite for maintaining their pleasant taste. Or, to put it simply, sausages should be kept under ideal conditions until they are eaten.

About pulses and pasta (practical advice)

About legumes and pastaPulse starch takes longer to swell than cereal starch. Therefore, before cooking, the product must be soaked in cold water for several hours. Pulses are boiled with a low boil under a lid: lentils - from 30 to 60 minutes, split peas - from 60 to 90, beans - from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Cooking Notes

Cooking NotesCookbooks are open, but still poorly understood, books on the history of human culture. Although the book recipes themselves came into use relatively recently, the traditional combination of products in them is not at all accidental and can tell a lot about where our distant ancestors lived and with whom they communicated.

About cereals and porridges (practical advice)

About cereals and porridges (practical advice)The mighty "pomp" of the dish is also characteristic of the results of heat treatment of a number of cereals. The main requirement, if you want to get the full benefit from these products, is to carefully sort them before starting the heat treatment.

With humor about cooking

With humor about cooking"To marry a divorced man - what to cook old meat"... This proverb hints at the ordeal of the hostess with middle-aged beef. But rub the meat with dry mustard and after a few hours rinse in cold water. Then it will boil down quickly and be tender, like a young woman.

Product presents passport (about potatoes and vegetables)

Product presents passportLet's understand the advantages of potatoes and a number of vegetables, taking into account the content of basic vitamins and other biologically active substances in them.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oilsThis group of edible fats has been the leader in terms of consumption and demand for many centuries. The food industry has long mastered the production of many types of vegetable oil. Let's list the most common ones in our country.

Garden and garden gifts

Garden and garden giftsIn the misty distance of the gray millennia, another secret has disappeared from us forever, which we will never know. It is more difficult to solve it than, for example, to determine when approximately this or that ancient civilization began cultivating cereals.

Microflora of starter cultures and preparations for making cheese

Microflora of starter cultures and preparations for making cheeseFor the production of all types of cheeses, lactic acid bacteria are required, which ferment milk sugar and milk citrates to form lactic acid, CO2 and some other products (diacetyl, acetoin, acetic acid, etc.).

The centuries-old Russian national cuisine

The centuries-old Russian national cuisineRussia is a multinational country, famous not only for the breadth of the soul, but also for real Russian cuisine. Different regions can see their own unique eating habits. For many years, people have adopted the features of delicious recipes from other countries. The selection method has developed its own unique Russian cuisine.

Types of offal

Types of offalAn economical and skillful housewife will never neglect meat offal, which are usually sold chilled or frozen and are mostly inexpensive.

Types of sausages

Types of sausagesAll existing sausages are divided into three large groups, namely:

To keep the dishes clean

To keep the dishes clean• It is easy to clean burnt areas in enamel dishes with a damp cloth with baking soda. The coffee pot will be washed off if you boil water with a pinch of baking soda in it.

The most common food product

The most common food productWe all drank milk in childhood, some continue to drink even now, but if we draw up a table of the most common food products, then, oddly enough, milk will not come out on top in it. What will come of it?

Tea drinking issues

Tea drinking issuesIt is well known that a person can live without food for at least a month, without water - at most 5-6 days. Why? Why even a camel, a champion in this respect among mammals, does not even survive for more than 12-14 days?

Early vegetables

Early vegetablesIn the spring, many feel weak, get tired quickly, and become susceptible to infections. To a large extent, the lack of vitamins in food is to blame. Therefore, as soon as the first fresh vegetables appear - radishes, young cabbage, green onions, lettuce - try to include them in your diet every day.

Our, Russian, tea - Kaporsky

Our, Russian, Kaporsky teaTea has long entered every home. It has become a symbol of heartfelt hospitality. An elixir of vivacity and health, natural tea has taken root so much in everyday life that it seems that it is impossible to do without it. Isn't that why the first question, and sometimes goodbye, we ask the guest: "Would you like a cup of tea?"

Mate - the taste of Argentina

Mate - the taste of ArgentinaAnyone who travels to Argentina will inevitably experience the mate tea ceremony. And he will take with him not only the packaging of the coveted mixture, but also the taste of tradition, atmosphere and mood that mate generously gives to its admirers.

All about microfibers and microfibers

All about microfibers and microfibersGone are the days when old T-shirts and towels served as a rag. Cleaning today signed a long-term contract with scientific and technological progress. And scientists have embarked on the warpath against dirt and are inventing more and more new means for better cleaning. And special thanks to them - for the microfiber!

Onion varieties and their uses

Onion varieties and their usesOnions are the main spice plant widely consumed in Europe and Asia. It is used in food, fresh and processed.

Little culinary tips

Little culinary tipsIf you add a little vinegar or citric acid during the heat treatment of vegetables, then the loss of nutrients will decrease.

Laminate for kitchen

Laminate for kitchenThe kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house. Its design needs to be approached more carefully, since, in addition to comfort and beauty, additional requirements are imposed on kitchen finishing materials, such as functionality, moisture resistance, heat resistance, etc.

Choosing a kitchen sink: some useful tips

Choosing a kitchen sinkThe sink is one of the most important elements of any kitchen, because it is around it that most of the kitchen work is done. Therefore, it must be comfortable and meet all the necessary requirements. But how do you choose the most suitable sink model for your kitchen?

Freezing berries and fruits

FreezingThis method is considered one of the best for long-term storage of fruits.When frozen, it is possible to preserve the product with slight changes in its chemical composition and quality.

Poultry and game - storage and handling

Poultry and game - storage and handlingPoultry meat is rich in water content, it also contains valuable proteins, salts and vitamins.

Dietary fats: types and uses

Edible fatsBy origin, all fats and oils are divided into two main groups, animal and vegetable. On sale, they are divided into the following product groups:

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