What's more caloric - bread or crisp?

What is more caloric - bread or loafs?We all love delicious aromatic bread. It is present in the diet of almost every person. It can be used with vegetables, soups, meats, etc. Bread gives a feeling of satiety, with it you quickly satisfy your hunger. It is deeply revered among the people, it is one of the most important products on the table.

Whole Grains for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Whole Grains for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

To improve health and prevent diabetes, add whole grains such as rye, oats, and wheat to your diet. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that whole grains can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Practical advice on dough and baking from it

Practical advice on dough and baking from itThe pancake dough should have the thickness of a good sour cream.

No lunch without bread

No lunch without breadNot everyone, probably, wondered how the word was formed in our language "slurp"... And it owes its origin to the word "bread". Why?

Bread is food that does not become boring

Bread is food that does not become boringIn the European part of Russia, the most common product is bread. What is bread? You can give a lot of answers, depending on from what position this product is viewed.

Popular about bread

Popular about breadNo matter how rich the festive table is with various dishes, everyone will notice the absence of one of them. This is bread.

The power and greatness of rye bread

The power and greatness of rye breadRye has always enjoyed special attention among the poets of Europe. When they needed to hide the lovers from prying eyes, they sent them to the rye field.

From the history of branched wheat

From the history of branched wheatIn 1851, the Free Economic Society of Russia announced: ten grains of Semikoloski wheat were sent to the members of the society. Sow! Try your luck! What if the harvest doubles, triples, triples? Wheat not just any - sourced from England. And I got to England during the excavation of ancient mummies!

Flashback: Ballerina Bread

 Ballerina Bread- Bread for a ballerina? - I ask again incredulously.
- And for the ballerina - too. What surprises you? - Director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Bakery Industry Ruslan Vladimirovich Kuzminsky seems to understand my bewilderment, but does not want to share it. He smiles, but speaks seriously: - If we take the profession as a guide, then I will say: we develop bread recipes not only for ballerinas, but also for miners, polar explorers, fishermen, geologists. I'm not talking about astronauts.

Baking tools

Baking tools

Not only are the products of the best quality, but also the special accessories are of great importance for the optimal baking of pies, cookies and cakes. Of course, at first you can get by with what is at hand. But those who bake often should think about purchasing these or those devices.

Baking tips for dough

Baking tipsOver-salted dough ferments poorly, and products made from it are pale and salty. This dough must be combined with a new portion of dough, kneaded without salt.

If the dough mixed with yeast does not suit well, it is heated to 30 °, if this does not help, fresh yeast is added again.

With an insufficient amount of salt, dough products are vague and bland. In this case it is necessary to dissolve the salt in a little water and add it to the dough.

Requirements for the type and quality of bread and bread products

breadBread is one of the most important food items. The nutritional value of bread depends on its chemical composition and digestibility. The bread contains carbohydrates (42-50%, mainly starch), proteins (6-8%), a small amount of fats (in simple bread), minerals, vitamins B and PP, fiber and water (40-48% ). The average calorie content in 100 g of bread, depending on the type and type of flour, the amount of additions and the method of baking, is 220-280 kcal.

Grain and products of its processing, flour

Grain and products of its processingCereals belong to different botanical families. The family of cereals includes: wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, corn, sorghum and fig. Buckwheat belongs to the buckwheat family. Legumes (peas, lentils, beans, beans, vetch, soybeans) belong to the moth family. Oil-bearing plants are distinguished into a separate group.

How to cook baked goods?

How to cook baked goodsThe market today offers various types of kitchen appliances designed for high-quality baking. Microwave ovens with special convection, electric pans and cabinets, bread makers, and multicooker are replacing traditional ovens.

Such an abundance, of course, pleases, but not all kitchen appliances can fully cope with their obligations. In this article we will try to identify the shortcomings and advantages of a particular technique.

Business idea: opening a bakery

Business idea opening a bakeryThe main food on the table of every family in our country is and will remain bread. This product will always be in demand, regardless of the political system and financial factors. Therefore, a bakery is a very attractive and profitable business project.

What will be needed to implement this idea? Initially, it should be remembered that homemade cakes are very popular, delicious aromatic freshly baked buns and pies with their pleasant smell will attract passers-by from the street and make them your regular customers.

Wheat germ properties

Wheat germ propertiesEven in the old days, people knew about the properties of sprouted wheat. This is mentioned in the writings of famous philosophers and in the notes of ancient Indian shamans. For example, in ancient Egypt, the life-giving solar energy was personified by the sprouted wheat. They said that she is able to preserve sexuality, youth, physical strength and beauty.

The benefits of sprouted wheat. Its medicinal properties were also known in Russia.

Master class on making Easter cake in a bread maker

Cooking Easter cake takes a lot of time, but the owners of modern bread makers can enjoy homemade Easter cake without spending any extra time or effort on it.

The master class was conducted by Olga KUZMINA.

We will tell you in detail how we prepared the cake during our bread maker test - recipe and appliance provided by Kenwood. In addition, we were offered a special round-shaped bucket.

Bread Maker Testing

The baking process is fun, simple and enjoyable, but this is only if you are lucky with an assistant - a bread maker. How to choose it so that it suits you perfectly? In order to answer such a difficult question in detail, we decided to conduct home tests of the best, in our opinion, bread makers on the market. Nine bread makers took part in our tests. In each of them we baked three types of bread: white bread, kulich, and also bread according to an interesting recipe of the manufacturer. In general, our mini-bakery worked perfectly, although there were incidents.

The use of spices in baking

The use of spices in bakingSpice substances (spices) - products of plant origin - are added to food in small quantities to give it a pleasant taste and smell. Spices cause increased secretion of digestive juices and therefore increase the absorption of food.

Wheat grain

Wheat grainThe genus of wheat has many species, but only two are most widespread: soft and durum wheat. The grain of soft wheat has a rounded shape, with a lot of hairs at a narrow end (beard). The durum wheat grain is elongated, with a less pubescent beard. Wheat species are divided into a large number of varieties and varieties. Wheat varieties differ depending on the structure and color of the ear and the color of the grain.

"Refreshing" stale bread

Refreshing stale breadDeparture to nature, a suburban area, another place for rest or work is associated with the purchase of necessary food, the main of which is bread.There are often cases when it begins to harden. There is only one answer: do not rush to search for fresh bread, since the situation can be corrected, and the store is often not nearby.

How I bought a bread machine

How I bought a bread machine“Oh, how I love delicious, soft, fresh bread. Yes, so that the crust is so crispy. And when I walk past the bakery, which is located not far from my mother-in-law's house, it’s generally, already, breathtaking from the aromas scattering throughout the block. I wish I had such a wonderful machine that could make me such beauty at home, ”my friend tells me, tucking buns with poppy seeds on both cheeks. Indeed, she always has something flour, tasty and terribly high in calories on her table.

Interesting facts about bread

Interesting facts about bread"Bread is the head of everything" - rightly believe many inhabitants of the earth. It is one of the oldest crops in the world. It's hard to imagine a day without a fragrant toast with a cup of hot coffee or a ham or cheese sandwich. It would seem that humanity knows everything about this product. We just take from the store shelf a soft baguette, rye with caraway seeds, bruschetta with garlic, and serve neatly sliced ​​bread for lunch or dinner, considering it a common addition to the meal.

Six healthy grains

Six healthy grainsIf you see grains or seeds unknown to you on the counter in the supermarket, do not be alarmed! The nutritional benefits of these new products can be very significant, so you can take risks. Here is a list of six types of cereals that have a considerable number of useful properties.

Main dish

Main dishFragrant, fluffy, still quite warm, with a crispy crust ... Ordinary bread can become a gastronomic masterpiece, because mankind has been working on improving its recipe throughout its entire existence. Grains and bread have existed next to humanity since the beginning of its history: archaeological finds indicate that 15 thousand years ago people used raw grains, then they learned to cook them.

Stale bread is a precious ingredient!

Stale bread is a precious ingredientHow often do you throw bread in the trash? There are mainly two reasons: either mold or turning into brick. Of course, if the bread has become moldy, it should definitely be thrown away. But, if it has begun to harden, or has already become a biscuit, do not rush. It is an essential ingredient for preparing delicious meals. Here we will look at some points for using stale bread.

Where does daily bread come from? Cereals

Where does daily bread come from CerealsCereals are essential for baking bread in the first place. The composition of bread, as well as the use of a particular grain, depends on the traditions of specific localities, the type and variety of bread and the taste preferences of the population.

When baking bread, lock the doors. Folk traditions

Bread baking traditionsApparently, everyone knows the smell of freshly baked bread. Baking bread is one of the traditions of the Slavic people, which is passed down from generation to generation. Old people say that bread is the head of everything and, as usual, should always be on the table.

Saratov kalach

Saratov kalachSaratov kalach. If you come across a bread product with this name in some other city, you should know: it is only named "Saratov". And not because of the fact that craftsmen are less skilled in Kostroma or Astrakhan. No, today's bakers all over the Volga know the secrets of their forerunners, craftsmen, who baked sieve, sieve, oat and mill bread in Russia, knew how to surprise overseas residents with pretzel, and crustacean, and even the so-called "French" bun, very Russian in origin.


YeastThis nutritious product contains many useful substances and biologically active elements, yeast saturates foods with carbon dioxide, increases their volume and gives dishes a unique taste. Have known about the possibilities of yeast since time immemorial. But the standards for their application have evolved from century to century.

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