Georgian green tomato salad

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Georgian green tomato salad


Green tomatoes 1 kg
bulb onions 300 g
bell pepper red (weight of peeled pepper) 300 g
garlic 50 g
bitter pepper 1 / 2- 1 pc.
hops-suneli, utskho-suneli 1 tsp.
cilantro 1 bundle
9% vinegar (or 5% wine vinegar) 50 ml (or 90ml)
sunflower oil 100 ml
salt 1 st. l. +1 tsp

Cooking method

  • I made a tomato for 1 kg (I have so many of them left after salting),
  • so it will not be difficult to count on a larger number. I got about 2 liters of ready-made salad.
  • Cut the tomatoes in half and then into thin slices, immediately salt the tomatoes for 1 s. l. salt, and during the cutting process I mix in a large container. While I chop other components - the tomatoes will be salted and let the juice out, then it needs to be drained and squeezed a little "without fanaticism" so as not to crush the tomatoes.
  • I cut onions into thin half rings, pepper into thin strips. Finely chop the garlic and cilantro.
  • In squeezed tomatoes add all the chopped vegetables, dry spices, 1 tsp. salt with a small slice, mix well. Then add vinegar and oil. Put the salad in a saucepan (I did it in a 3-liter can), condense, cover with a plate and put a small load (a jar of water, I put 0.5 liters).
  • Leave the salad warm for about a day, then you can transfer it to a jar and store in the refrigerator.
  • You can try immediately or a couple of hours after cooling.
  • Excess lettuce can be put in jars, sterilized and closed.
  • Salad before pickling, still "live".
  • Georgian green tomato salad


We made this salad every autumn when we lived in Georgia. Found in old records, I wanted to cook.
The salad is spicy, slightly spicy, although the spice and pungency can be adjusted to your liking.

Thanks for the recipe, I really liked the salad.
Nadya.g, for health!
Elenka, thank you very much! the recipe is brilliant !!!
Quote: _Kat_

Elenka, thank you very much! the recipe is brilliant !!!
Thank you! The recipe is folk.
Try it, it's delicious.
so we have already tried, appreciated and admired
Elenka, since I collected green tomatoes that they do not need from everyone, I hope that there will be a salad that can be prepared for the winter, so please advise how to sterilize it correctly
Kat, put the ready salad in the jars, cover with boiled lids and sterilize 0.5 l jars for 25-30 minutes, 1 liter for 45-50 minutes.
Elenka, thanks!
Lena! Thanks a lot for the recipe. As usual, there are a lot of green tomatoes, so I decided to try to make something of them. The salad will undoubtedly take root. The only thing my family asked me next time was parsley instead of cilantro. Well, not everyone likes it.
Elena, thank you for your attention to the recipe!
I am pleased that I liked the recipe, and cilantro, indeed, is a specific herb, requires habit. Few people take it the first time With parsley, too, very good. it will turn out deliciously.
Lenochka - thanks for the recipe! Cheto was so attracted to greens, and according to your method, they really liked
Yulechka, for health!
Delicious "cook and eat" autumn salad. I brought a recipe from Georgia.
Elena thank you for the recipe, she made a tomato with 1 kg, closed two jars and left to eat. The salad is very tasty, we ate it with pleasure. I will repeat it twice.
Delicious salad, everyone has already eaten. Only I did not add oil and vinegar, I set it to ferment for three days, then in the refrigerator.And when they ate, she watered them with oil. I also want to make from my brown tomatoes.
Again, I want to thank you for the recipe! :-) every year sooo wait for green tomatoes and make such a salad! :-) Thank you!!! :-)
I am very grateful for the recipe, delicious, very tasty, especially since green tomatoes always remain at the end of the season. My tomatoes are not woody green, but have already turned white, brown, taste worthy.
lana light
We finally have green tomatoes for sale! I ran through my favorite Bread Maker, selected several recipes for myself. I have already prepared three for three today, for two you need to wait 3-4 days, and according to this recipe we will take a sample tomorrow. Can not wait!
Cilantro is respected in our family, so I made it with her, the most fragrant salad of the three! The other two are with parsley and dill. It seems to me that with cilantro it will be the best!
There was no Utskho-suneli, only hops were suneli, next time you need to stock up in advance, otherwise they only sell it in the market, I have never seen it in stores in bags. And you still need to find time to get to the market.
Georgian green tomato salad
In the form of a load, I adapted a bag with water poured into it. The only thing that confuses in this version is that air does not flow to the tomatoes. I just didn't think of what else to adapt in the form of a press, but I saw the option with a package somehow in a recipe for salting cabbage. Just in case, tomorrow I'll lift the bag a couple of times so that the air can enter under it. But the salad jar itself became a burden for another version of the green tomato salad!
Georgian green tomato salad
_Cat_, lana light, thanks for the feedback and trust in the recipe.
Our green tomatoes are just beginning. I love dairy or even brown tomatoes. Delicious.
lana light
My husband also asks me to always close the brown ones. And I like green for some reason
Yesterday I made another double portion, I want to close it in the winter, failed, ate it again, the second portion was with Yalta onions, the taste wins

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