Lemon sugar

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Lemon sugar


1 part lemons (non-bitter, of course)
1.5-2 parts sugar

Cooking method

  • This kind of lemon sugar was made by my great-grandmother, and at least three liters at a time. Great-grandfather was very fond of using lemon sugar and honey after morning exercises. And as a child, I was very fond of sandwiches with cheese and hot water, with a considerable amount of this same sugar. And this despite the fact that I have never liked sweet drinks. The range of application of this product in our family is wide.
  • Lemons (pitted!) Pass through a meat grinder (I have been grinding in a blender for a long time), and mix with sugar. Try, for a start, to make with 1.5 parts of sugar, and then - as you like (we like with 2 parts of sugar).
  • Most importantly, do not eat right away, let this mixture infuse for several days, this is a decisive moment for taste. After cooking, I leave the prepared mixture on the table, in a sealed container.
  • At first, the mixture will be very thick, then the sugar will melt, and the mixture will become thinner and more transparent.
  • This sugar can probably last forever, even at room temperature. And the more it is infused, the tastier, and the lemon slices become more transparent.
  • Application:
  • 1.1 spoon in a salad with cabbage and vegetable oil
  • 2. Instead of syrup, pour ice cream and cottage cheese casserole.
  • 3. Grease one crust in a honey cake (I grease the middle one)
  • 4. Lubricate the biscuit roll instead of cream.
  • 5. If you mix a couple of spoons with cold water, you get a soft drink, and if with hot water - a warming one.
  • 6. Add for flavoring to dough and bread.
  • 7. In the compote cooked without sugar, also add to taste
  • 8. Use as a filling in muffins, pies, etc.
  • Bon Appetit !


SUGAR is a high-calorie food product obtained mainly from sugar beets and sugar cane. It is practically a pure carbohydrate - sucrose - a complex chemical with a sweet taste, readily soluble in water. It is quickly broken down in the digestive tract into simpler components - glucose and fructose, which are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The calorie content of 100 g of sugar is about 400 kcal. However, it does not contain vitamins and minerals, which is why it is often called a carrier of clean ("empty") calories.

Excessive consumption of sugar for a long time leads to an overstrain of the insular apparatus of the pancreas and can cause the development of diabetes mellitus. Sugar that enters the body in large quantities also turns into fat, which contributes to the development of obesity and other diseases. In such cases, it is recommended to replace part of the sucrose with less fat-forming fructose.

People engaged in sedentary work that does not require large energy expenditures should try to include as little sugar as possible in their diet. People who work physically should not sharply limit sugar consumption, as they expend a lot of energy.

They produce granulated sugar and refined sugar (obtained from granulated sugar) of several types: pressed crushed, pressed instant, pressed cast in cubes, crushed, refined granulated sugar, refined powdered sugar, etc. Sugar is widely consumed by the population, has become an everyday product ; for tea, coffee, cocoa, used in the manufacture of dessert dishes, pastry dough, making jams, fruit drinks, compotes, etc.
Before using sugar to prepare any confectionery, it must be melted into syrup and skimmed off. Products cooked with such sugar are of good quality, especially jam and marmalade.

Thank you, Qween, we make a 1: 1 mixture of lemon and sugar for the prevention of colds (medicine), but it turns out that 1: 2 is already cooking, everything ingenious is simple. Yes, live and learn. Thank you.
Qween, all the simplest in the end turns out to be brilliant!

The list is great!

Our family loves a biscuit roll with lemon (1 lemon and 1/2 cup sugar).
But I always grind a new lemon in the combine.

Now I will make a reserve (well, of course, not 3 liters;).

And one more point can be added:

9. Give a can of lemon sugar to the "hungry students" to replenish vitamins in the body
Luysia, yes point 9 is super.

The "new" lemon 100% loses in taste to the "old". Please write if you try my version.
I misunderstood in the (tank):
1. Should you peel lemons?
2. If I drink tea with sugar and lemon, is there a chance of replacement?
Until Qween absent, can I answer?
1. You don't need to peel the lemons, just remove the seeds (otherwise, you won't end up with bitterness), let the rest be put into action!
2. For tea, well, just an irreplaceable piece !!!

Qween ,
Thank you for the recipe! I've done this before, only in a 1: 1 ratio. And she did the same only with honey, also 1: 1. Well what can I say ... So and so good, so and so delicious !!!
By the way, I remembered that I tried to replace half of the lemons with oranges. Also, the yummy is still the same !!!
and we just cut the lemon into circles (no need to peel), and put it in a small jar, sprinkling with sugar. Keep refrigerated. done in the evening - in the morning there is already juice! And most importantly, when you sleepy make tea with lemon, you don't need to cut the lemon !!! and the juice is tasty, I drink faster. than lemon itself is used
fugaska ,
We have already gone through this method of making lemons! And precisely due to the fact that my juice was drained faster than lemons were eaten, I no longer cook this for them. At one time I "planted" my household on lemon slices (those that are sterilized, and then give a lot of juice) ... But it got to the point that at least put in 5-liter slices! I had to wean!
Quote: Krosh

fugaska , "planted" on lemon slices (those that are sterilized, and then give a lot of juice)
Is it possible from this place in more detail?
We did not take root in slices either, for the same reason as in Crumbs .

But those that are sterilized very much interested me.

Girls, I will gladly share the recipe for lemon slices, but where is it? Is it worth opening a new topic, in fact, these are the same lemons in sugar ... Maybe right here and share? What do you think?

Qween, yesterday I prepared sugar according to your recipe, this is how it turned out:

Lemon sugar

Here we will infuse, we will try!
And I make such sugar for the filling of a lemon pie, it turns out delicious.
Girls, I deeply apologize to you, but there was no time before ...

Disassemble the lemons (peeled and pitted) into slices and put them in a jar, sprinkle with sugar in layers (based on 1 kg of lemons-1 kg of sugar). They laid him down, pushed aside and forgot for 3 days. After three days, our jars of lemons will need to be sterilized for 20 minutes (this is for a half-liter jar), then cool and you can start tasting!
I tried adding slices of lemon zest (but not peel !!!) to a jar of lemon slices - it's so fragrant! It's also delicious if you replace part of the lemons with oranges ...
P.S. Girls, I forgot to say that after 3 days, the lemons in the jar will settle, if you wish, you can also add lemon slices and sugar. Or you can leave it as it is ... in general, at your discretion.
And today I already drank tea with lemon sugar and remembered you with a kind word. Oh, and delicious sugar turned out, immediately there was a desire to make a 3-liter jar.Qween , thank you very much for sharing the recipe !!!
And I just cut the lemon into slices, I don't peel anything. I put it in a jar, pour sugar over each layer of slices, stand in the cold for several days, give juice.You can use it anywhere, basically it goes and just like that in the bite.
Soon we'll be learning how to make tea here.
Crochet, to your health!
And I have a question for you. The weight of lemons (those that are sliced) should be taken into account already peeled, or together with the peel? I first weighed the whole lemons, then the peeled ones. And when I sprinkled it with sugar, then 1 to 1 with the weight of peeled, and then I took it and added it to the weight of "whole" lemons. I think the result will be good in any case, but I suspect that it is correct in the first option.

Quote: Zubastik

And I just cut the lemon into slices, I don't peel anything. I put it in a jar, pour sugar over each layer of slices, stand in the cold for several days, give juice.

Zubastik , we tried that too.

By the way, when I see how some tea is brewed, it's a shame to look at it, especially if the tea is good (including expensive).
I apologize, I am the "garden head", I forgot to write that we are weighing already CLEANED LEMONS ... But I think that it will not be worse - "you won't spoil the porridge with butter"!
I ... I want to be taught how to make tea correctly ...
Crochet , well, nothing - the difference in weight is not huge, it will be delicious. And then I'll cook it in the first option.
Crochet, and how do you sterilize jars with wedges?
Well then, you need to create a new topic. I'm sorry, but I'm too lazy.
In my opinion, all the rules for brewing tea come down to the temperature and the method itself. The main thing is not to brew a separate brew, and then dilute it with boiling water, but to take a large teapot made of special glass, in which the water does not cool down for a long time, like Simax, to throw in the tea leaves and fill it with hot water, then drink without diluting.
The water temperature for white teas is 60-70 *, for green teas - 70-80 *, for red teas - 80-90 *, for pu-erh teas - 90-95 *. The infusion needs quite a bit so that the final infusion is pleasant to taste, without diluting. The cooled tea leaves begin to react quickly with the environment and oxidize. The Chinese consider the cooled tea leaves (the leaves themselves) to be a poisonous drink. And as it stood the next day, it’s better for them not to say that they can drink this. The environment is very favorable for the development of bacteria.
The brewed tea should not be heated; this destroys the most useful catechins in the first place.
Elite large-leaf teas, oolongs, pu-erhs and others, are brewed several times, sometimes up to 5-7.
And in general, there is a lot of information on the internet about teas, how to brew powdered ones, like red ones. It seems to me that everyone understands this, but not everyone implements this ceremony into everyday life.
Here you can write poems, especially about benefits. The only thing that surprised me personally was that tea with milk is like buckwheat with milk, money, as they say, down the drain. Milk caseins block the beneficial properties of tea, especially with regard to the effect of catechins on the cardiovascular system. Like buckwheat with milk - calcium in milk blocks the absorption of buckwheat iron.
If there is a new topic, I will move my post there.
Qween, thanks for the recipe
I made a little sugar (half a liter jar), and yesterday my friends came in and we tasted it in one go.
Agree with Crochet - you need to put a 3-liter jar at once
Lenusya , to health.
Of course, do more, otherwise, by the time the sugar is infused, there is nothing to eat.

And I'm waiting, waiting for the lemon slices. She promised herself that before three days - no, no! I'll take a jar, hold it in my hands, look at the slices, and that's it, I don't even smell it.
I still did not understand how to sterilize them.
I didn't really understand either, but I think in the airfryer it is possible ... by 150 degrees ... In the microwave it is not that ...
And there is nothing complicated about it. Take a saucepan of a suitable diameter, place a jar with your workpiece in it, pour water into the saucepan (it is desirable that the water in the saucepan is up to the "shoulders" of the jar) and put on fire. Bring the water to a boil, and from the moment the water boils, time it. In my case, this is 20 minutes for a half-liter can. I do this ... If I do not quite clearly explained, you ask, I will try again ...
I will put an old towel on the bottom of the pan, put the jars with wedges, which are not hermetically sealed (the jars should stand at a short distance from each other). Then carefully pour in water, to the level of the contents in the jars, and turn on the fire under the pan. And when the water boils, I will turn down the gas. From now on I will count the sterilization time. Then I'll just take out the special jars. forceps, and if they weren't there, then she would leave the slices until they cool.

While I was trying to send an answer, it is no longer relevant. But I'll send it, I added a towel there.
!!! They got tired of the towel ... Class !!! Otherwise, we have a similar method.
and with towels it makes sense !!! When I make cottage cheese, well, in the sense when I warm the jar in a water bath, I also put a rag on the bottom of the pan and then it boils for 20 minutes! I'm for a towel !!!
Girls, thanks. All clear. How to store the sterilized slices later?
shuska, I personally do not plan to store the first batch.
And then I'll keep it in the refrigerator. And if for future use, then you can roll it up.
I just made lemon sugar from 1 kg of lemons yesterday. Therefore, I want to hold the slices a little
given the pre-spring vitamin deficiency - do not store, it is better to use vitamins inside!
If there is a silicone grab, place a rectangular jar on the bottom and top of the jar. This is how I make cottage cheese, and the oven mitt and the pan are unchanged (I usually have a 2 liter jar)
Lime sugar. Freshly twisted and unstable.

Lemon sugar
Hairpin, I've always wanted to make sugar with limes, but have never seen limes on sale. Please write your impressions later.
Yes, I generally like limes more than lemons. I just can't formulate why ...
And about the lime sugar ... I poured everything into the jar, removed the jar. And then a few spoons were placed on the bottom of the container. Well, I add them to tea. I really liked it. You could feel the zest there ... Now I'm waiting for the sugar to infuse. So thanks for the idea!
My lemon wedges:
Lemon sugar

The smell is extraordinary, whether it smells like caramel, or lemonade.
And the syrup is delicious, and the lemons themselves.
Definitely - I will still cook. I would also like to try it with oranges.

Thank you ,Crochet !

PS: And what is my willpower, eh? I tried it only after the final cooling.
Krosh, a question for you, should you disassemble the slices like an orange or cut them like a Qween, or is there no difference at all? Thank you!
Looks like Queenie cut aesthetically ...
Yeah, Hairpin , I am esthete.

I plan to cook bagels, or a pie with such slices (I will also do it with oranges), or decorate the top in a curd casserole before baking.

How do you like my idea?
The idea is great, but only 24 hours a day ...
This is elementary - chop lemon with skin and brew with sugar in the microwave.
Quote: Qween

The "new" lemon 100% loses in taste to the "old". Please write if you try my version.

I report:

I made both lemon sugar and lemon wedges.

Lemon sugar I got not sugar at all, but rather a raw jam.
I took 1.5 sugar, and most importantly, I chopped the lemons in a combine, and then added sugar there. And she whipped it all together.
Thus, the sugar crystals disappeared almost immediately.


* Sugar next time I'll take 2 parts

* I will grind only lemons, and then I will mix with sugar by hand.

Lemon wedges did it strictly according to the recipe. I added orange and thin stripes of lemon zest.
But my "eaters" said that if only the syrup was thick, then it would be absolutely great.


* The "eaters" at home got drunk! Sorry for the expressions

* Next time I'll cut the slices, like Qween (I took them apart) - very nice.

Luysia, in "my" slices the syrup turned out to be quite thick.

If yours like syrup, thick, like confiture, then put "Confiture".
Qween, next time I will add "Confiture", otherwise the syrup really turned out to be very, very liquid. I wonder why there is such a difference in density? Maybe because I still put the orange.

And lemon sugar: now I looked at a whole jar of 0.5 liters, but it does not fall out when turned over, it turned out something similar to jelly.
Luysia it's definitely not sugar. In "my" slices - excess sugar "precipitated" and became like a stone.
Or maybe the difference in the thickness of the syrup due to the fact that I cut the lemons?
Must Crumble wait, she's probably more accurate.

And the lemon sugar is really thick.
Quote: Luysia

And lemon sugar: now I looked at a whole jar of 0.5 liters, but it does not fall out when turned over, it turned out something similar to jelly.

Luysia , I will try to do it according to your method. very interesting result. And in terms of consistency: it drips off the spoon or stands like jelly, I think the taste should be fantastic

Luysia you need to come up with a name for your sugar, for example, lemon honey
Quote: Qween

Luysia it's definitely not sugar. In "my" slices - excess sugar "precipitated" and became like a stone.

Excess sugar and skill was at the bottom, and then in the process of sterilization all melted.

Quote: Lenusya

Luysia , I will try to do it according to your method. very interesting result. And in terms of consistency: it drips off the spoon or stands like jelly, I think the taste should be fantastic

Luysia you need to come up with a name for your sugar, for example, lemon honey

Well, it's not exactly jelly. Lemon particles are still felt. From the jar from which they have already eaten, it flows down from the spoon, but thick. And what is in the new jar is very thick with air bubbles inside (that is, no one talked about it and it all kind of got gelatinous).

Well, with the name it is already too much, I think that these are just variants of lemon sugar. The main thing is that it's delicious!

This lemon sugar is very good stuff!
Moreover, it is a convenient preparation for fillings!
This year, our lemons with sugar are not very good. Had to lime for lemon muffins. For morning tea, what you need: not troublesome and tasty.
And I made lemon sugar and lemon wedges
The slices are now in banks. It's already the second day. But on top of me (and in some places inside) the sugar did not melt. If I hope that inside it will melt during sterilization, then I started to worry about sugar from above. Can you mix it somehow? Divided the slices.

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