Pumpkin and apple pie

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Pumpkin and apple pie


1 tbsp = 250 ml
quick-cooking oat flakes / multi-grain 1 st
flour 1 st
baking powder 2 h l
vegetable oil 1/3 st
milk 2/3 st
sugar 4 tbsp (with a slide)
vanilla sugar 1 sachet
pumpkin 400-500 gr
apples 2-3 large
sugar for sprinkling

Cooking method

  • Cut the pumpkin into thin slices and bring until half cooked (boil, cook in a double boiler or microwave). While the pumpkin is preparing, knead the dough.
  • Put the finished pumpkin in a baking dish, sprinkle with sugar, put chopped apples on top, sprinkle with cinnamon and ground cardamom.
  • Put the finished dough on the filling and smooth with a spatula.
  • Bake in the oven at T 1800FROM
  • Pumpkin and apple pie

Mila007, Thank you!!!

There is little flour, not only for dietary reasons, flakes cope much better with excess juice from the filling, and fillings, as always, want to put more
Thank you very much for the recipe, I made it today, delicious! the dough is really very crumbly, I had to add an egg
Lika Thanks for the recipe!
Here is my report
Pumpkin and apple pie
that's in the context
Pumpkin and apple pie
I got it the second time
The first time I miscalculated with fractions, poured a little milk, and all the layers turned out by themselves.
This time I fried pumpkin with sugar in butter, and I did the same with quince, I put it instead of apples, and I already added milk as needed.
DJ, to health Pumpkin and apple pie!

It turned out to be an excellent pie and so tall, but what size was the shape?
Fried pumpkin and quince -

Quote: DJ

The first time I miscalculated with fractions, poured a little milk, and all the layers turned out by themselves.

I pour 2/3 cup milk, by eye, and add butter to a full glass.
Lika diameter 25 cm. The first time I poured 50 ml of milk instead of 170 ml. And what is surprising is that the dough turned out like a streusel, but the fruits were separate, and I cooked the pumpkin mikre
Now I will be only in butter and with sugar
We decided to do a couple of fasting weeks before the holidays, to prepare light food. A day or two, but I want something sweet: nyam: I went to our website to look for it and here it is an almost dietary recipe, I really liked it: nyam: The only thing I gave was 0.5 st. and 0.5 tbsp. wheat bran
Crosbywhat cereal did you use? Lika wrote that they needed instant cooking.
Our usual "Hercules" probably doesn't fit?
ZhivchikI took Nordic oatmeal flakes, those that cook for 4 minutes.
And here are my pumpkin and apple creations
This is in the DEKH multicooker - that's why it's so unburned, but no less tasty from this
Pumpkin and apple pie

Pumpkin and apple pie

And this is in the oven today:
Pumpkin and apple pie

Pumpkin filling, I always have more than the recipe, so I add an egg for communication.
And, generally delicious, my Lika
rusja, to your health !!!

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