Fruit jam "Assorted"

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Fruit jam "Assorted"


Fruits - apples, plums, pears, nectarines
Sugar - 50% by weight of peeled and prepared fruits

Cooking method

  • I made jam according to my descriptions here Fruit jam "Assorted"


I really liked making jams in different versions - the result is always the same - very tasty!

The taste is always natural, sweet and sour, with the aroma of various fruits, the consistency is thick - in the morning for bread / toasted toast - the very THAT!
The taste of this jam resembles a fruit jam, so hard that you need to cut it.
And the beauty of homemade jams is that they are very good for lubricating the cakes of sweet pies - the thick consistency allows you to do this.

Make the jam yourself - it's delicious and well worth it!

Bon appetit, everyone!

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I came to thank you for the gorgeous jam! I cooked it in different fruit variations, which is the most delicious, it's hard to say.

Vika, to your health!
I also periodically cook from different fruits that are collected in the refrigerator
Indeed, delicious! I especially like jam in winter, when it is ripe and infused
Admin, Tan, would live to winter: girl_haha
Tatyana, for storage, put the jam in the refrigerator or put it in the cellar? Or does it keep well at room temperature?

I put all the jams in jars hot, and close them with lids, then put them on the lids until they cool completely - preservation of the jams.
In this form, the jars stand perfectly under the bed, sorry I store jams in the pantry in the apartment. You can just put it in the closet.
Banks are hermetically sealed.

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