Lightly salted cucumbers

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Lightly salted cucumbers


Cucumbers 1 kg
Garlic 1 head
Big horseradish leaf
Peppercorns 5-6 pcs.
Twig with cherry leaves
Currant leaves 4-5 pcs.
Water 1 l
with very small. slide,
i.e. not under the knife
2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Put a horseradish leaf, a couple of dill inflorescences, currant leaves at the bottom of the pan. We put cucumbers on all this, cover with garlic cloves, pepper. Put the remaining dill on top, a twig with cherry leaves.
  • We make brine: boil a liter of water, add salt. Pour cucumbers with boiling brine. After cooling at room temperature, put the pan in the refrigerator. In the morning, the cucumbers are ready.


I found this recipe on a cookie a few years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember the author.

The proportions, for my taste, are ideal. I also stick to them. The cucumbers are crispy and aromatic.

girls, try adding a sprig of tarragon (tarragon) when salting cucumbers. It grows in my country house. Perennial herb, up to 1.5 m high, very unpretentious.
In addition to cucumbers, it goes well with kebabs
Lightly salted cucumbers turn out to be very tasty with it!
I always salt the cucumbers so much - you will lick your fingers So crispy, when my husband eats, in the other room you can hear a grump
I'm not much on Temko, but can someone tell me-In jars closed with nylon lids with pickled cucumbers, a white bloom appeared a month later - what kind of animal is this? and can you eat them now? everyone claims that it is necessary to wash and everything is in order. but I would like to know your opinion
Macaroni, you were rightly told, you take out how many cucumbers you need, wash and truncate. Such plaque always forms when pickles are fermented.
And my mom does that. And I don't boil out of laziness, but pour very hot water from the tap, dissolve the salt there and then pour in the cucumbers. And even without currant and cherry leaves it turns out deliciously. You can simply cut the "umbrella" dill.
Thank you very much for the recipe !!! I do it the second time and the second time the cucumbers go with a bang.
Tatyana, Today I made cucumbers according to your recipe. At one time I made it a dry ambassador, but for the 2nd year I have already been using this recipe. Thank you
Natalia, to your health!
So, let's go and I'll grind the cucumbers ...
Cucumbers will come soon, you must definitely try according to your recipe! Until then, I'll bookmark it, thanks.
This is how much I cook cucumbers according to this recipe (and I have been cooking for several years now, this year I just cooked it yesterday and today we are already eating) - always an invariably excellent result!
celfh, once again - thanks for the wonderful recipe !!!
Duffy, yes to your health! This year, my hands did not reach cucumbers.
And my first thought is how local cucumbers appeared at a normal price, it is necessary to make lightly salted ones. So this is the second time this year, and the first was back in May, when it was necessary to save not very good, already yellowish cucumbers, bought for the occasion in bulk, so they just went away with salted salted (do not believe it, even without horseradish leaves, currants and cherries)!
lettohka ttt
celfh, Tatyana, thanks for the recipe, very important, the season of cucumbers begins! I took it to my piggy bank :-)
Natalia, I really want to hope that they like the cucumbers))
Irishk @
I always fill it with cold water, but I also remove it for a few days, and here you can eat boiling water the next day. There are cucumbers, today I will make a jar for a sweetheart, and I like sour ones.
Tatyana, can you salt the elephants like that?
Quote: Sweetheart
Can you saline elephants like that?
Tanechkalook HERE
celfh, thanks, I want to eat for now) and cucumbers with an elbow
celfh, Tanya, I also brought you thanks for the cucumbers: rose: now I make them only according to your recipe, they always turn out to be successful (y) thanks for sharing
celfh, Tanechka, thank you! Made cucumbers according to your recipe several times. Always an excellent result - crispy lightly salted cucumbers! Thank you!
Quote: Rusalca
Thank you!
Anya, to your health!
I also hasten to thank you again for the wonderful, ... but what is there, the most favorite recipe for lightly salted cucumbers!
I make at least 2 kg, as much as fits in the pan.
The photo is not very good, you can see only dill from above, but as proof that I don't cook in small portions. So at least 5 days is enough.
I usually put a lot of dill and garlic. I like it sharper.
Lightly salted cucumbers
Duffy, very pleased to hear. Health to you and your family
lana light
celfh, Tanya, very tasty cucumbers turned out, thanks for the recipe!
Quote: Lana's Light
thanks for the recipe!
Sveta, to your health!
A wonderful recipe, all summer - only such lightly salted cucumbers!
Simplified the process a little. I put everything in a jar (about 1 kg of cucumbers fits into a 1.5 liter jar), the bottom row is "standing", then I cut it in half and push it in as it happens, salt on top (I put 2 tablespoons not under the knife, but with a slide) and pour boiling water from a kettle. I close the lid and turn it over 3 times so that the salt disperses. And no extra containers with brine (which is not enough, it will remain ...))
celfh, Tatyana, thanks for the wonderful recipe, before I always poured cucumbers with cold water and waited for several days until they were salted, and today I poured boiling water according to your recipe!
Ground cucumbers have just appeared at an affordable price and the first thing I did was to pick them up in order to pickle them according to this long-loved recipe. Fast, not laborious, economical and most importantly, very, very tasty! Tatyana- Once again, thank you for the excellent recipe, which helps me out in the summer!
Duffy, so nice to hear To your health!

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