Piti in Sheki

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Piti in Sheki


chickpea 50 g
low-fat lamb b / c 400 g
onion 1 PC.
chestnuts (I have small young potatoes) 6-8 pcs.
dried cherry plum 4 things.
fat tail 50-80 g
salt taste
saffron (I have turmeric) 1/2 tsp
dry mint
any greens
ground black pepper

Cooking method

Piti in Sheki
Soak the chickpeas overnight in cold water. Drain and rinse water.
Piti in Sheki
Cut the onion into cubes. Cut the fat tail into two thin slices.
Piti in Sheki
Cut the meat into pieces. The pieces are small.
Piti in Sheki
If there are no special clay pots, we take which portions there are. We put the meat down. Put onions and chickpeas on the meat. Fill with water. Salt, pepper.
Piti in Sheki
Put the fat tail plate on top. The fat tail will act as a cover.
Piti in Sheki
We take the largest cast iron pan. We put it on fire. Put the pots in the pan.
Piti in Sheki
As soon as the broth has boiled and the foam has gone, we remove it. We make the fire minimal. Now the piti should languish. There should be no obvious boil. We leave to languish for 3 hours.
Piti in Sheki
Add chestnuts (I have potatoes), cherry plum. Add saffron (turmeric). We make the fire more, wait for the boil. We fasten the burner to a minimum. We will languish for another two hours.
Petey is the first and second. Tear pita bread into a plate, pour the broth from the pot. Sprinkle with herbs, dry mint and sumac. Put the meat and vegetables with the fat tail in another plate. Knead with a fork. Sprinkle with herbs.
Piti in Sheki

Piti in Sheki
Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Petey like Sheki. This is a national dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. It is cooked in special pots. There is piti in Baku and Sheki. The Baku-style piti includes both potatoes and chestnuts. It is impossible to buy chestnuts from us, so I replaced them with potatoes. I do not pretend to be authentic)
I met options when piti was cooked in the oven, but this caused a storm of indignation in the comments. To replace the stove, I took my mother-in-law's old frying pan. I only use it for baking bread. Here she unexpectedly came in handy too. For a modern take on this dish, you can use the pressure cooker and slow cooker.
Yes, the cooking process is very long. But our intervention requires a minimum. But it's worth it. This is delicious. Recommend!

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