Pickled onions, garlic, carrots

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Pickled onions, garlic, carrots


Salt On demand
Sugar 0.5 tbsp. l
Vinegar 2-3 st. l
Water 500ml
Vegeta 1 st. l

Cooking method

Now more than ever, we need vitamins and protection from disease.
And what, no matter how well-known onions, garlic and carrots will help us.
Many people refuse onions and garlic because of the smell. But the smell can be reduced, and this can be done by pickling, everyone knows that pickled vegetables do not smell so much.
Vegetables are sufficiently pickled quickly, and are eaten even faster)))
So, we take and clean vegetables, onions, garlic and carrots.
Take the amount based on your needs, I have one and a half heads of garlic, a large carrot and 6 onions in two small jars.
We cut into parts convenient for you. I, as always, made slicing on an alligator, and carrots on a bullet spiralizer, but you can carrot in circles, cubes, as you like.
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Now we put the vegetables in jars, in one carrot and onion, in a small jar of garlic and carrot. I still had pepper from cooking, I also cut it into a jar of garlic.
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Now we are preparing the fill. We take warm boiled water. The amount of water can be understood if you pour the vegetables in jars with water, then pour it in a dose for cooking.
I figured out about how much water would be needed. I took half a liter.
Previously, I always made the fill from water, salt, sugar and vinegar. But recently I came across a recipe with a vegetable.
I decided to try it (I didn’t regret it, my husband said very tasty).
Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetation into the water, stir well, add apple cider vinegar. First add 2 hundred liters, if it seems a little, then add more .. the same with salt and sugar, if not enough, then add. I added sugar to taste.
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Now pour the brine into the jars and close them. Everything is ready. We leave it on the table for a couple of hours, transfer it to the refrigerator. The onion is ready quickly, the garlic will stand for a day.
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Be healthy!!! And Bon Appetit!!
Serve with meat, chicken, and you can put it on a sandwich.

Everything is ready, my husband said very tasty !! I only ate pepper very much
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Lerele, does an analogue of vegeta exist? I haven't seen her since the 90s. And I want to cook such vegetables
celfh, I also have an analogue, the baby brought it from Montenegro last year, we compared the composition 1 to 1.
Lerele, I would also start with pepper! Irisha, thanks for the express method for preparing delicious pickled vegetables, relevant!
Rada-dms, we already have little left of carrots from a jar of garlic so tasty, I'm a trace. once in general I will make a mix in one bank.
Looking forward to tomorrow
Pickled onions, garlic, carrots

Quote: Lerele
I'm a trace. once in general I will make a mix in one bank.
I wanted to do it right away in one bank. The husband was categorically against - do as it is written I did not argue
celfh, you can start eating onions in a couple of hours, and I put everything in one jar, as a place appeared in a larger jar. AND gobbled up ate red pepper quickly, it was so tasty to me
Jars are just so smart !!!!
Thanks for the recipe! Most of all I liked the onion, but it seems to me that this is because the garlic and carrots have not yet been marinated.
And they made onions separately, ate them, and in this marinade they marinated the wings and made them on the grill, very tasty!
Vesta, I already have everything, no, I ate the last garlic with cabbage soup today, it was so delicious
I just tried the onion, but most of all I liked the pepper and the carrot from under the garlic, from under the onion it turned out different.
Glad the recipe came in handy
Lerelewhat a cool recipe !! I haven't marinated anything for a long time, but it's a crime not to make such beauty .. Thank you !!
Lerele, thank you very much - tasty, fast, not confused! We eat with great pleasure
celfh, to your health !! In the literal sense of the word
Even if not a medicine, but a little more protected with garlic and onions. I will do it again tomorrow, I have to go for garlic and onions, eat, but not enough.
And it doesn't smell like sweat, even from garlic, much better than from fresh, you can go out after eating, no one will shy away
zvezda, and you can make at least one onion at a time
All the same, she could not resist, did it again, now she mixed everything, both onions and garlic. At the top of the rest of the vegetables, I just poured it into a bowl, it's already ready for food in a couple of hours

Pickled onions, garlic, carrots
Lerele, I understand, thank you !! I'll do it ..

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