Special chicken with beer

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Special chicken with beer


Chicken thighs 1 kg
Onion 3 large onions
Light beer 1 tbsp.
Hmeli-suneli taste
Ground black pepper
Fresh or granular garlic
Vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Season the prepared thighs with salt and pepper, add hops-suneli, garlic (if the garlic is fresh, it must be overheated) Stir, leave for half an hour or an hour. Peel the onion, cut into half rings and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Fry the thighs for 6-7 minutes on each side, put on the onion, pour over with beer and simmer under the lid for 15-20 minutes.


Hops-suneli can be replaced with your favorite spices. The original recipe uses chicken or parts of it. We like the hips the most. Serve directly in a skillet and eat, dipping bread or tortilla in the sauce. For my own reasons, I serve in plates, generously adding sauce, it is very tasty.

celfh, Tatyana, I confirm, very tasty.

I cook in beer for everyone. usually in the oven. Conveniently.
I also like raisins. Raisins instead of onions. The rest is the same.
Quote: OlgaGera
Raisins instead of onions
Oh, gotta try
I put it in Orsik. It's hot on the stove.
At the bottom of the bowl are onions and raisins. I do not fry onions. A mixture of salts. Pozhamkala.
Top of the thighs from the freezer. Add some salt and pepper. I poured half a bottle of Zhigulevsky (I have it for cooking).
Prog Extinguish, 1h, 10m, pressure 2

Lelka, but approximately, what is the ratio of onions and raisins? I really want to try, but not overdo it with raisins, so that it is not sweet.

Quote: celfh
so that it is not sweet

I usually put 3 handfuls of raisins. Today 2. And one and a half large onions. And the onion is also sweet
I'll get more. Husband doesn't eat that

Tatyana, put one, or try without onions at all. It is delicious! Raisins are not like compote. It is made of a different taste.
You have already eaten with onions.
Now replace the onion with raisins.
And then the mix.)))
Lelka, I will unsubscribe how I cook it. I think we will like it
We liked. Even my husband ate with pleasure. Cool recipe!
Tanya, thanks for the recipe!
A very appetizing photograph.
I will definitely cook it.
I've never cooked anything with beer, but this time I'll definitely try.
Tanya, thanks!
Tatyana, from my men, thanks a lot, they liked the chicken and they are delighted with the gravy
Special thanks to Lelke for advice about raisins
They don't like my hops-suneli so I added my own spices

Special chicken with beer

I apologize for the photo I took pictures late at night
Quote: Rituslya
I've never cooked anything with beer, but this time I'll definitely try.

Rita, once you have to start

Tatyana, thank you so much for the photo report Good health to you and your men

I cooked chicken, very tasty, next time I will increase the amount of beer, cook in an air fryer
Special chicken with beer
celfh, Tanya, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely prepare
Quote: zoyaaa
next time I will increase the number of beer
Zoya, I also increased, as, incidentally, the amount of onions, the sauce is very good
Quote: julia_bb
I will definitely prepare
YuliaI hope you won't regret it
Tanya, I cooked it too. There were thigh fillets. First, she marinated, then stewed everything in a slow lye in 330 ml of beer.
Delicious! Let's cook some more!
Special chicken with beer
Rita, to your health!

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