Jam jelly from grapes

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Jam jelly from grapes


grapes of sour-tart varieties (without twigs) 5 l
sugar 2 l 800 ml

Cooking method

  • Rinse the grapes thoroughly under running water, transfer to an enamel bowl, knead a little with a pestle and put on medium heat. Bring to a boil and turn off the heat of the stove.
  • Pass the juice through a sieve.
  • Add sugar to the grape juice and stirring the mass, bring to a boil again. Cook for 5 minutes, removing the foam.
  • Allow the jam to cool slightly and pour it still hot into dry sterilized jars.
  • Jam jelly from grapes
  • Cool completely at room temperature and cover.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Jam jelly is good with pancakes and white cheese.
  • Jam jelly from grapes

The dish is designed for

~ 4 l.


According to the recipe "Wild Grape Jelly" from valentina oooooo... Thanks to the author!

Option for making cherry jelly from Zeamays, Svetlana:
Jam-jelly from grapes # 27.

Interesting! We must try, otherwise grapes this year, like the cat's uncle Matroskin's shoe polish.
The question is, are 5 liters of berries with twigs, or not?
tysia, berries are separated from the twigs. I will supplement the recipe, thanks.
Quote: tysia
and then grapes this year, like the cat's uncle Matroskin shoe polish
the beauty! I still dream of making bekmes from grapes, but there is no suitable variety yet and the yield is not great, although it is good for our region.
How interesting, thanks.
Galleon-6Thanks for your interest in the recipe! The jelly prepared according to this recipe retains the aroma and taste of fresh grapes.
I do not knead the grapes, I just steam whole berries (without branches), then rub through a sieve, add sugar and boil. It turns out to be a very dense jelly.
Silyavka, Elena, thanks for the information ! Pre-preparation of the berries reduces the cooking time, which is important to preserve the taste of fresh grapes in the finished jam. Basically, these grape varieties are characterized by a fairly dense shell and berry pulp; for other varieties, it is probably not necessary.
Thanks for the recipe!
My husband loves grapes, I'll make him a couple of jars!
Ilona, an interesting recipe, thanks: rose: maybe I'll try to make a couple of jars. I love these grapes, just appeared in stores!
Corsica, Ilona, ​​how well and on time the recipe was "made public"! We bought dark, tart grapes, but most of them are still in the refrigerator. Now I know what to do with it thanks to you! And the Ves-24 multicooker-blender will cook it for me, on the appropriate "Jam" mode. Thank you again!
yes, this jelly jam is very tasty. On its basis, you can then compose all sorts of sauces for game meat and cheese.
Last year, in some Austrian blog, I picked up the idea of ​​adding a little lemon juice and vanilla to this jam during cooking - this enriches the taste very much, but these additives themselves remain "behind the scenes", so no one will say that there is something else besides grapes (the main thing is not to overdo it, of course). This year I did it again.
Ilona, I have not met such a recipe and have not tried jam, but here I am hooked, a very elegant recipe, and presentation, and photo)
Thank you!
Only the question arose: grapes with seeds or not?
Ilona, Thank you! Just in time for the recipe! We have a discount for just such grapes
Do you need to store it only in the refrigerator?
Tricia, Loksa, velli, Franky, eye, zvezda, good health and thank you for your interest in the recipe!
Quote: velli
We bought dark, tart grapes, but most of them are still in the refrigerator.
very suitable grape for jam. Valentine, if you cook, please share the result of cooking in a multicooker-blender, as it is interesting and can be useful not only for me.

You can easily contact me as "you" if it is acceptable for you.

Franky, thanks for sharing your opinion and additional information!
Quote: ok
grapes with seeds or not? have not seen such a recipe
Yes, with bones. The recipe is designed for varieties of Far Eastern grapes - semi-culture (inoculation of the wild variety "Isabella") and "Isabella", and they are all with seeds. Tanyaprobably, the recipe is not widespread because of the regional affiliation, more southern regions and regions with a warm climate mainly cultivate other grape varieties, sweet and juicy, which are more pleasant to the taste. In general, we also have a sufficient variety of grape varieties, but the Isabella variety is considered the first to appear in the Far East and the easiest to care for and grow, it also has excellent winter hardiness (with a covering material) and is in no hurry to get rid of it, and trying new cooking options, thanks to the author.

Therefore, with such recipes, it is difficult to guess whether they will be useful and interesting to the forum. It's like harvesting lemongrass, we know that it probably doesn't grow in other regions, and accordingly, the information won't be interesting.

Quote: zvezda
Do you need to store it only in the refrigerator?
Olya, yes, since jam is a five-minute, according to the original recipe, jam and everything is brought to a boil, sterilization and lids are not provided by the recipe, and under a simple lid at room temperature it will quickly deteriorate.
Ilona, ​​thanks for the recipe, surprised, not the right word. I've never seen grape jam. And this grape is very familiar to me, we have such an Isobella growing in the village, I only loved to eat her - delicious, sour berries. Thanks for the recipe!
Ilona, and it is possible in more detail about lemongrass? I once tried jam: girl_romashka: probably. I wonder how it is prepared!
Vika, to your health! Before posting the recipe on the forum, I made a request with the "Search" option, which resulted in several recipes, but not similar to this one, but in general - yes, usually jam is not made from dessert grapes, but wine is made from the rest. An exception is bekmes or otherwise pekmez, it is cooked without sugar and for a fairly long time, compensating for the loss of nutrients by their concentration, since the result is a kind of grape honey.
Oksana , the season has passed - lemongrass is harvested in early to mid-September and you won't be able to take step-by-step photos, but everything is extremely simple there: syrup made from berries and sugar or honey - it will be clear. Okay, I'll write later.

Jam jelly from grapesSchisandra chinensis
The recipe is great! And, most importantly, the right one (and on time)
Can I have my own five cents?
If the grapes are of a completely technical variety, or, simply, are not ripe, you can cook jelly from unripe grapes with oranges. Approximately, for 2 kg of grape berries - one large or two medium-sized oranges. You can grate the zest separately, remove the white part, cook the pulp along with the grapes. And you can, as I ... put everything together in a saucepan, poured enough water so that the berries looked out from above. Brought to a boil. allowed to cool, drained the broth. measured it exactly and adding exactly the same amount of sugar, boiled it for no longer than 25-30 minutes, removing the foam. Poured into prepared jars, immediately sealed. You can simply store in the locker.
Radushka, Thank you ! And, please post your recipe on the forum. You really have an interesting, and maybe someone else needs, variant of making grapes.
Ilona, I would post if there was something to photograph. This year all the grapes have ripened
Radushka, clear. Happy harvest! It's a shame if the recipe gets lost. Maybe there are archival photos?
Today I made 4 jars of jam. The juice was 1600 g.Sugar added 700 gr + jellix. The smell in the kitchen was awesome! Jem tasted delicious!
Natalia525, thanks for the tip! It is very good that the recipe was revised and the amount of sugar added in accordance with the grape variety and your taste.
Galina Byko
Thanks for the recipe!
Isabella grows in the country. I understood correctly, I take a five-liter jar and put grapes in it, will this be 5 liters of grapes?
Galina, yes, that's right, separate the berries from the brushes and twigs and put them in any measuring container or immediately in a pan of a suitable size.
Quote: Galina Byko
Isabella grows in the country.
The beauty! Already for some leaves for sarma, I am glad of this variety, despite its taste characteristics. By the way, there are still plans for a recipe for soaked grapes, but so far, at the request of my relatives, I am preparing "more" jam.
Galina Byko
Ilona, ​​thank you very much!
Galina, good health and delicious jam to you!
We won't have enough grapes this year, and it won't be soon, but I decided to report on the recipe now, because I made such a jam-jelly ... from cherries.
Proportions 2: 1, for 2 kg of mashed cherry puree - 1 kg of sugar. Everything according to the technology written in the recipe.
Ilona, ​​thanks. Here is the result.
Jam jelly from grapes
Jam jelly from grapes
Svetlana, thanks for the tip! Nice jam.
How does it taste? Is the cherry aroma preserved? Sugar enough?
I like the taste, the sourness remains, not as cloying as that of the jam and can be eaten with a spoon.
There is a famous cranberry sauce for Christmas turkey,
So our jam jelly can be used as a base for similar sauces for both meat and desserts by making the appropriate additives. I think so ...
The cherry flavor is in trouble this year. The berries overripe quickly, without gaining the correct taste and aroma. Such a summer ...
And further . Jam is poured boiling into sterile jars and rolled up, there will be a supply for the whole winter. We are waiting for the harvest of blackberries ...
Quote: Zeamays
Christmas turkey sauce,
So our jam jelly can be used as a base for similar sauces for both meat and desserts by making the appropriate additives.
the same thought flashed when looking at the photos of your jam, as an option for steak or boiled pork, only send selected-beautiful berries to freeze to make the sauce.
Quote: Zeamays
Such a summer ...
Yes, summer is not too happy for now, let's see if the weather improves.
Quote: Zeamays
And further . Jam is poured boiling into sterile jars and rolled up, there will be a supply for the whole winter.
thanks for the story. Never canned jam with this recipe. I will ask the moderator to put your version of making cherry jam on the first page.
I use it this year.
Let's wait for the harvest!)
Thank you, Ilona!
mamusi, to your health!
I would be glad if the recipe is useful to you.
Making sarma from grape leaves, if you have your own vineyard, will help to speed up the time.

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