Waffles as Barney

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Waffles as Barney


sugar 1 tbsp.
butter (margarine) 250 gr.
mayonnaise (sour cream) 200 gr.
egg 3 pcs.
salt 1/3 tsp
soda 1/2 tsp
vinegar 9% 1/2 tsp
wheat flour from 1.5 st.

Cooking method

  • Beat eggs with sugar to dissolve sugar.
  • Melt margarine, mix everything with flour to the desired consistency. Bake in a thick waffle pan until tender.
  • I will make a separate reservation on the amount of flour. If you have a form where the dough needs to be applied, then take up to three glasses of flour (however, you get cookies rather than waffles)
  • I have a Steba WE 20 VOLCANO waffle iron, it is with a dispenser and the dough should not be very thick, like for pancakes, so it takes me about 1.5 tablespoons of flour, and the waffles are biscuit with a crispy edge and taste like barney bears.
  • Enjoy cooking! Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

about 20 pcs.

Time for preparing:

40 minutes

Cooking program:

waffle iron


I would also like to say a few words about the Steba WE 20 VOLCANO waffle iron. A wonderful device! Small and very comfortable, nothing floats up or runs away.
Many thanks to S-t - Valery for the prompt delivery of this wonderful device, he had to organize everything twice, because the first waffle iron sent by mail was crushed due to the fault of the wonderful postal workers and the answer to my claims was: "we don't know anything." Valery kindly sent me another device and now my family is enjoying delicious waffles, and I advertise both the waffle iron and the Steba company to all my friends.

thanks for the wonderful recipe, the pictures are so delicious!
and a special thank you to our Valera Shtebovich - he is an amazingly sympathetic person, he will always help and solve problems, happiness that our forum has a representative of the beloved by many Shteba
kavmins, Marina, I will be glad if the recipe comes in handy
Quote: kavmins
and special thanks to our Valera Shtebovich - he is an amazingly responsive person, he will always help and solve problems,
Yes, I doubted for a long time whether to write about this problem at all when I received a crushed unit, but since I promised Valery to share her impressions of the waffle iron, I decided to write and ... lo and behold! I received a new waffle iron instead of the spoiled one, moreover, rather quickly I am very, very grateful to Valery for his help and I am glad that I now have such a wonderful assistant
V-tina, Tina, I had no idea about such a unit, thanks for the educational program!
now all that remains is to taste Barney
There is a waffle iron, but everything that I tried to bake on it, although it was called waffles, in fact turned out to be pancakes, but here, based on the amount of fat, the cake is straight.
took to bookmarks: what if)))
Quote: ok
There is a waffle iron, but everything that I tried to bake on it, although it was called waffles, in fact turned out to be pancakes, but here, based on the amount of fat, the cake is straight.
Tanyusha, all the pancakes reminded me too, but here, yes, it tastes like a cupcake, but more tender and a little crumbly. I hope this recipe will come in handy and like you, mine just sweep away such waffles
V-tina, Tina, so it looked delicious to me in appearance and composition, we are

not lean)))

There is no such waffle iron. of course, but for some reason it seems to me that in the oven in the form of madelens it will be delicious ... try something ...
eye, Tatyana, I have not tried it in the oven, honestly, but I think it should work.I only tried to bake them in a waffle iron, but then you need a lot of flour and it tastes like cookies from Soviet times - delicious, but not a biscuit at all
Tina, what exactly was added to the dough? Mayonnaise or sour cream? In my opinion, the difference in taste should be huge.
irisska, Irina, I added separately sour cream, separately mayonnaise, collected leftovers and sour cream and mayonnaise, there is not much difference in taste, here the taste depends more on the consistency of the dough, but this has to be selected empirically, because eggs of different sizes and flour of different moisture, how much once already baked, and each time a different amount of flour is obtained
Tinochka, thanks for the wonderful recipe !!! I also really like the device for thick waffles, although I have a GF. What I have not baked there already ... I like the fact that you can quickly bake delicious treats. Today I will try to fulfill your version of waffles, only I will probably reduce the butter by 50 g, and sour cream is fatter then.
And I was also very interested in the option for a waffle iron, I got a park of such rare pans for myself, but add a lot of flour then?
Ne_lipa, Victoria, glad to see you) As for butter - they are not fatty at all, but maybe it's in my waffle iron like that .. you can try, of course.
For a waffle iron, you need about three glasses of flour, the dough should be like a shortbread in consistency, thinner so that you can put it on with a spoon - I haven't tried it, all hands don't reach, Ulyanka is like a tail and I don't have time)
V-tinaAnd where do we have such a miracle man dwells? And why is it better to order from him? Something lagged behind life ...
VGorn, Victoria, this wonderful man Valery, a representative of Steba, lives on our website, https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/in...mf&action=profile;u=89146 is it possible to order through it, to be honest - I don’t know, I received my waffle iron as a prize for participating in the competition
Quote: V-tina
I received my waffle iron as a prize for participating in the competition
Here! I say I fell behind ...
VGorn, Victoria, Thank you
Elena Bo
Delicious waffles. Baked from 2/3 of the recipe. Instead of mayonnaise / sour cream - homemade yogurt, I took a little less sugar, 1.5 cups of flour. Grandchildren appreciated. It turned out sweet, crispy and crumbly.
Quote: Elena Bo
sweet, crispy and crumbly.
if the oven is in a heart waffle iron, how will the cookies turn out?
Elena Bo
The hearts will most likely be like cookies.

Elena Bo, Elena, Thanks Lena! I will do it!

came to the weekend without a single cookie in the house

Elena Bo, Elena, I am very glad that the grandchildren appreciated Thank you for not forgetting to come and share your impressions
Tinochka, thank you! Yesterday I baked waffles, they turned out very tasty on top, they are so crunchy, but inside they are soft, like delicate shortbread cookies, my children were satisfied and asked for more.
On the second day, they do not become soft, like a rag, they retain their "sandy" taste (that's what I wrote)
I reduced the oil, took 200 g. 50/50 butter and vegetable, and 2 cups of flour. In short, we have already registered the recipe.
Waffles as Barney
Ne_lipa, Vika, the waffles turned out very well I'm glad that the kids liked it, cook and eat with pleasure
And we tried your waffles on the weekend. I baked in a pouring waffle iron with a lid that closes on top, it took the same amount of flour - 1.5 cups. It turned out great, thanks!
V-tinaAnd I tasted your waffles, I had cookies. I took max flour, added almond flavor
Such cool cookies came out!
Thank you so much!
Lena, Vika, girls, I am very glad that you liked the waffles-cookies, cook with pleasure! I will also cook them today, but I haven't decided yet - in the form of waffles or in the form of cookies
I join in, it turned out deliciously, I baked it with sour cream, and with mayonnaise, with sour cream I liked it more. Made in a Redmond multi-baker on a plate for Viennese waffles and for fish - both rose and baked.
This is how it turns out that I don't always see the comments, I won't put my mind to Annushka85, I apologize for not answering right away, I'm very glad that you liked the recipe
I have my thanks for this miracle!) I haven't baked waffles since my Soviet childhood, but my brother gave me a cheap Galaxy waffle iron a couple of years ago (saved on a gift, a parasite). She stood at me, stood and today hands finally reached her.
For some reason, I chose your recipe first, which all the household members were happy about) Mom said not to try other recipes for waffles, but bake only these).
Thank you for this most delicate and delicious miracle! To be honest, Barney's bears weren't even close - there is a strong feeling of chemistry, and rubber ones cannot be compared with your waffles!
Oksana, I am very glad that the waffle iron still came in handy and the recipe came to my liking, cook and eat with pleasure, my mother will not advise bad

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