Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)

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Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)


milk 0.5 l.
wheat flour 650 gr. (4 st.)
dry yeast 10-11 gr.
liquid honey 2 tbsp. l.
salt 1 tsp
vegetable oil 50 ml.
seeds, oatmeal, sesame taste

Cooking method

  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)Add yeast and a tablespoon of flour to milk warmed to 37C, mix
  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)Add honey and salt, then, gradually, flour, the dough should remain soft and stick a little to your hands. It may take less or more flour
  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)Add vegetable oil and stir to such a consistency that the bun does not stick to your hands
  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)Cover the bowl with a towel and let stand for 40 minutes, then knead and leave for another 20 minutes
  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)Form 12 koloboks from the dough and put them on a baking sheet slightly greased with vegetable oil, press a little with your palm - flatten, sprinkle with seeds or oatmeal on top, I also use sesame seeds. Allow the bread to rise for another 20 minutes and bake in an oven preheated to 200C for about 15-20 minutes (until tender)
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)

The dish is designed for

12 pcs.

Time for preparing:

2 hours

Cooking program:



A popular type of baked goods in Finland. These crispbreads are cut while still warm and are used for both salty and sweet sandwiches.

V-tina, pretty little bread, took it to bookmarks until better times.
Sveta, thank you They are very tasty, you will surely like it
Teen, did you knead the dough with handles?

I recently did a very similar thing whitewash dough , I got 500 ml. liquid - 640 gr. flour (I use Macfoy). The consistency of the resulting dough, like yeast pancakes, but good having bought lubricating hands with vegetable oil to mold the pies very well.

Judging by the photo, the resulting dough is still thicker than for yeast pancakes ...

Tinu, it took you exactly 650 grams of flour. ?
Innochka, I kneaded the dough with my hands, the dough turned out to be very thick right away, but not steep - soft, it took even less flour - 600 gr., but I apparently have such flour this time, with low moisture, to such a consistency as I can safely add flour, if that. Then when I added butter, in general the dough became gorgeous, gathered easily into a bun and was pleasant to the touch
Quote: V-tina
kneaded the dough with my hands

Despite the presence of a kneader), I really like to knead the dough with my hands !!!

Thanks for the answer, Teen !!!

I'll try, but I'm pretty sure my flour will need more.

I will watch in the process.
Inna, I also love my hands more, so you feel the dough ... you need more flour, so add more, I'm sure everything will work out
Quote: V-tina
let stand for 40 minutes, then knead and leave for not 20 minutes

Teen, and what does the second, short 20-minute proofing give?

If you let the dough stand for 60 minutes, or, as usual, until it increases by 2-2.5 times, will it greatly change the result?

Quote: V-tina
put them on a baking sheet slightly greased with vegetable oil

And for what purpose do we grease the baking sheet with oil?

Or is it in case of low-quality baking paper?
Crochet, honestly, I have never tried to argue otherwise, although five times I have already baked them for sure, I suppose that the result will be different, and it is convenient for me, in principle, everything is according to "bzynka", without tracking the increase
and about greasing the baking sheet - this is what I save on paper it sticks a little sometimes, but, in principle, there is so much oil in the dough that it is not critical and without smearing the forms
Teen, thanks for the prompt reply, honey !!!

I sincerely wish your baby-sweetheart a speedy recovery ...

Let your little one get better ...

Inna, Innochka, thanks
Teen, I'm in a hurry to say HUGE thanks for the recipe !!!

All the rolls rolls, I'm talking about the size ...

Strictly following the recipe Following your recommendations, I molded 12 pieces. 100 grams each with a tail ...

Taste, my consumers rated 10 out of 5 !!!

Finnish sandwich bread (Sampylаt)

And I will add something else ... just a little later ...

Thank you again for the recipe and for your prompt help !!!

Hugs and kisses ...
Inna, Innochka, thank you for the report and emotions. Mine are also very fond of these bread rolls, I often make them for burgers, then for hot dogs, I twist loaves from this dough too, I baked them three days ago, today they finished eating them like fresh
I'm waiting for a photo and something else

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