Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)

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Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)


Red rowan 400 g
Sugar 600-800 gr
Water 2 glasses

Cooking method

  • I love this jam very much, perhaps many people cook it, but we don't seem to have it in the pantry, so I decided to write. It turns out to be sweet-bitter, as if you chew rowan berries in the frost (adding sweets in your thoughts, of course, or you don't even want to cook it) ... It is good in every sense: with tea, and in a pie, and in an ice cream .. ...
  • Select the berries, sort out, rinse and freeze * (if collected before frost), put in a jar, pour boiled, but already cooled syrup. The next day, drain the syrup, boil, cool, pour over the berries; on the third day, cook the berries together, sprinkling them with 100 grams of sugar (subtract from the total amount of sugar in the recipe). This is how our great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers cooked. Bon Appetit
  • Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)
  • Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)


* We collect red berries best of all immediately after the first frost, then they will lose their characteristic bitterness. But after picking, I usually put the berries in the freezer for a short time so that the bitter taste of the jam is not guaranteed. Sometimes it is advised to soak the fruits for a day before cooking the jam, occasionally changing the water, but the best way would be to blanch the berries in salted water - the bitterness will go away.

Original proportions:1 pound berries, 1 1/2 or 2 pounds sugar, 2 cups water

If you don't want to bother with three days, then you can fill the frozen berry with sugar overnight, and in the morning just cook it, but right at least in a bread maker, yeah ...

In fact, he, with this jam, needs to stand for another day after cooking ... There are some tricky processes taking place and the next day he has a completely different taste ...

Wow, how beautiful ... Masha, thanks for the recipe!
Quote: gala10
Wow, how beautiful ...
These pictures are great !!!
I have never made such a jam. We're going home, if I find a mountain ash, I have to try at least a little. Tell me how is this jam useful?

Rowan fruits contain a whole complex of various vitamins and biologically active components. Among vitamins vitamin C is in the lead (70 mg) - it is slightly more than in lemon and black currant. Next are vitamins E, K, P (rutin), PP (niacin), several B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid). In terms of carotene (vitamin A) content, mountain ash is superior to carrots.

Mineral composition represented by a high content of magnesium (331 mg), potassium (230 mg), as well as phosphorus (17 mg), sodium and calcium. Fruits contain trace elements: copper (120 mcg), manganese, iron and zinc. Also in mountain ash there are many organic acids (citric, tartaric, ursolic).

The bitter taste of the berry is due to the presence of sorbic acid - this substance is a natural preservative and has a very strong antimicrobial effect.

The beneficial and therapeutic effects of mountain ash on the human body are diverse:

- vitamin C (more than citrus fruits) helps fight colds, improves immunity, prevents vitamin deficiencies;
- vitamin A slows down the aging process and the transformation of healthy cells into malignant ones;
- fresh berries and juice lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels;
- mountain ash has a slight choleretic and diuretic effect;
- stops bleeding;
- normalizes the state of blood vessels;
- iron in berries eliminates and prevents anemia;
- fruit juice helps to restore the functioning of the thyroid gland;
- almost all parts of the plant help to strengthen the body and serve as an effective restorative agent after diseases and operations.

Rowan jam - an excellent prophylactic remedy for winter colds. The delicacy enhances immunity, maintains normal blood vessels and the heart, and to obtain a therapeutic effect, it is enough to use only 1 teaspoon of the medicinal product daily.
alba et atra
Masha, how interesting!
Thanks for the recipe!
We must look for the mountain ash and cook your jam.
It is a pity that this year it will not be possible to cook. Mash, thanks for the recipe.
I have a mountain ash high ooo ooo oooh. And how to get it Tomorrow I'll take a walk, I'll look
Quote: ShuMakher
it is enough to use only 1 teaspoon of a medicinal product daily.

It will not be enough, too little!

Because of 1 tsp. I won't even cook ...

Man, prescribe me a dining room, or better 2, no, 3, then I'll cook !!!
Masha, thanks for the recipe! All the years, the mountain ash remained on the branches, did not know what to do with it, and now I will ask the children to collect it, when they go to the village to close the season, it may freeze by that time !!!
Kras-Vlas, Cell, weld, try! Very tasty The first time you eat, it's unusual, and then this bitterness is not enough ... Cook just a little, it won't work, shove it in pyro, yesterday I also laid it out ... Open pie with apples and rowan jam

I pick rowan, wash it and freeze it ... Then I take it out a little and cook it
Masha !!! Thank you very much for the recipe !!! This is the jam of my childhood !!! My grandmother constantly cooked it, and since I often lived with my grandmother before school, I picked the berries, my grandmother cooked and I enjoyed this jam then all winter !!!!! It is a pity that now the grandmother does not cook it !!!!!
Mashun, tell me, can't you make such a jam from dried mountain ash?

In tyrnete they write that you can pour the berries with water, let them swell, then boil the syrup, add the soaked berries and cook the jam ... you must try
TrishkaI think that's exactly the way it should be
Thanks, I'll try
Masha, I with a report, went like for mushrooms, and my husband take and rowan narvi, not a lot of 1 liter of everything, but it's a pity to throw it out, rushed to HP and immediately got on this recipe. I read about its usefulness, thanks for the info, well, I think I'll do it a little for the winter. All types according to the recipe, but after 3 days it was not until it was closed, it stood in a saucepan, but I lounged about 5 times in the kitchen - oh, it's disgusting and how it is even eaten by a spoon, and because I couldn't understand the taste, then I couldn't take 3 spoons per sample, I can't take a photo, the berries are sunnier and prettier, there are 2 small jars left, I have a diamond eye, I almost clearly select the correct jars, I managed to close one, and the second in the evening again went to try Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)Red rowan jam (E. Molokhovets, recipe No. 3262)
now I think where else could I pick rowan berries, I haven’t even tasted it
Thank you so much for the recipe, I will find where I will cook again, I have to test its preventive properties, these remnants will definitely not survive
Shine, oh, I made fun of ... This year we have mountain ash, dark, dark red, large, I want to send CDEKom? You can taste it already ...
Quote: ShuMakher
This year we have a dark-dark mountain ash
no, thanks, and we have heaps of her in the forest, hto I knew that she needed to be rowed, I would rush after her now, only the guys with cars scattered the bastards, how will they appear so right after her, racing with the birds, more she probably already It will be delicious itself. This morning it was snowing like this, I was already scared, just like a white wall. And if this year it’s darkness everywhere, then it’s necessary to make a reserve of 2g, there will definitely be a bad harvest - I’ve almost fell in love with her, so I’ll try the leftovers in the jar, and I hid the second one from myself, I must give others a try
Quote: Svetlana777
I’ll try the leftovers in the jar, and I hid the second one from myself, I must give others a try
As I understand you. When I did it for the first time, I also tried a spoon, phew, only translated sugar ... By evening, there was only an empty spoon in the vase
I collect it in the freezer, then I cook it in parts, I just have more space in the freezer than in the kitchen

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