Salad "Mashka's Fury" from Ilya Lazerson

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Salad Mashka's Frenzy from Ilya Lazerson


Broccoli 1 head of cabbage
Sunflower seeds, peeled 1/3 cup
Raisins Handful
Raw smoked bacon 70 g
Honey 1/3 tsp
Red onion 1/4 onion
Wine vinegar 1 tsp
Salt Taste
Mayonnaise 1 tsp
Natural yogurt (sour cream) 2-3 st. l

Cooking method

  • Wash broccoli, divide into inflorescences and finely chop with a knife. Fry the seeds in a dry frying pan until browned. Rinse the raisins with hot water (do not steam much), dry. Cut the bacon into small slices, put on parchment on a baking sheet, bake in the oven until browning. Cut the onion into very thin half rings. You just need a little bow. Mix all the ingredients, add salt, vinegar, honey, mayonnaise and season with thermostatic yogurt and enjoy!

Time for preparing:

20 minutes

Cooking program:



More delicious and different salads! could not help but share what she saw. I decided to carry the treat to the masses. Very fresh tasty salad. For me, the salad is a discovery - I didn't know that broccoli is eaten raw. Thanks to Lazerson.

Olga, a very interesting recipe! Also never eaten raw broccoli. Need to try!
How great!) I feel I like this salad, I take it!
Tanya, Olga has a slightly different recipe. She's got bacon!
Well, then Lazerson gave two salad options. I also saw Mad Masha, but now I don't remember its composition.
Let it be with bacon, although there the girl was categorically against fat.

Salad "Mashka's Frenzy" in the original

I tried to reproduce the salad that I saw in the program "Banquet, buffet" without originality in expressions
Quote: Admin
I tried to reproduce the salad that I saw in the program "Banquet, buffet"
Tatyan, and your name is decent, and so close to

"Bear's Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"

get ready
the salad is interesting, but the name was not pleasant ...
kavmins, the name of the author, that's not changed
Quote: Ketsal
kavmins, author's name, that's not changed
Lazerson is a good cook, but a bad humorist, which she repeatedly noted when watching his programs
Girls, yes let him ... with personal humor, which of us is sinless ...

And the salad is delicious, and what is important - slimming You have two recipes, choose which one you like best, with or without humor
$ vetLana
Quote: selenа
bad humorist
Judging by our MK, I didn't think so. His personal charm makes him very pleasant to talk to. And his humor is similar to Odessa. IMHO. Need to get used to it.
Such interesting salads! I also can't imagine raw broccoli, I can't imagine)) I'll have to try.
And for more than 20 years I got used to Lazerson and his humor, it suits me) Back in the mid-90s I listened to him with Mikhail Spichka on the radio program "Emergency Culinary Aid". Now there are almost no radio outlets in the apartments) I thought - so much time has passed, but he is the same)

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