Zucchini papardelle

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Zucchini papardelle


young zucchini 2 pieces
a tomato 2 pieces
turnip onion 1 piece
vegetable oil for frying
sour cream or mayonnaise 1-2 tbsp. spoons
hops-suneli taste
ground black pepper taste
salt taste
sugar taste
dill optional 2-3 twigs

Cooking method

  • Zucchini papardelleWash the zucchini and cut into thin long slices with a vegetable peeler.
  • Zucchini papardelleCut the onion into half rings.
  • Zucchini papardelle
  • Zucchini papardelleCut the tomatoes with a cross, put them in boiling water for a minute, take out and peel them.
  • Zucchini papardelleCut the tomato into cubes.
  • Zucchini papardelleFry onions in vegetable oil, add zucchini to it.
  • Zucchini papardelleFry the zucchini. They should be practically ready.
  • Zucchini papardelleAdd chopped tomatoes and fry. Add salt, pepper, suneli hops and a little sugar.
  • Zucchini papardelleAdd sour cream or mayonnaise. Stir, let it boil.
  • Zucchini papardelleAdd chopped dill, stir and turn off. Serve both hot and cold.
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do everything with love for your loved ones.

The dish is designed for

2 servings

Time for preparing:

30 minutes


The recipe was spied on by S. Chernovaya. Such an interesting granny has her own channel.
Very, very tasty. Such stewed zucchini in a new way. The forum has a recipe here Papardelle - stewed zucchini ... The author cooked zucchini MV. It is a pity that there is no final photo or step by step. That's why I decided to put my own. Recommend!

Angela, Wow! That's so beautiful!
An ordinary zucchini, and what an original dish it turned out!
Quote: A.lenka
Regular zucchini, and which one is original
Quote: ang-kay

Angela, very original dish, thank you! I will definitely cook it!
Angela, thanks for the recipe and the name! Now, in the zucchini season, both are very important. It's one thing if I treat people to stewed zucchini and quite another if papardelle. I'll pick up the recipe and try it as soon as possible.
Girls, thanks for stopping by. I would be glad if you like the recipe. Now is the zucchini season, so try and try)

Quote: gala10
It's one thing if I treat people to stewed zucchini, and quite another if papardelle
Check mark, definitely sounds! And the taste won't let you down.
ang-kay, Angela, I love the zucchini very .. merci
$ vetLana
ang-kay, Angela, for Papardelle -. From zucchini. The Italians, I wonder, know about this?
kristina1, $ vetLana, thanks for stopping by)
Quote: $ vetLana
Italians, interestingly, know about this
I don't think so, but if they found out, then ... they would envy))
$ vetLana
Quote: ang-kay
then ... envied))
Elena Vasilisovna
Angela, thanks for the recipe, delicious!
Elena Vasilisovna, to health)
Oh, what or what a gorgeous Papardella.
Mmmm! I love zucchini. They are always so sweet and tasty, and here and in general!
Angela, thanks! Beauty and deliciousness!
Angela, well, here we all, in the bulk, would simply fry the zucchini, and you have ... Papardelle! What a beauty and SO simple! I'll do it tomorrow! And you can go there minced meat, otherwise they don't eat me without meat ...
Angela, in the tabs, zucchini grow
Rituslya, Ilmirushka, Cirre, thanks for rating. I hope the recipe comes in handy.
Quote: Ilmirushka
And you can go there minced meat, otherwise they don't eat me without meat ...
You can serve a cutlet with zucchini or a piece of meat. Probably minced meat can be added, but I don't know at what point?
Irishk @
Super, must be done !!!
Quote: ang-kay

Rituslya, Ilmirushka, Cirre, thanks for rating. I hope the recipe comes in handy. You can serve a cutlet with zucchini or a piece of meat. Probably minced meat can be added, but I don't know at what point?
Girls, and I think to fry the minced meat with onions together, then meat lovers will also like it
Minced meat will then interfere with the zucchini roasting, as I think. It will steam for a long time and fall apart, turning into porridge.
Irishk @, Irina, fry the minced meat separately, Angela says correctly.
Irishk @
Well, maybe so, but I think as an option you can also try
Irina, of course you can try)
Seeing the recipe, I ran for zucchini, in the evening I will sculpt, I have no doubt it will turn out to be tasteful and very beautiful!
I prepared this beauty, very quickly and deliciously, the truth next time I will do without mayonnaise, thanks for the recipe, it will take root in me)
Vita, to health)
Angela, the recipe is good. Registered specifically just to speak. Now, if you, as an honest person, put up a recipe and indicated in a note that the recipe was spied on by this, as you put it, an "interesting granny", then this granny S. Chernov is not such an honest person. She brazenly steals recipes from the site's forum, not only this recipe, but also a lot of others, nowhere, without dropping a word that the recipes are NOT hers !!! In particular, a recipe for papardelle exhibited by a young girl in 2011 !!! Granny steals everything, right down to the names and filings, and when you write to her that it would be nice to talk about where the recipes were taken, she simply deletes these comments ... So, the granny appropriates other people's laurels, without any twinge of conscience.
Irina2626, and what claims to me? I didn't have to register to show my negative in my performance of the recipe. You shouldn't have worked so hard. We would go to the granny there and write. And this girl, too, most likely from somewhere brought this recipe, without mentioning the source, of course, she herself came up with it. And, somewhere, everyone is looking at something, carrying it, altering it. You don't always remember where and what you took. On sites, a recipe is considered author's if you made it yourself, photographed it, described the process. And referring to someone is everyone's personal business. Although I always try to do it.
ang-kay, Angela, I did not see from the side Irina2626 no complaints and negativity :), do not get hot
The recipe is interesting, timely, I love recipes with pictures, thank you!
Veta, but I see. Why should I write negative about this woman? This is not interesting to me at all and is not needed in the discussion. This is a real flood.
And thank you for your opinion and for stopping by and praising.
AngelWait, I will praise you and: rose: THANKS I will say a BIG.
The recipe is a lifesaver, though this is only in the summer. Fast and not confusing.
So you run up for the whole day, but you have to cook in any way. In the end: for quick papardelle (spices) and sous vide. Everyone is well fed and happy and it seems like a variety (the same zucchini, but not boring washers).
I do it for the 121st time, but finally I did my duty, I reported thanks.
Volumethanks for the praise. Cook for health!
maha i
And I am with thank you! Very tasty, I liked the sliced ​​zucchini! I did it several times in the country
Ooooh! I just have two lonely zucchini languishing.
ang-kay, Angela, thank you for the interesting recipe. As always, you are on top.
Marina, Sveta, Thank you.
Marina, glad that the recipe stuck.
Sveta, cook it, it's delicious.
maha i
Angela I am new here, but I have been sitting on this forum for a very long time, please do not waste your energy in vain, it is not worth it! I, like many others, have been cooking according to your recipes for a long time and often, and who cares whose it is, you provided us with it in your performance and thank you for that: rose: And please please us further (I repeat: I have been here for many years, but I specially registered just not long ago to thank you)
Marina, Thanks for the kind words. Very nice
maha i
I'm your fan: oops: I love to cook, or rather to bake! your tried and tested (I want to say: made with love) I love your forum
Marina, do not embarrass, although very nice)
Quote: maha i
I'm your fan
Angela, and I! and I! and I! I love your recipes and especially their design !!!
Quote: Toma
The recipe is a lifesaver, though it's only in summer
And I liked the zucchini so much that today I made the blanks with a vegetable peeler and froze a couple of portions! We will try it in winter too! (I really hope !!!) Thank you, Angela!
Girls, Thank you. So nice to read everything! Well this is necessary to rejoice, to feel your love and to receive a portion of pleasantries, to remove a portion of negativity. Everything in this world is in balance. Thank you all again.
maha i

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